Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 7, Episode 7 – “We don’t give up, no matter what the situation.”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 7, Episode 7 – “Balls, Balls, Balls”

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7

Teams will fly to Toronto and then hop on to one of two blacked out buses to a mystery location, Kitchener-Waterloo.

Dave & Irina and Anthony & James are the first two teams to sign up at the board at the hotel for the first bus. Then it’s an insane scramble for the last spot with an “Instant Replay” needed to determine which of Trish or Sam grabbed the pen first. Trish & Amy are the lucky ones on the first bus while Sarah & Sam, Lauren & Joanne and Aarthy & Thinesh end up on the second bus.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7

Upon arrival in Kitchener, teams must make their way to TheMuseum and its Spectrum exhibit. Teams will dive into a ball pit, one team member at a time, to find one of 12 red or yellow balls. They will exchange the ball for the next clue, the Detour: Beer Fest or Robot Quest.

In Beer Fest, teams will head to the Concordia Club where they must correctly serve a table to 10 guests who will have switched seats after dancing while teams fill the mugs. In Robot Quest, teams must head to the RoboHub at the University of Waterloo where they will help a robot through an obstacle-filled maze. One team member will control the robot from a control room with their only eyes being their teammate at the maze. They can only communicate through walkie-talkie.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7

Both Anthony & James and Dave & Irina choose Robot Quest.

Meanwhile, Trish & Amy have to complete their Speed Bump. They must first drive a brand new 2019 Chevy Bolt EV to the University of Waterloo where they will then hop into an autonomous Chevy Bolt EV with Rowan for a drive around campus before they can receive their next clue.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7

After the drive, they, and all the other teams, choose the robots.

Anthony & James finish first and open the next clue which reveals a Face Off. For this Face Off, teams must recreate one of three Dempster’s tortilla dishes based only on memory.

Anthony & James and Dave & Irina both arrive at The Culinary Studio and it is Dave & Irina who win the Face Off. They must now make their way to the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics.

Sarah & Sam finish the Detour next, but Aarthy & Thinesh beat them to the Face Off by a millisecond. Anthony & James win the Face Off and Aarthy & Thinesh take on Sarah & Sam.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7

Meanwhile over at the Perimeter Institute, Dave & Irina find that teams must solve a physics equation that will tell them the distance a tennis ball drops. Irina says that is no problem and in spite of Dave being unsure of her methods, Irina easily solves the problem.

Dave & Irina can now head to the Pit Stop at the Knight-Newbrough Field at Wilfred Laurier University.

Anthony & James, a Harvard grad and a doctor, respectively, have no problem with the task either can also make their way to the Pit Stop.

Aarthy & Thinesh arrive at the institute and decide to give the task a try first instead of using their Express Pass since they’re not sure if there’ll be another task after. Thinesh has no problem with the problem and they lament not having to use their Express Pass to get first.

Back at the Face Off, it’s the final match between Trish & Amy and the team that One Wayed them, Lauren & Joanne. But too much cheese causes Trish & Amy to lose. They must now wait out their penalty.

Over at the Pit Stop, Dave & Irina return to the top and claim the Leg win as well as a trip to Frankfurt, Germany. Anthony & James celebrate their wedding anniversary by taking 2nd.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7 The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7

Aarthy & Thinesh finish 3rd and end up surrendering their Express Pass. Jon points out that the last team to surrender an unused Express Pass was season 4 winners Steph & Kristen. Jon says Aarthy & Thinesh must carry on the tradition.

Back at the physics, Sarah & Sam, Lauren & Joanne and Trish & Amy are fighting for last place. Sarah & Sam finally get the right answer and can check in at the Pit Stop as Team #4.

It’s down to the last two teams, but Lauren & Joanne figure out what they’ve been doing wrong which allows them to head to the Pit Stop as Team #5.

That means Trish & Amy are last and eliminated.

The Amazing Race Canada 7 Episode 7

Episode Thoughts

So I think this was the best designed Leg of the season. And yet it still had its share of problems, so that says a lot about the other Legs this season. Lol

Anyway, it could’ve been even better if we got the teams actually getting in the same room as the beer! Lol

I just realized there was no Road Block this Leg. I think the Detour should’ve been split up with the Oktoberfest side of the Detour being the Road Block instead. Imagine the craziness there with teams needing to memorize the orders. But even more so, having teams carry the tray of beer would’ve been fun as well. Especially if they had to walk the tray through dancing guests. Would’ve been an absolutely epic Road Block.

So, it’s too bad that Detour was wasted.

