Good Ol’ Review and Appreciation: Bobby Rubio’s Beautiful and Personal Float

No spoilers.

Disney+ makes it highly anticipated debut today. And while I’m not a fan of all things Disney so much to become a long-time subscriber of the service, I definitely had to sign-up, at least initially, to be able to watch the animated short Float by Filipino-American animator Bobby Rubio.

As soon as I logged in for the first time on Disney Plus, I went straight for Float. And I was definitely looking forward to it for many reasons. Of course, not the least of which being that it would feature Pixar’s first Filipino-American characters. It is certainly a wonderful milestone and hopefully the first of many opportunities for Filipino-American characters in Pixar or any Disney film, to be honest.

But even more than that, Float is simply a beautiful and emotional story about a father’s unconditional love for his son. After watching the short film, it is a must to also watch the extra Making Of short as well. In it, we learn just how personal the story is for Bobby Rubio. And knowing where he is coming from makes the story that much more meaningful than it already was.

It is a simple story, yet the sincerity powers through for a huge emotional impact. Showing us how to accept differences as well as illustrating the love between a parent and child.

Float is absolutely a 7-minute long MaGMCM. No doubt about that. Just a beautiful, emotional and incredibly meaningful must-watch and must-experience story.

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