Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 49 – The Tomorrow Build Will Create + Season Thoughts

Build 49

Misora is in shock that Ryuga would do such a thing. But Sento vows to bring him back.

Takumi tells Sento that Ryuga is right in thinking he must be destroyed as well to get rid of every last bit of Evolto’s DNA. Sento says he is the only one who needs to be sacrificed.

Build 49

Takumi says Sento is a fool to think that way, but then again, that might be a quality a person needs to save the world.

Build 49

Sento prepares to henshin. Misora tugs on his shirt. She tearily asks if he can truly do this since there’s no guarantee he’ll make it back. Sento doesn’t answer. Misora lets go of Sento’s shirt and says he’ll be fine. This is the Build they all created, after all.

Sento acknowledges Misora’s words and henshins to Rabbit Rabbit to fly up the Genius light to save Ryuga.

Build 49

He lands on the rocky and sandy surface inside the fiery rift in space. Ryuga is laying on the ground, but he quickly pops up and attacks Sento. It’s Evolto and he says he has completely absorbed Ryuga.

Evolto aims to absorb Sento’s power as well to restore the Evoltrigger. Unless Sento defeats Evolto, the power needed to fuse the two worlds can’t be released and the two Earth will crash.

Evolto continues to attack Sento who is forced to dehenshin.

Evolto morphs down to his Soichi form to taunt Sento even more. He says Kiryu Sento is someone who never should have existed on Earth. Sento gets up and tries to punch Evolto only to get his wrist twisted as Evolto continues.

Build 49

Evolto says all of this is Sento’s fault after creating the Rider System. And he is still just a fake hero Evolto made up. Evolto lets go and sends Sento flying back.

Evolto morphs back to his true form and prepares a final strike at Sento. But something attempts to overpower him. It’s Ryuga!

“What are you doing, Sento?!” Ryuga says he’ll find a way to take care of Evolto, so Sento should run and get himself to safety.

Build 49

Ryuga tells Sento that while he can’t see it, he is smiling from ear to ear. Sento remembers telling Ryuga about how happy he gets when he is able to help someone so much that he smiles from ear to ear.

Build 49

“No matter what anyone says, you are our hero. So… you must continue to live.”

A FullBottle pops out as Evolto manages to regain control of his body and says he has completely sealed Ryuga.

Sento says this sucks since now, he wants to see Ryuga’s smiling face. He grabs the Bottle and stands.

Build 49

Sento slaps the Driver on and henshins to RabbitRabbit.

“I’m coming to save you Banjo!”

Sento engages Evolto and says while it was Evolto who made him a Kamen Rider, it’s because of his friends that he can now use this power for good. For a world of love and peace!

The two worlds continue to draw closer to each other as the fiery rift starts to close. Evolto and Sento continue to battle. Evolto forces Sento to downhenshin through TankTank and Sparkling and finally to his base form. But Evolto also loses some of his power ups as well.

The Rabbit FullBottle glows and turns yellow. He inserts Rabbit and Dragon FullBottles into his FullBottle Buster for a Perfect Match.

Sento delivers a Perfect Match Break at Evolto. Sento declares he and Ryuga are truly the best match of all times.

Evolto cannot control his own body again. Ryuga says he’s back up and ready to go.

Build 49

Sento begins his final experiment. He inserts the Rabbit and Dragon FullBottle and Builds Up to the Bestest Match of all. With this ultimate power, he launches a Vortec Attack at Evolto who tries to counter with a Fever Flow.

But Sento Rider Kicks Evolto right down the function curve. Evolto refuses to believe this is the end. But there’s an incredible explosion that reverberates out of the rift and through the galaxy.

Vernage pops up in Misora’s body and declares Evolto has been destroyed. “My task is complete.”

Vernage releases Misora and the bracelet falls off her wrist.

Build 49

Meanwhile, Sento and an unconscious Ryuga are spinning around in a whirlwind vortex inside the closing rift. Misora and Sawa watch as the two worlds are finally combining.

Build 49

A bright white light.

Build 49

A rabbit frolics in a field where Sento awakens. He wonders what the new toy in his hand is.

He gets up and sees there is no Skywall anywhere. He runs into downtown as Prime Minister Himuro announces two familiar names as new members of his cabinet.

