Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 4 – “I’m not pretty, but I’m handy!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 4 – “Just suck my blood please.”


It’s time to leave Canada for a bit as teams learn their next destination is Jakarta, Indonesia! And this Leg has a Double U-Turn on the horizon.

Once in Jakarta, teams must head to Fatahillah Square where they will participate in a traditional welcoming dance with some Ondel-Ondel.


Teams arrive at night so they must sign-up for dancing times in the morning starting at 8am. Dylan & Kwame and Leanne & Mar are on first performance, Todd & Anna, Courtney & Adam and Zainab & Monica are on the second performance and Martina & Phil, Nancy & Mellisa and Taylor & Courtney are on the last.

Teams must now make their way to Jakarta’s old port, Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa. Here, teams must transport enough durian from the pier to a traditional Pinisi boat and fill a crate in order to receive their next clue.

Leanne & Mar arrive first while Dylan & Kwame get lost. The second Ondel-Ondel group arrive next, but Leanne & Mar stay in first. They must now find the bird market at Pasar Burung Barito where they will find a BLIND Double U-Turn.


Dylan & Kwame and Todd & Anna are gravely lost, allowing teams from the last Ondel-Ondel group to arrive at the durians before them. Kwame regrets signing up first since the last two all-male teams who signed up first at the boards have been eliminated so far.

Leanne & Mar arrive at the U-Turn and decide not to use it. They open the next clue revealing the Detour: Ular or Kebaya.

In Ular, teams must head to Taman Langsat. At this park, they will choose a crate and then wash and dry whatever snake is inside. After, they will find a doctor who will help them attach a leech to their partner’s arm to get their blood sucked for five minutes. In Kebaya, teams will head to Mayestik Market where they will sew two panels into the inside lapel of two traditional women’s blazers.


Leanne & Mar and Courtney & Adam decide to do Ular. Nancy & Mellisa arrive at the U-Turn and decide to U-Turn Martina & Phil just to slow down another team. They also choose the snakes. Zainab & Monica get to the U-Turn and decide to U-Turn Todd & Anna because they are a strong team.

Nancy & Mellisa, Taylor & Courtney and Zainab & Monica also choose the snakes.

Martina & Phil are now lost and drop to last as Todd & Anna and Dylan & Kwame get to the U-Turn and hurry over to the snakes. Martina & Phil decide to do sewing first.

Nancy & Mellisa move into first place and must now find Gedung Teater Bulungan. That clue reveals the Road Block: Who thinks they are handy?


For this Road Block, teams must learn and perform the traditional Saman dance also known as the Dance of a Thousand Hands.

Nancy decides to do the Road Block as do Adam and Leanne.

Meanwhile, Martina & Phil arrive at the market. Martina takes charge of the sewing as she is a high school home economics teacher.

Back at the Road Block, Nancy goes for her first attempt, but does not get it. Monica and Taylor are next to arrive and start learning the dance.

Martina & Phil finish the sewing and they run over to the snakes. On the way, they run into Todd & Anna who are heading over to the sewing. They are tied for last.

One team after another fail the dance. But Leanne is able to pass on her 5th attempt. Nancy is close behind as she gets the thumbs up on her 6th attempt. They can now head to Merdeka Square and the Pit Stop by MONAS monument.


It’s a cab race to the iconic Jakarta landmark, but it is Leanne & Mar who step on the Mat as Team #1. They win a trip to Ho Chi Minh City. Nancy & Mellisa are only seconds behind to claim 2nd.

Dylan passes on his 5th attempt and he and Kwame step on the Mat as Team #3. Taylor & Courtney and Zainab & Monica leave next, but switch spots at the Mat as they are Teams #5 and 4, respectively.

Phil and Todd catch up to Adam at the Road Block. Phil is on his 2nd attempt and he gets the thumbs up. He and Martina hurry to the Pit Stop as Team #6.

It’s down to the last two teams. And Adam gets it on his 8th attempt. He and Courtney look for a taxi. Todd gets it right after. He & Anna arrive outside just as Courtney & Adam hop into a taxi. It’s a Race to the Mat. But Courtney & Adam step on the Mat as Team #7. Todd & Anna are right behind them, but they’re last and are officially eliminated from the Race.


