The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World (DryedMangoez Edition Season 20) Race Tracker – Leg 10

Teams saw the Final U-Turn of the Race as an opportunity to take out their fiercest rivals. But a surprise Non-Elimination Leg threw those plans all out the window.

The Leg began with all teams on the same train to Paris. The two alliances continued working together as they searched the Louvre for their next clue.

All teams ended up on the same flight to Havana, Cuba. The remaining members of the Four Pack stayed in the lead through the first few Route Markers and secured the first three morning departures.

The Four Pack hoped U-Turning Megan & Mikael and Danica & Ciara would ensure the three of them would secure their spots in the Final 4.

At the Double Road Block, Jak & Sanya unknowingly broke the rules of the task as Sanya took several looks at the mural before getting a final check.

On the horses, the Four Pack decided to split up to check different locations in order to speed up the process. But some communication difficulties had them searching longer than they should have been. All three of them found the clues on their 4th locations while Megan & Mikael and Danica & Ciara, who stuck together, found the clue faster on their 2nd locations.

The Four Pack kept their leads through the Detour. But Jak & Sanya were issued a one hour penalty at the Mat. That allowed Danica & Ciara to check-in just three minutes before them. And much to Jak & Sanya’s relief, Megan & Mikael arrived five minutes later.

HOWEVER! With Danica & Ciara, Jak & Sanya and Megan & Mikael all at the Mat, they were shocked when they were told this was a Non-Elimination Leg! And Megan & Mikael are saved yet again.

Lyon, France to Paris, France
The Louvre (Paris)
Paris, France to Havana, Cuba
Malecon Beach
Donghwa Hotel Havana (Havana)
Centro Cultural Polo Montanez (Vinales)
Mural de la Prehistoria (Vinales)
Parque Nacional Vinales (Vinales)
Finca Raul Reyes (Vinales)
Cueva de la Vaca (Vinales)

Morning Departure
Donghwa Hotel Havana
Jak & Sanya – 7:30am
Rachel & Elissa – 7:35am
Martina & Phil – 7:40am
Danica & Ciara – 7:45am
Megan & Mikael – 7:50am
Lucky Locations
At which location did team find a clue, in order of task completion
Martina & Phil – 4th
Rachel & Elissa – 4th
Jak & Sanya – 4th
Danica & Ciara – 2nd
Megan & Mikael – 2nd
Forced Double U-Turn Vote Results
Jak & Sanya Danica & Ciara
Megan & Mikael
Rachel & Elissa Danica & Ciara
Megan & Mikael
Martina & Phil Danica & Ciara
Megan & Mikael
Danica & Ciara Rachel & Elissa
Jak & Sanya
Megan & Mikael Rachel & Elissa
Jak & Sanya
Danica & Ciara – 3
Megan & Mikael – 3
Rachel & Elissa – 2
Jak & Sanya – 2
Martina & Phil
Rachel & Elissa
Jak & Sanya
Danica & Ciara
Megan & Mikael
Danica & Ciara
Megan & Mikael
Teams listed in order of Detour completion.
> or < indicates team switched Detours at least once.
Check-in at Pit Stop
Cueva de la Vaca – Vinales, Cuba
Martina & Phil – 3:54 pm
Rachel & Elissa – 4:07pm
Danica & Ciara – 5:12pm
Jak & Sanya* – 5:15pm
Megan & Mikael – 5:20pm

*Jak & Sanya initially arrived in 3rd at 4:15pm, but were issued a one hour penalty for incorrectly performing the Road Block.

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