The robot side of the Detour was great though. Definitely a Double Road Block since teams couldn’t switch parts (which was a good stipulation to have). Having recently rewatched the Korean drama Are You Human, this task reminded me of the cute MyBo from the series. So it was very nice.

The Face Off was alright. Certainly refreshing it not being a sports Face Off again. And it’s obviously a sponsored task as well.

The Speed Bump was also okay if you believe the Speed Bump is merely a time penalty. If you think the Speed Bump should be an extra task that has no time limit, then you might think this was a poor task. Then again, the complaint about Speed Bumps is that the tasks are always unfair and unequal. Some are easier than others, etc. So maybe something like this Speed Bump would be much better. Basically a time penalty served out in a way that doesn’t have teams just sitting around.

Well, Trish & Amy sat in the car. But at least it wasn’t just on the side of the road and Chevy obviously got their advertising money’s worth from it too.

The final task with the equation was alright and it fits with Jon’s description of Kitchener-Waterloo and what it’s known for. While watching, I decided to try and solve for “d” to see if I still remember how to. I took four years of advanced placement math in high school and did surprisingly well. Yet, I’ve certainly felt like I’ve forgotten most, if not all, of what I had learned.

So, I did manage to quickly solve for “d” my first try which I ended up being very happy about. Lol (Though I’m sure many people saw the problem and immediately knew how to solve it. Lol)

The balls at the beginning were a simple extra task. And having two buses was pretty unnecessary even if we got Trish and Sam’s best Kisha and Luke impersonation. I assume it was to try and put more drama at the Face Off. But the teams mostly caught up with each other there anyway.

Overall, a pretty solid Leg and good episode.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Sarah & Sam had some trouble at the last task, but they had a solid Leg. And the perfect quote of course: “We don’t give up, no matter what the situation.”

Again pretending none of the quitting happened (and I think for my Season Wrap-Up, I’m going to have to pretend just that otherwise I’d just brush off most of the teams lol)… Dave & Irina were hilarious and pretty awesome this Leg. I really wish this was the Dave & Irina we see all season long. Irina absolutely owning the last task with the equation was great and they proved they are a very strong team.

Seriously though, imagine without their quitting, they’d be one of the most iconic TARC teams ever. And they still are I think, but they’ll have that asterisk by their names.

Aarthy & Thinesh never getting to use their Express Pass is pretty great. They’ve never needed to use it and I honestly don’t remember the last team that had to surrender theirs. (I honestly didn’t remember Steph & Kristen until they brought it up lol) They really didn’t even have a chance to use it this Leg to ensure a win. If they used it at the Detour, they could’ve lost the Face Off. If they used it at the Face Off, they’d just ensure a 2nd place anyway. So no need for it this Leg and that’s kudos to them.

Sad to see Trish & Amy go. I certainly prefer them over the sisters. But they’ve been a great, strong team most of the time. They’ve really pushed through and persevered (most of the time ) which is a great to see on the Race. Just that one blip on their Race, but they ran a good one.

Anthony & James have really become, possibly, the team to beat moving forward. They have no drama, they’re Racing very, very well. Not the most interesting team for me, but they’re really stepping it up.

I am already seeing Lauren & Joanne possibly being that team that bottomgoddesses their way to the Final Leg. I’d hate to see it. But who knows.

Episode Quotes

Sam: “We don’t give up, no matter what the situation.”

Dave: “I love balls. There’s a lot of balls.”

Dave: “Stop singing please.”

Dave: “It’s a one-way conversation. Like most of our conversations.”

4 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 7, Episode 7 – “We don’t give up, no matter what the situation.”

  1. I recently finished watching BB11. What are your thoughts on the season? Who are you favorites and least favorite houseguests?

    1. Hmm, I remember liking Russell and Michele a lot. I wasn’t a fan of the other side of the house (Natalie, Jessie, Lydia, Chima) so Jeff’s Coup d’Etat was hilarious to me. I was happy when Chima got expelled.

  2. Here are some of my favorite BB moments:

    Keesha’s Birthday (BB10)
    Dan’s Funeral (BB14)
    Jen crying over her picture (BB8)
    Rachel’s “Floaters, you better grab a life vest! (BB12)
    Janelle winning HOH” Bye Bye Bitches!”(BB6)

    What are your thoughts on these? What are your favorite moments from BB?

    1. I’ve seen clips of Dan’s Funeral, but didn’t really watch BB14 so I don’t really feel the moment.

      All those others though, I love! And I even remember watching them for the first time.
      Another one I would add is also from BB10: The argument about the “slow, old people” with Renny, Jerry and Libra. I always laugh whenever I watch it lol

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