Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 16 – Forever King 2018

Zi-O 16

Oma Zi-O says Sougo can throw his belt away and never become the demon king who destroys the world.

While Sougo thinks, Oma Zi-O attacks and forces him to dehenshin. Oma Zi-O then shows that Kasshiin is about to finish Geiz off for good, so he sends Sougo and Tsukuyomi back to 2018.

Sougo asks Tsukuyomi how long after the Dai Mazines arrive does the world end. She says a couple of months. They hurry over and Sougo is able to save Geiz just before Kasshiin can truly finish him off for good.

Geiz reminds Sougo that he doesn’t want his help. But Sougo wants Geiz to destroy his belt for him. Sougo says he is giving up his ambition to become king. He tosses the belt in the air and Geiz destroys it. Kasshiin tries blocking the shot, but gets hit instead. The belt is destroyed and Kasshiin goes offline.

Oma Zi-O laughs as he disappears from existence.

Zi-O 16

Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi run outside and find the Dai Mazines retreating back underground. They realize Oma Zi-O will never be born.

Sougo says he wanted to be king to save the world. So there’s no point if it means he will be the one that actually destroys it. He’s grateful to Geiz for failing to defeat him which forced him to make this decision.

Zi-O 16

Since this means Geiz and Tsukuyomi will be returning to the future again, this is the last time they’ll ever see other. Sougo tells them to take care and they leave.

Woz appears, but Sougo tells him he’s no longer his dear overlord. Bye!

Zi-O 16

Ora reports to Tsukasa about Sougo’s decision. Tsukasa seems disappointed, especially with relation to his plan. Schwartz orders Heure to kill Sougo for good with the help of a resurrected Kasshiin.

Zi-O 16

Sougo heads home and tells Uncle Junichiro that Woz, Geiz and Tsukuyomi won’t be returning here ever again. Uncle asks if something happened and Sougo tells him he’s given up his dream to become king and will instead take the college entrance exams.

Uncle Junichiro says the story he told Sougo about his dream was half true. He wanted to work for a famous clock maker abroad. But even if he gave up on that dream, he’s still here now fixing clocks so he’s happy.

He adds that time progresses differently for every person. So even if Sougo gives up on his dream now, time will continue to slowly move toward his dream perhaps.

Zi-O 16

Later on his way home with groceries, Kasshiin attacks Sougo. Heure chomps on one of Sougo’s peppers and vows to eliminate him for good. Woz appears and offers Sougo a brand new Driver. Sougo refuses the belt to avoid becoming a demon king.

As Geiz and Tsukuyomi prepare to launch back to 2068, they see Sougo being attacked.

Sougo tries defending himself against Kasshiin, but continues to refuse the new Driver from Woz. Heure takes the belt and tells Woz to stop interfering.

Geiz and Tsukuyomi arrive. Geiz yells for Sougo to dodge Kasshiin’s attack, but he stands his ground. Geiz tosses a street sign to successfully block the attack.

Tsukuyomi sees Sougo stood his ground to protect an injured little boy behind him.

Sougo says he will never let anyone his subjects and he will do anything, including risking his life, to preserve the happiness of everyone.

Zi-O 16

Geiz henshins and takes on Kasshiin.

Tsukasa and Ora arrive. He henshins and decides to take Kasshiin’s side to keep things interesting. Geiz uphenshins to Wizard Armor and Tsukasa does the same.

Tsukasa uses a Wizard Final Attack Ride to backhand Geiz down into a shipping container, forcing him to dehenshin. Kasshiin also knocks Sougo down into the muddy container. Before Kasshiin can finish them both off, Tsukuyomi shoots at Kasshiin who then chases after her, away from Sougo and Geiz.

Zi-O 16

Geiz takes his Driver and tells Sougo to use it. Sougo turns his head. Geiz asks if Sougo is just going to just let these people go around attacking unchecked.

Zi-O 16

Sougo reminds him that he’s going to become Oma Zi-O if he uses the Driver. Geiz grabs Sougo’s shirt and reminds him about Sougo’s promise to become the nicest demon king. And if that doesn’t happen, Geiz vows to defeat him.

“Believe in me!”

Sougo takes the Driver and promises to become a king who will save the world. He henshins and Woz proclaims Zi-O’s rebirth.

Sougo leaps out of the container and hurries over to save Tuskuyomi. He goes Decade and then uses Ghost Final Form to take on Kasshiin. He then sends out some Luminaries to grab the new Driver from Heure to give to Geiz.

Zi-O 16

Geiz henshins and goes Ex-Aid Amor.

Geiz and Sougo team up against Kasshiin and Tsukasa who are still a little more powerful. Sougo and Geiz switch Watches. Geiz goes Ghost Armor. Sougo goes Ex-Aid Final Form which allows him to split into two.