Build 49

Sento realizes what’s happened. Takumi says Sento’s theory has been proven correct. Sento believes Papa Katsu wanted to restore everything to how it was before. Takumi says there was nothing like that in the research, but Sento says it was because Papa Katsu didn’t have the most important item, the Genius Bottle.

The combination of the White and Black Panels and the Genius Bottle resulted in salvation that transcended the laws of physics. By combining the two worlds, the people would be moved to a present reality in which the Skywall never existed. That’s the new world Papa Katsu truly wanted to create.

Papa Katsu’s dream has become a reality.

Sento watches the happy people of Tokyo going about their daily lives. But Takumi reminds him these people who lived the last ten years differently are not the same people he knew.

Build 49 Build 49

Papa PM and Gentoku walk and talk as Gentoku fills his father in on his schedule for the day. As Papa PM leaves with his other assistants to prepare for a speech to the Diet, reporter Sawa asks if she can speak with Gentoku. He politely says he’s free to speak with her later in his office.

Build 49

Nariaki, meanwhile, is working at Nanba Machinery Factory.

Build 49

Over at Nascita, the Crows bring Kazumi in to meet a cute girl that could be his new wife.

Misora comes over to take their orders and Kazumin immediately falls in love so hard, he faints. His friends carry him out of the café.

Build 49

Takumi says Sento never would’ve existed in this new world. But even if he has survived after creating it, no one will know who he is.

“It’s time to say goodbye,” Takumi says. “It’s been fun.”

As Takumi disappears for the last time, Sento hears a familiar voice. Ryuga! With Kasumi!

Build 49

Sento runs over to this black haired-Ryuga, happy he is alright. Ryuga doesn’t seem to recognize him. Kasumi says maybe he’s a fan of him as a fighter.

Ryuga wipes his hand on his pants and holds it out. Sento processes the moment before taking Ryuga’s hand. “It’s good enough that you’re alive.”

Sento walks away as Ryuga and Kasumi go for ice cream.

Sento walks into Nascita and takes a seat at the counter. He orders a coffee.

Build 49 Build 49

“Have we met before?” Misora asks. Sento’s heart skips a beat. “We definitely have, right?” Misora tries to remember where she remembers him from, but Soichi recognizes Sento as Satou Tarou. There’s a poster of Satou Tarou’s band on the wall as Soichi is a fan.

Soichi asks for an autograph, but first, he wants Sento to try his coffee. Sento prepares for the usual horrible taste. But he is shocked when it actually tastes good. Soichi excitedly tries to explain why, but Misora makes him get back to work.

Build 49

Sento smiles watching the father and daughter having fun.

Later, Sento is sitting at a fountain downtown amused by the irony that he’s the only one that remembers this time.


Sento turns and it’s…

Ryuga! The brown-haired Ryuga he knows and loves!

Ryuga is confused with this world. No one knows him and he saw the black-haired version of him with Kasumi.

“I see! Since you possess Evolto’s DNA, you aren’t supposed to exist in this world either.”
“I finally find you and that’s the first thing you say?!”

Sento ruffles his hair and smiles. “This is awesome!”

He pops out his Machine Builder bike and they hop on.

Build 49

As they’re riding down the road, Sento tells Ryuga his fly’s down. All the way. Since before they started fighting Evolto. They playfully bicker as the ride off down the empty skyway.

They are sitting on a bench in the park. Sento shows Ryuga the data of their memories which he has conveniently organized into 49 episodes. They start recording opening narrations for each of those episodes.

Build 49

Episode and Season Thoughts

Oh wow. Oh my goodness. Oh my God. What did I just watch?! This last half hour. This last year? What was that?

Well, I think it might just be my new favorite Kamen Rider season. That’s what!

Now, I feel like I’m an emotional wreck right now after this final episode. So that snap ranking might change once I’ve calmed down and decompressed. But I am pretty… sure that Build is definitely my favorite season in at least a few years.

I certainly have my problems with the story at times during the season. It’s like that every year of course. But what’s different this year is that most everything else during the season was so good that I can look past any shortcomings. That’s something I haven’t been able to do in a while for Kamen Rider.

But really, almost everything just worked for me. The relationships, the characters, the fun moments, a Filipina excellently singing the awesome theme song, legitimately exciting action, a great cast.

