Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 2 – “Ah Fiddler’s Fart!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 6, Episode 2 – “Ah Fiddler’s Fart”

Teams must now fly to Dawson City, Yukon. Teams will get $350 on their BMO CashBack Mastercard for this Leg for the Race which will also have three Express Passes up for grabs.

On the way to the airport, Martina & Phil decide to give her backpack away to someone in need since it was weighing her down in the first Leg.


All teams are flying via Whitehorse to Dawson City. Upon arrival, teams must choose a 2018 Chevy Silverado High Country Edition. They must load their trucks with all their Woods camp gear and then head to Dredge 4 National Historic Site where they will set up their campsite. The team who can put up their campsite correctly in the fastest time will win $5000 from Woods.

While all teams are at the campsite, Joseph & Akash realize they do not have their tent so they drive back.

Todd & Anna finish first and can now drive to the Bank of British North America. The clue tells teams to use a GPS device to search nine local landmarks where they can obtain five gold coins. Also hidden at three of the other landmarks are Express Passes.


Courtney & Adam and Nancy & Mellisa decide to work together when they run into each other. They head inside a cultural center and Nancy & Mellisa watch the performance first. After, the performers hand them an Express Pass.

Todd & Anna head to the Post Office and search the mailboxes where they find another Express Pass. They then collect all five coins and head back to the bank to receive their next clue which has a Detour: Chance or Dance.

In Chance, teams must head to Diamond Tooth Girties and learn how to deal blackjack. They will get the next clue once they’ve dealt out a hand and payouts for that hand. If not, they must go to the back of the line. In Dance, teams must dress up in burlesque costumes and learn an authentic can-can dance.

Todd & Anna choose Chance. Todd has no problem with blackjack, but Anna is not sure.

Dylan & Kwame get to the Post Office and notice the mailboxes. They know the Express Pass is here so they stay and look. But the last Express Pass is found by Leanne & Mar in a cemetery.


Dylan & Kwame decide to give up and continue with the coins.

Meanwhile, Nancy & Mellisa go deal blackjack. Courtney & Adam head to the dancing. But after one attempt, they decide to switch Detours.

Todd & Anna finish the Detour and can now head to the Midnight Dome for the Pit Stop. They officially step on the Mat as Team #1. They win a trip for two to the South of France and $5000 from Woods. Nancy & Mellisa deal two good hands and head to the Pit Stop as Team #2.

Martina & Phil choose the dancing and dress up, but after seeing the performance they decide to switch Detours as well. But Martina is unsure about blackjack also.


Taylor & Courtney go for their first attempt, but Taylor does not show his butt. They get the thumbs down. Leanne & Mar are next. Mar is a professional dancer, but Leanne’s cheerleading skills are not good enough. That allows Taylor & Courtney to get the thumbs up on their second attempt. They head to the Pit Stop as Team #3.

Leanne & Mar are on their next attempt and they pass. They hurry to the Pit Stop and check in as Team #4.

Zainab & Monica choose dancing, but quickly decide to switch to blackjack.

All teams are now at the blackjack. Dylan & Kwame are next to deal correctly and finish as Team #5. Martina uses an accent and she is able to remember all she needs. She and Phil finish and head to the Mat as Team #6. Courtney & Adam are Team #7.

It’s down to Joseph & Akash and Zainab & Monica. And it is Joseph & Akash who finish next. They are officially Team #8.

That means Zainab & Monica are last. But this is a Non-Elimination Leg.


Episode Thoughts

Interesting episode. I think overall it was a solid episode even if the Leg was very simple and almost barebones. There were really three chunks to it. First, the campsite. Then the coins task which really was to highlight the Express Pass search. And finally the Detour which also was dominated by the blackjack,

First up is the setting up camp which is certainly not a new TAR Canada task at all. But really it was just to give sponsor Woods a nice spotlight in the episode. As for the timed aspect of it, I think TARPHDME16 did it better. The prize was an Express Pass. And there was much more excitement because not all teams got to the campsite at the same time. So a team that arrived later could have been faster to set up their tents than a team that might have already finished before they even arrived. 😉

Dawson City, Yukon looks like a picturesque little Gold Rush town, but admittedly not much to do for a full TAR Leg. The GPS/coins task basically visited all there is to visit in the town it seemed like. And again, the task was more on highlighting any possible drama and tension in looking for the THREE Express Passes. I will say this was better than last season’s Express Pass task though since all teams had a chance at it. But still, not the best option.

And even here, we barely got anything out of that moment with Nancy & Mellisa getting the Express Pass over Courtney & Adam whom they had just teamed up with.

Finally, the Detour. I will say it was an okay Detour. I was a little annoyed by the line/first come, first served aspect of the blackjack. But then I realized the can-can also was first come, first served. So I guess it was a balanced Detour. Especially since this was a Non-Elimination. Otherwise, the Detour would’ve sucked. Lol And at the end of the Leg too.

Neither Detour seemed too difficult to me. The can-can didn’t seem that hard. So I’m surprised teams so easily quit. They didn’t even give it a try or even start practicing it. They gave up too fast.

As for the blackjack, I didn’t see what was so hard about it. I learned how to play cards and blackjack from my grandparents when I was a little kid. Lol So maybe that’s why dealing blackjack would’ve been easy for me. And I don’t play any table games whenever I get a chance to stroll through a casino. The only thing I didn’t know was what to do with a tie either like Nancy. Otherwise, players saying Hit, knowing how many cards as a dealer to take, how to count an Ace?! That’s pretty easy.

I see TAR Canada is back to doing the contrived drama and fake tension before the last commercial break. It really doesn’t work unless it’s a real nailbiter like last week.

And no more BMO CashBack Mastercards? That almost like TARUS losing Ford. Wow.

And YAY! They turned on the lights in the title card!

My Subjective Team Rankings

It was a nice gesture for Martina & Phil to make a stop in Vancouver (which they obviously know very well) to drop her bag off with someone in need. I don’t know if they would do it if they were rushing and this wasn’t before a guaranteed flight. But it was a nice thing for them to do and I think they’re very sincere. A solid Leg from them.

A little less screentime for Dylan & Kwame this week, but they were enjoyable for what little we saw from them. Nancy & Mellisa though were much more fun to watch this week I think. I think they are firmly my #3 team at this point.

Not as dominant a Leg for Leanne & Mar this week. But the Express Pass will come in handy for them. The rest of the teams were alright this week. And Courtney & Adam‘s kisses are still kind of annoying, but they were able to show other aspects of their personalities this episode though. So they’re alright.

Episode Quotes

Adam: “That’s a mannequin. And she is half-naked.”

Nancy: “Fiddler’s fart!”

Adam: “I’m gonna pee my pants.”

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