Good Ol’ Review: Ra Mi Ran and Lee Sung Kyung Kick Ass in Fun “Miss & Mrs. Cops”

Miss and Mrs Cops Review

No spoilers.

Ra Mi Ran and Lee Sung Kyung kick ass in the hilarious, fun, action-packed film Miss & Mrs. Cops (걸캅스/Girl Cops).

Part-buddy cop comedy, part-social commentary; Miss & Mrs. Cops follows former police officer Mi Young (Ra Mi Ran) and her sister-in-law, rookie cop Ji Hye as they work to bring down a network of sex trafficking and drugs when the higher ups are more concerned with self-promotion rather than justice for victims.

The film brings the two in-laws with different philosophies together while addressing systemic sexism in Korean law enforcement. They face pushback from their male comrades and are repeatedly dismissed, even when they bring valuable information about possible crimes.

Mi Young and Ji Hye take things into their own hands and with the help of self-professed “hacker” Jang Mi (Choi Sooyoung), they prove to everyone, especially the men, that they have more than what it takes to solve crimes, catch the bad guys and achieve justice.

The film portrays Mi Young and Ji Hye as confident officers who get pushed aside. And throughout the film, they are able to prove themselves both mentally and physically.

But that serious and real discussion about sexism in law enforcement is balanced with plenty of amusing and funny lighthearted moments all in between rousing action sequences.

Ra Mi Ran and Lee Sung Kyung are excellently cast in the title roles as both have plenty of great material to play with. Whether it’s kick ass action sequemces, lighter and more comedic scenes or serious and emotional moments, you can be sure both Ra Mi Ran and Lee Sung Kyung can deliver.

At its heart, Miss & Mrs. Cops is a buddy cop comedy. But it is able to support that with strong characters, an accessible plot, a good balance and some great performances especially from its two leads.

Miss and Mrs Cops Review

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