The strongest aspect though really was the characters. I wouldn’t be this emotional after a finale if I didn’t care about or like these characters. I wouldn’t care about them if I hadn’t been drawn in and invested in their journey and their bond. And this really was an exciting journey. A fulfilling one at that.

Before we get to the journey, let’s talk about this destination first.

This really was such a pitch perfect finale. I had very high expectations after last week’s excellent episode. And even to my surprise, this episode exceeded those expectations.

Emotionally fulfilling, even while it was a very bittersweet ending, it made sense. It fit with everything we had seen in the previous 48 and a half episodes.

In my finale recap for Ex-Aid, I mentioned how for three seasons in a row (Drive, Ghost, Ex-Aid), the finale didn’t have a MaGMCM for me. That obviously was not the case here.

I was tearing up the whole episode already. But when nuRyuga doesn’t recognize Sento after being so excited to see him, I lost it. Then the glimmer of hope that Misora remembered Sento only to have it come crashing down. Ahhhh! But still that cute moment of Sento sincerely happy to see the father and daughter happy.

And finally, the big reveal. And boy was it a perfect reveal. Complete with the theme song kicking in right at that moment. OMG. Come on. They talked about smiling and grinning from ear to ear when helping people, I was certainly smiling from ear to ear (with tears in my eyes still!) as Sento and Ryuga were on that bike. Bringing back memories of the first episode, zippers down and all.

All the callbacks to events from the season in that little epilogue-ish look at all our friends were so great. And it’s stuff like that that I think have been missing in the last few years.

There was a real sense of finality in this episode. Even with that little Zi-O tease, this still felt like a true ending. Not even an epilogue episode like other seasons, but just a real, full ending that truly wrapped up the season. I think that is one reason I really love this episode so much. There’s something to like about epilogues and there’s certainly a lot to criticize about teeing up the next season in what is supposed to be the final episode of the current season. But this finale was refreshingly different.

Now maybe the biggest takeaway from this final episode; the show really went all in on the bromance!

I first thought it would just be a fun wink to the shippers out there. But it really did become an important part of the story and in the end, the most important part of the series I think.

It was the power of Sento and Ryuga’s bond, whatever that bond may be, that brought love and peace to the world.

As for shipping, I was definitely a Ryuga-Misora shipper since I very much enjoyed Ryuga’s sincere reaching out to Misora. But I guess the series spelled out the final ships: Gentoku-Sawa, Kazumin-not-Miitan and Sento-Ryuga.

Sento and Ryuga are truly the Ultimate Best Match. What’s different for them from other Rider “bromances” of recent years like a Kota-Mitchi or a Gou-Chase or a Makoto-Alain or Emu-Parado was that there really was a well-defined foundation to Sento and Ryuga. And it served a purpose in the grander scheme of things. Their characters legitimately helped each other (and others around them, reciprocally) grow and develop over the course of the season. It wasn’t some half-hearted or late attempt at developing a meaningful relationship for our title character. Or as mere fan service.

And that extends to the rest of the cast as well in recent years. It was hard for me to really see that bond and connection that should be forged when facing the end of the world as our friends do every year. This is one reason I remember Wizard fondly. I felt the Gang’s bond at the end. And that’s even with ice cold Koyomi. lol

I can’t help but compare Sento-Ryuga to Eiji-Ankh. Each half of the pairs were great, strong characters whose relationship and friendship served as a strong foundation and backbone to their respective seasons. But as great as the OOO Gang was as well, I think Sento, Ryuga and the rest of our friends had much more impact on each other and their lives. It all fit and worked together to help reach this final climax.

I was fine with Sento being alone and Ryuga being black haired-nuRyuga instead. It made sense and it is an example of that bittersweet finality and consequence to what we should feel are truly world-ending dangers. But I definitely much prefer the real ending we got after. lol

I also liked Misora’s “We’ve met before”. It’s not 100% sure as her recognizing Satou Tarou. So that possibility, even if <1%, of her remembering Sento somewhere deep inside is one of those great little things that you just take and savor how bittersweet it is. Of course none of the Gang knowing Sento or Ryuga or even each other is bittersweet as a whole, but those little moments where, you just think maybe something can be triggered and they can all live happily together again is a great, emotional feeling. Like, I want these things to affect me like this, this much. That’s what I want to see and feel when I escape into the world of Kamen Riders or Sentai and the like.

I was sad Takumi had to just disappear like that. Though I would think he’d still exist in the new world as the regular Katsuragi Takumi, right?