Episode Thoughts

Yes! Definitely a wonderful international Leg. Such a full Leg, especially compared to the Canadian Legs which have been very barebones. Also a great Jakarta Leg. It’s still inexplicable how TARUS has avoided a Jakarta Leg despite returning to Indonesia numerous times.

Even more inexplicable is that they are flying back to Canada next Leg instead of another international Leg. I mean, at least another Leg in Indonesia? Indonesia’s tourism department would certainly give them plenty of incentives. (Hello TARA5!) If not another Southeast Asian country, at least another quick Leg in Bandung or something.

Oh well.

Anyway, let’s get to this very full Leg. First, it’s always fun to see Ondel-Ondels. It would’ve more fun to have a task with them instead of just dancing around as an excuse for the staggered start times after an Hours of Operation.

The durians and the pinisi was certainly a great, physical task that was certainly local. To make it even more interesting, teams should’ve had to break one open and take a bite.

Next was the Double U-Turn. I don’t remember exactly, but is this the first Blind U-Turn on TAR Canada? I don’t seem to remember any other one. As for its placement before the Detour, I’m fine with it now. And it was placed in a solid spot on this Leg after the durian task. Though the staggered start time kind of put an automatic disadvantage for the last teams. Would’ve been better if all teams were equal at the Ondel-Ondel and placement was determined solely on taxis and durian carrying capabilities.

Anyway, the Detour was pretty balanced. Especially since both sides were within walking distance from each other. The snake and leeches was a fresh, different task. The sewing was not. But as a Detour with a U-Turn, it was fine.

The Road Block was definitely fun. It looks pretty daunting at first, but it seems like as long as you got into the rhythm of it, you’d get it fast. Definitely a great, fresh new task for TAR.

Finally, the Pit Stop in Merdeka Square. If this is going to be the only TAR Canada visit to Indonesia ever, then it’s a pretty great location for the Pit Stop.

Elsewhere, we got a glimpse of the first clue and I definitely noticed no BMO mention. Instead, just the amount of money given for this Leg. Also, speaking of sponsors, I think this might have been the first Air Canada shoutout, like full-on feature, since they stopped being the Exclusive Official Airline of The Amazing Race Canada. And I definitely noticed the Grab bike driver giving teams the thumbs up. lol

Overall, easily the best Leg and episode so far this season. I think TAR Canada could really be so amazing if they had more international Legs.

My Subjective Team Rankings

All teams are pretty solid so far. There isn’t a team I’m rooting against. lol There’s certainly teams I’m rooting for and that hasn’t changed this week.

Martina & Phil are still great fun. There were a few moments when they might have been on the cusp of being annoying. But they’re just so great and awesome that they stopped themselves before that happened. lol Them overcoming the U-Turn was great as well. And it shows they might be a team that goes far. Also, their U-Turn photo was very cute.

Dylan & Kwame have been towards the back (or even invisible) so far, so it was nice to see them able to get themselves up toward the front of the pack. Nancy & Mellisa U-Turning my favorite team was okay since their reasoning for using it was understandable. There’s an interesting story brewing here at them not able to grab 1st and now again finishing 2nd to Leanne & Mar. I wouldn’t mind seeing that rivalry bubble up!

Courtney & Adam are competitive, but it seems they just fall behind at certain tasks. I wouldn’t count them out yet though. Leanne & Mar are proving to be a very strong team. And with Todd & Anna eliminated, they’re the top contender. We’ll see if that brings a target to them.

Taylor & Courtney are a good, solid team. Another quiet Leg from them. Which probably means they go very far hehe. Zainab & Monica were fine this Leg as well. And Todd & Anna were definitely a strong team. But it seems they were not able to recover from the Ondel-Ondel time putting them in last, getting lost and then being U-Turned. Bad luck for them and they weren’t able to pull themselves out of the bottom.

Episode Quotes

Leanne: “Just suck my blood please.”

Nancy: “You are little twerps!”

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