Tsukasa decides to leave now that it’s three against two.

Heure pops up in his Time Mazine and tells Ora to help him. She hops in her own Time Mazine and they attack Sougo and Geiz. As one Sougo takes on Kasshiin, Geiz and the other Sougo hop into their Time Mazines and battle Heure and Ora in the time highway.

Zi-O 16

Woz is pleased hearing his demon king embrace being Zi-O. But he is even more excited to see the gears turning on his book cover.

Sougo finishes off Kasshiin and Sougo and Geiz are able to force Heure and Ora to eject themselves from their Time Mazines.

Back in 2068, Oma Zi-O cackles as he returns to existence, having known his younger self would never give up the Driver. In 2018, the Time Mazine that dug itself back underground starts to power up again.

Zi-O 16

Over at the shop, Uncle Junichiro has cooked Christmas dinner and is happy to see everyone back together. He asks Sougo if he’s sure about giving up his dream. He hides a college entrance exam packet behind his back.

Sougo says he’s back to wanting to become king. Uncle Junichiro tosses the packet in the trash and they enjoy Christmas dinner.

Woz says all the preparations are set and that this is a major turning point in history.

Zi-O 16

Recap: Episode 16.5: Supplementary Project into Eternity (Part 2)

Woz says the new movie is out and it celebrates the show and fans over the last 20 years. Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi join Woz and they talk about how Toei managed to keep the huge surprise in the movie a secret. Toei kept almost everyone in the dark about the huge surprise, even the main cast.

Zi-O 16

That kind of annoys them. And apparently it annoyed a lot of other people as well. The outrage has forced the show’s producers out.

Zi-O 16

Sougo and Tsukuyomi celebrate the news. But Geiz says these producers could easily be back in the future.

Woz says not to worry. Toei has sent their assassins to take care of them.

Zi-O 16

Anyway, this brings an end to the Supplementary Project. They thank everyone for following the X.5 episodes until know and hope everyone keeps watching Zi-O in 2019.

But this final scene…

Zi-O 16

Episode Thoughts

Definitely a very interesting episode. Christmas episodes are many times big turning points or big climaxes in both Sentai and Kamen Rider. And I think for Zi-O it was more of a reinforcing episode more than any big emotional climax or shock.

A lot of what happened this episode may feel repetitive or even deja vu-like. Like, we’ve seen the same story beats and everything before already. But it still worked here I think.

We get the understanding that Geiz continues to have hope in Sougo defying the odds/rewriting future and changing history. But if Sougo somehow fails to do that, Geiz will not hesitate to end him. (Uh… sure you will lol #tsundere)

I think, hopefully, this puts an end to Geiz trying to cut Sougo’s neck with a loaf of bread. And instead, maybe try to support Sougo’s efforts to be a “nice” king instead while still being as tsundere as he can be.

Uncle Junichiro’s words to Sougo at the beginning were also very obvious with the You can’t change your destiny completely, but you can tweak it. So that’s probably how Sougo will eventually avoid becoming Oma Zi-O. Though who knows, maybe he will and that’s the big twist hehe

The layers continue to peel off of Woz. I really wish they wouldn’t put stuff like Kamen Rider Woz in the previews. Like, even if it’s all over the toy magazines and stuff, at least keep it more a surprise on the show, yeah? Lol

I kind of don’t get 16.5 mainly because I haven’t seen the movie and have no idea what they’re talking about. lol

BUTOMG! What is Mr. Kinji Takigawa doing here?!

Are you telling me Hideya Tawada aka Kinji Takigawa aka StarNinger himself is not only appearing on Zi-O, but will become a regular cast member?! I don’t know, but that’s got me so hyped right now! And it appears his character here on Zi-O is very different from Kinji. Like, the opposite even. I CANNOT WAIT!

Overall, a pretty good episode. Lots of exciting moments and action sequences (the battle in the time highway portal was a completely excessive clusterfrak lol). But story-wise and character-wise, it was more a reinforcing of what we already know. And especially if we begin the next arc when the show comes back in two weeks.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 16 – Forever King 2018

  1. Indeed, it was very good episode. I’m glad Geiz finally trusted Sougo and speaked to him reason. And of course, uncle Junichiro too! And Kinji Takigawa’s actor is back!? UNBELIEVABLE!!! What a surprise!
    Anyway, we can rest and prepare to celebrate Happy New Year 2019 😀

  2. Did you notice that bopping new insert theme? Everyone did when this episode aired, and was freaking out in chat. XD

    Apparently, it’s titled “Zi-O, Toki no Oudou”. And Sougo’s actor was the vocalist.

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