And speaking of, as another testament to the great characters this season. Even Takumi who we only saw for relatively fleeting moments, even if he was an integral part to everything that happened, was a great character whom you can connect with and relate to. I really wish we got to see more of him throughout the season, especially seeing him go through the internal struggle of what had happened because of him. Those conversations he had with Sento were really impactful.

As for our other friends… It was fun to see Gentoku and Sawa in a less-pervy version of their first meeting. The way the show seemed to suddenly start insinuating romantic feelings between them in these final episodes would’ve been something I’d absolutely nitpick and criticize as being contrived and late. But again, I forgive it and accept it because I like both characters and I love everything else. lol

The crows being alive and teasing Kazumin was very much in character for them. As was Kazumi being madly in love with not-Miitan. Non-Evolto-possessed Soichi actually knowing how to make coffee was great. And seeing a happy nuRyuga with Kasumi was a great peek at what life could’ve been like without all of the trouble we just went through.

And finally, despite the flaws or black holes in some of Evolto’s endgame, the character himself was the best and most defined big bad in years. Once we got all the exposition out of the way, we can see him truly having been a force from the very beginning instead of pulling some random villain out of thin air halfway through the series and then throwing everything at the wall to convince us they are an all-powerful threat. With Evolto, however, you can believe it. Random endgame and some keikaku aside, Evolto was the first worthy and truly threatening big bad in a while. And certainly he helped drive the other, stronger parts of the season.

Also, drones really have been amazing for both Kamen Rider and Sentai. We saw some of that amazing drone action in this episode too. Really helps to freshen up the series with some creative new ways to present action.

Now as much as I loved pretty much everything, here are some of the nitpicks I have.

I thought there would be doubles or something once the worlds combined? So basically, everyone from the Skywall world is gone? Not even merged together with the fresh world people. They probably explained it in passing a few episodes ago or even in this episode. But again, that’s a detail I’m more than willing to overlook. Only sure thing is Sento (Satou Tarou) and Ryuga (black-haired Ryuga) have dopplegangers in this new world.

The final scene basically explaining the narrations actually were canon were funny, but then how do they explain the other characters popping in from time to time? Still, the actual content of the narrations make sense if they were all recorded after the fact. lol

And it’s been a new norm on both Kamen Rider and Sentai to have a CGI final form. Obviously, they want to save money from not having to make a brand new costume for what is essentially one final scene. But having a physical ultimate final form adds to the excitement and epic-ness of the finale. Just making them glow is too easy an out.


I think Build is the best, most complete season since Gaim. This finale and the last few episodes are really what pushes Build to the very top for me. This is the most satisfied and fulfilled I’ve been watching Kamen Rider since I first started watching with OOO and Fourze.

Build subverted a lot of the problems that have plagued recent seasons of Kamen Rider for me, including apparent lack of endgame from the beginning, pulling things out of nowhere, lack of character development or connection with each other and the audience and underwhelming and hollow climaxes, especially finales.

Build was able to put all the pieces together for a truly refreshing, very exciting and emotionally resonant season and story that I didn’t know was still possible with Kamen Rider. But, Build proved it is.

Here’s some bonus clips of what I had expected to become season-long running gags only for the show to get mostly serious the rest of the way lol

10 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 49 – The Tomorrow Build Will Create + Season Thoughts

  1. Glad to see you enjoyed Build.

    I honestly didn’t. I just couldn’t get into it. I’d explain, but most people throw away my opinion because I haven’t seen all of Build.

    If you require a more detailed explanation, please, do not hesitate to ask.

      1. Well, this is going to sound odd. And more or less like a sob story.

        Anyhoo, as I began to get hyped to watch Build episode 1….. The hype, for me, died after episode 1. I’m not kidding, even after episode 6 aired I wasn’t interested. Same with episode 14.

        I just wasn’t interested.

        And yet, everyone was talking about it. And I decided to start watching.

        Yet, I was burdened with an unhealthy amount of stress during my second semester of college. I didn’t want to get left behind during the “greatest show ever”. But I also didn’t want to fail my classes.

        Classes were more important to me, and I ended up watching a drastically disproportionate amount of episodes (supplemented by episode discussions, and video reviews, on the episodes I missed).

