Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 24: On My Father’s Back, He Carried the Future.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Back at the shop, Touma tells the others that he blacked out when he used the Primitive Dragon Book. He says he met a mysterious man in the Southern Base who led him to where Storious had just retrieved the Book from. Tetsuo says that was the Forbidden Library where the most dangerous Books are kept. But only Master Logos is supposed to have access to it. Touma asks Tetsuo to analyze it.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Tetsuo powers up the Northern Base, but the system is unable to scan the Book. Yuuri suggests Touma refrain from using the dangerous Book for now.

They notice Touma zoned out and he says he can remember an ominous line from the Book. “The sorrow awaiting one who loses all memories is the hand that seeks to ruin all.” Touma thinks they can find what it means by looking through some old books.

Down South, Reika reports to Master Logos about Touma getting his hands on the Book. She promises to retrieve it, but Master Logos says to let him keep it for a while.

Reika meets with her boys and tells them they must retrieve the Book even if it means killing Touma. Ogami-san demands to know if that is an order from Master Logos. She says nothing.

Ogami-san gets up to leave so he can pick Sora up from school. Reika reminds him that the SoL is the reason his family can live a peaceful life. He has given up time with his family to fulfill his duty as a swordsman of the SoL. He demands to meet Master Logos. But Reika says her words are Master Logos’ words.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

While Sora enjoys a taiyaki, he notices his father is acting weird. Ogami-san explains that he fights to protect the world. And since he cannot do it alone, he has friends he can fight alongside. Lately, however, he has lost faith in those friends so he is feeling a little lost.

Sora says that does not sound like his father and suggests he team up with Touma if he’s that lost. Sora really likes Touma, especially the fact that he never lies.

Those are the words Ogami-san realizes he needed to hear. He thanks his son for the wisdom.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

At the Megido manse, Storious assures an antsy Zooous that he will retrieve that Book for them. He says that if he is unable to use the Book, he will give it to a Charybdis.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Zooous laughs as a badly beat up Legeiel stumbles in. He grabs the blank Books and screams.

At the shop, Touma tells Mei that he might have found something under the story The Tale of Sorrow.

Just then, Ogami-san and Sora walk through the door. The father and son challenge Touma to a duel. Their last. Touma obliges.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

They all head to the waterfront. Mei and Sora stand nearby to watch as Touma and Ogami-san henshin. Ogami-san tells Touma to give him everything he’s got. They battle.

Touma uses all his power-ups. Ogami-san also gives it all he’s got. They force each other to dehenshin. Mei and Sora run to their respective fighters to help them up.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Ogami-san remembers Tetsuo’s words about Touma having potential. Touma recognizes Ogami-san is feeling lost. Ogami-san says Touma is still not a full swordsman, but he will take care of that by rejoining the North starting now.

Touma happily thanks Ogami-san and welcomes him back. Sora comments that his father looks like he’s back to normal.

A strange smoke rolls in. It is Reika who is able to use it to take Touma’s Jackun, Storm Eagle and Saiyuu Journey Books.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Up at the Northern Base, Touma is sure Rintaro will be joining them next. But their main concern now is to figure out who took the Books. Touma says he recognizes the smoke from when Daichi tried to give Touma the sword.

Tetsuo remembers that there is a blade that uses the power of smoke, but he does not know who wields it. Ogami-san believes whoever it is must be the traitor. He leaves to meet with the two remaining defectors to tell them he has joined back up with Touma.

Ogami-san explains that the SoL is a mess right now. And that he has chosen to side with Touma in order to protect Sora and the world. He asks them to join him back north. Rintaro says he will stay with SoL, refusing to betray his family.

Rintaro leaves. Ren, meanwhile, wonders what his dearly beloved Kento-kun would do in this situation.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Back at the shop, Touma tells Yuuri about the dream he had while unconscious. There was a lonely boy reaching out to him with a sad face.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Before they can interpret, Mei comes running in to tell them about Legeiel rampaging downtown.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Down south, Rintaro is struggling with being the only traitor left. But he is resolved to stay loyal to the SoL. Reika commends him for his loyalty.

Touma and Yuuri henshin. Legeiel says he will defeat them even if it costs him his life. Legeiel powers up like never before.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Just then, Tetsuo is shocked when the Primitive Dragon Book suddenly disappears in front of him.

The Book reappears in front of Touma, protecting him from Legeiel’s attack. The Book possesses Touma and he is made to uphenshin to Primitive Dragon.

Down south, Reika asks Master Logos what the forbidden book is. Master Logos says it is a book that will bring them glory one day.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

While BerserkTouma beats down Legeiel, Master Logos tells Reika that a sorrowful soul resides in the Primitive Dragon Book. It is a sorrow that no one may ever understand. And because no one will be able to sympathize with it, it will continue to destroy.

Yuuri tries to get Touma to snap out of it, but Touma instead knocks him around.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Rintaro arrives and prepares to henshin, believing he must stop this out-of-control Touma. But Touma swipes Rintaro’s Books and uses the Lion Senki Book for himself.

Nothing Legeiel throws at Touma works.

Mei calls out to Touma who only sets his sights on her now. Yuuri tries to shield Mei from crazyTouma. But everyone is shocked when out of a portal pops… Calibur?!

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Calibur is able to force Touma out of his Primitive Dragon henshin.