        In total, I watched about 25 episodes.
        1-6, 10-15, 17, 19-21, 24, 28, 31, 36-39, and 49. And the ending scenes of most of the 45-48 episodes.

        Anyhoo….. I just couldn’t get into it. Someone on a Toku forum actually said to me, and I quote: “But please don’t feel the need to watch it all if you clearly don’t enjoy it.” Which made me feel good about dropping the show.

        But I’ve ranted about this show for ten times. And this is the tenth rant. I seem to harp on the latter third of the show. I did enjoy the initial arc, up to the end of Sparkling’s episode. It felt like a cool idea. As did every other arc in this show. I just feel like they don’t belong in the SAME show.

        The show had a lot of Deus Ex Machinas (Vernage doing things as the plot demanded it, and the Pandora Box giving Sento his Sparkling powerup), one or two inconsistencies (such as the “remnant Evolto DNA” giving Banjo a powerup, one that’s quickly forgotten), and a headache of a villain (Evolto’s cocky, I get it. I just hate villains that are done like that. “All according to my plan” and “I’m not killing Earth anymore because humans are interesting” my foot).

        That’s not even getting into the breakneck pace of this show. It barely had any breather room! It’s one new form after another! Which makes sense in an arms race, but it just didn’t feel right to me! It’s too many toys being debuted! Too many “new and powerful forms” jobbing after three episodes of wins! Too many useless characters!

        I never cared for the Hell Brothers. They were bland. Generic. They didn’t do much other than act as glorified mooks. And when they died tragically mere seconds after realizing what it truly meant to be good? I didn’t care.

        Utsumi being revealed as a cyborg at the last minute left a sour taste in EVERYONE’S mouths, because it wasn’t hinted at as strongly as it could have been (him being a cyborg was the topic of, like, two irrelevant jokes). He had a good character idea. But he was so irrelevant to the heroes’ plight that every time he showed up, they dumped a ton of exposition on us.
        Utsumi is the good guy working for the research facility, okay. Oh, what’s this, Utsumi is now working for the villains to help Project Build? And now it’s because he’s secretly a Nanba Child? Now he’s working for Evolto because he’s eeeevviiilll. Now he’s a cyborg and was secretly reconstructed by Evolto/Soichi after falling off the bridge and only joined Evolto to defeat him.

        Sawa could have been utilized well. She became a background character later on and didn’t do much else aside from dump exposition (which she got through unknown means) on the characters.

        Evolto… Let’s just say I was already hating him the moment I saw that it wasn’t good-bad-gray Soichi who was doing the bad government toppling things. Noooo, instead, it’s an evil alien who wants to kill off Earth for whatever reason. And he’s apparently a genius whose losses are even victories.

        I’ll get this out of the way- either get rid of Evolto or give him slower form progression. He possessed Banjo and Sento for, at most, two episodes.
        All to get a new form soon after and have ultimate power. Except he never uses it. And he continues to never use it well into the Lost Bottle arc, which I was gone far before that disaster happened. After getting the Black Hole form, the “Pandora Tower” just became… nothing. It didn’t lead to anything. It was just… there.

        And Evolto finally taking a stand near the end? Yeah, sure, that’s what the show SHOULD have been from the start of his arc. But in my opinion, Build’s plot petered out after the war ended (which actually FELT like the ORIGINAL goal, but you know- executive meddling and all that). And then it picked up with Evolto creating black holes FAR too late into the game to even be remotely interesting.

        Vernage… She was just there to “fix” things.
        She appeared to magically fix the villains being too powerful and Harry Potter blasts them away over the wall. She appeared to dump exposition on the villain (much needed exposition, though).
        She also was dying… but had enough energy to refill the depleted 60 powerups before going back into hiding.
        She got kicked into Banjo’s body later on and didn’t really contribute to the formation of the final Evolto-killing powerup, Genius (which seems like a good use for a space queen). She then “died” and reappeared at the end of the series to say “good job boys, I’m gone now”.
        I get that her voice actress was sick, and I really do feel bad about that. I just wish the Queen Of Mars was MORE than a Deus Ex Machina.

        Same with the Evolto DNA. Like, where was that even leading? Banjo getting Evolto memories and going power-crazy was picked up and then quickly dropped.
        Heck, the same could be said for Great Cross-Z. I get it, a new toy. But Banjo was a normal human. How did he magically make Evolto DNA? Evolto did say that he took every piece of his DNA away from Banjo. So how did that work? Oh, and this new base form was quickly discarded for Magma in the same episode and then never really shown again.

        Let’s also not forget that Katsuragi-Sento plotline that led to Genius. It lasted for, like, what? Two episodes? It could have led to a major identity crisis for the hero, and a ton of confusion for the main crew and villains! Like, where was this plot point when Sento killed Aoba and went through depression? Or when the Pandora Tower arose?
        Sento and Katsuragi settling their differences and conjoining should have happened earlier, so that it developed them along with the plot. That way, when they finally DID become besties, it felt geniune and earned. Not “We talk in Sento’s head for, like, five minutes and we’re friends”.

        Because of Build’s breakneck pace, I felt lots of characters and plot points were either rushed, underdeveloped, or came too early/late.

        I know you’re probably going to not listen to my opinion because I haven’t watched all of this show. Believe me, lots of people have disregarded my opinion because I haven’t “seen” everything. I couldn’t get into it. And I ended up, well, not liking ANY part of it, except the transformations.

        1. Thanks for your reply!

          I can certainly understand your frustrations. I certainly have had many, if not more, frustrations over seasons of KR, Sentai and PR in the past. And Build is definitely not perfect. I definitely agree about Vernage and Evolto. And there were a lot of things that were underdeveloped. Evolto’s emergence being one of them.

          But still, I actually think the characters are the strongest part of the season. I was really able to connect with them like I haven’t in years on KR. And when I can latch on something like that (and it was strong for me), I can excuse a lot of the season’s other faults.

          As a whole though, I think this season came together much better than recent seasons.

          And you can certainly have an opinion. Like you said, you did watch a lot of the season and you definitely back up your opinion. Unlike others who simple say “It sucks!” without reason. Everyone will like or not like different things. Though I know in toku fandom, there’s a big chunk that likes to follow others and decide their opinions based on what others think. I can’t do that.

          1. I’m really glad we can come to an understanding. 😀

            I mean, I liked Ex-Aid. But it’s middle/last third certainly isn’t perfect, no denying that.

            I agree that Build’s strongest point was definitely its characters. They were really REALLY well done.

            Now, a lot of people are worried with Zi-O being written by Kento Shimoyama. Because he wrote Ninninger.
            But, honestly, after reading your Ninninger review AND having watched (and loved) Gorider, I’m excited. Especially because the stable time loop in the first two episodes seems to have gone really well.

            Lets both try to enjoy this upcoming show. 😀

            1. Yeah, that’s another example. I know people absolutely hate Ninninger, but while it’s definitely not one of my all time faves, I still liked it and enjoyed it. I didn’t know that writer was doing Zi-O. That’s interesting.

  2. Wow! That finale was flat out awesome. Definitely one of my top favorite KR seasons now. That final scene showing that Sento actually wrote their whole story down into 49 episode was the best meta-joke in a season that is chock full of great meta-jokes about the KR franchise.

    And the final battle between Sento and Evolt actually reminds me of Gaim’s final battle (the Kouta vs. Kaito one, not that one in the epilogue XD). What’s great with both is that the battle isn’t just “defeat final boss, series ends.” Instead it truly felt like a proper culmination of the main character’s arc. That was something that the past three seasons (Drive, Ghost, and even Ex-Aid) lacked.

    It really helps that the final villains in both are someone that the main character has some form of emotional/narrative connection with the protagonist. Kudos to Build for that scene where Sento and Evolt fight in their human forms, with Evolt gloating that it was he (and not Soichi) who built Kiryu Sento. That really had a good sting to it.

    Also, I agree that this has been one of the best cast in recent years. And the series did well in building most of the characters such that I can really forgive the plot issues (such as the feeling like that the whole third arc could have been expanded more).

    This final twist does leave some interesting questions. For one, Im surprised that Misora and Sawa were somehow willing to get their present selves killed off and reborn into the new world. Also, since this new world does have versions of both Taro Satou , there is the possibility that it also has its version of Takumi Katsuragi. hop0e they explore these in additional materials.

    1. I don’t think they’ve announced any extra movies for Build? Certainly nothing like Ex-Aid’s three V-cinemas (the necessity of which is debatable lol)

      I think one great Build movie would be exploring this new world and meeting Taro and Takumi and of course the new versions of their old friends.

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