Meanwhile, Tassel’s cabin is empty with his front door wide open.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 24 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Another solid episode.

Now first, I don’t get the purpose of the duels. Yes, they are swordsmen and knights and whatnot. But I feel like none of these duels have any type of meaning or weight to the story. Or even to their characters. Not with Tetsuo. Not with Ren. And not with Ogami-san. The only duel I’m waiting for is Touma and Rintaro’s. And that’s probably the climactic battle when SoL North finally, completely reunites.

I get Ogami-san wanting to draw out Touma’s full potential. But the way they’ve overusing these duel situations, it really waters them down and just makes the Southerners feel very annoying. Like, you want Touma to be 100%? Let him go into the dark place Rintaro went to for days to become stronger or something. Simple training and mentoring, perhaps?

Like, I can see what they’re trying to do. But on a season where a lot of things are so underdeveloped and without much depth, these supposed-to-be meaningful face offs just fall flat.

Anyway, my favorite scene from the episode was definitely Ogami-san and Sora. That was a great conversation between the two. And a nice father-son moment. Really the only positive stories for Ogami-san this season so far have been whenever Sora is involved. (Like when he was captured, for example.) So, it was great to see them in a fun, but meaningful moment here. Definitely contrary to whatever Ogami-san was trying to impart on Touma after the duel. Lol

I was very afraid for Legeiel this episode. All the signs were pointing to them preparing his demise this week. And I was all “You are not going to kill him before he’s even got the chance to do anything. Nope!” Seriously, they need to get the Megido3 to do more than just sit in front of a green screen mansion.

I’m looking forward to Reika going full-on baddie next week. Master Logos obviously has his own ulterior motives apart from whatever Reika believes in. So I’m reasonably intrigued. But if I had to choose, I’d choose fleshing out the Megido3 over SoL politics.


And I of course fully expect nuCalibur to be Kento. That’s what I assumed would happen when he first “died.” And Ren asking what his dear Kento-kun would do was probably the most obvious foreshadowing. I would think they resolve the defectors arc first before they fully bring Kento back into the fold though.

Otherwise, things might go back to being a clusterfrak. Saber has definitely settled down lately. Still sorely underdeveloped and lacking depth in many areas. But at least, things aren’t all over the place like they used to be.

I hope the little boy in Touma’s dream is either himself or Kento. Because I definitely do not want another brand new character popping up.

Overall though, this was another solid episode. I liked it. Great father-son moments. Good for everything else. And possibly setting up more exciting events in the next episode.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 24: On My Father’s Back, He Carried the Future.

  1. Nice to see Ogami is back at Northern Base, where only 2 remain; Rintaro and Red.
    Granted, given the attitude and personality of them, I don’t see them coming back for long time.
    I agree that Ogami and Sora moments was pretty nice. I really wish we get to see something like for Sentai, where we have yet to see FULL time father/mother ranger (Miyuki/MagiMother (Magiranger) doesn’t count since she’s extra; closest we got was Nossan/KyoryuBlue (Kyoryuger) and his niece, Rika.
    Aside from Saber being berserk from Primitive Dragon and Calibur coming back out of nowhere (LITERALLY), not much happed to this episode.

    So, we’re most likely in halfway point of the series, assuming if the overall episode count is going to be 48~50 and there would be NO break/preemption from here on out (though given that Tokyo Olympic is still planned as of this writing and this day in age, nothing is too certain especially due to ongoing pandemic), I decided to share my overall thought.

    Not much has been changed since last time I shared my overall thought month ago; though story is definitely progressing, ever since Yuri/Saikou showed up, which is something.
    Sadly, the show is plagues with so many plot holes, lackluster characters, and very questionable and awkward direction.
    The biggest positive so far is probably the action sequence, which is handled pretty decently. I also like design of the suit.

    I noticed that Takuro Fukuda, the main writer, only wrote 8 episodes so far, which I find it surprising; even his previous work, Kamen Rider Ghost, he wrote 14 episodes during halfway point (25/50).
    Nobuhiro Mouri and Keiichi Hasegawa, the co-writers, has wrote 8 episodes respectively, so we’re evened out as of right now (24). I’m curious what’s happening behind the scene and why Fukuda hasn’t wrote so much. It begs a question whether or not Fukuda was originally meant to be main writer of the show or was it a last minute decision. While I don’t think Fukuda is a bad writer (per-se), I’m still baffled with his questionable decision he keeps making, where it lacks direction and most plot is going nowhere. You would think 5 years after Ghost, he would have been better at writing.
    I’m still conflicted whether or not this is better than Ghost, but at least that show had specific goal, where main character, Takeru, has to collect Eyecons within 99 days (which he ended up doing twice), to comeback to life, before permanently dead. Saber however is very frustrating, since there really isn’t cohesive plot or specific goal that character are heading; seriously, what is this show about.
    In terms of overall frustration, Saber is definitely winning in that aspect sadly
    If I were to give scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), I would probably give 3 or 4; a show that has lots of potential and interesting concept, but very lackluster execution.

    I don’t have high hopes for second half, but I hope for the best and safety for cast and crews.

    1. Yes I agree. I was very disappointed in Ghost by the end. But at least there was a goal and a focus for the most part. It was in the execution where they fell short. It seems Saber might be the opposite in some ways. I agree the action scenes are nice, but the show really has no direction (story wise).

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