The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 15

It’s going to be a very happy holiday season because The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition is back with its milestone 15th season! Woohoo!

And for this anniversary season, it’s the first back to basics season after three gimmick seasons! Yes! Also to celebrate, some refreshed graphics. Wow! But also some interesting tasks and destinations as well. All new to the Philippines (though not to the Amazing Race franchise as a whole, of course. Hee.

(Also, ignore those faces in the opening credits above. This isn’t a celebrity season. Unless you want it to be, then by all means you can see this as a Celebrity Edition, no problem! TARPHDME can be anything you want it to be! Wowow!)

No need to talk about TV5 and the real TARPH here since it really is deader than dead. But TARPHDME is living life to the fullest! So let’s get on with it!

“Naghihintay na ang buong mundo!!! Good luck… ingat sa biyahe… GO! GO! GO!!” Happy 15th!

Leg 1: “I’m rollin’ it!”
Philippines → Indonesia

Leg 2: “I’m crushin’ it!”

Leg 3: “I’m fillin’ it!”
Indonesia → Sri Lanka

Leg 4A: “I’m choppin’ it!”
Sri Lanka → Italy

Leg 4B: “I’m tastin’ it!”

Leg 5: “I’m lookin’ for it!”
Italy → Russia

Leg 6: “I’m stackin’ it!”

Leg 7: “I’m eatin’ it!”
Russia → Serbia

Leg 8: “I’m tyin’ it!”
Serbia → Croatia

Leg 9: “I’m recreatin’ it!”

Leg 10: “I’m karate-in’ it!”
Croatia → Japan

Leg 11: “I’m climbin’ it!”
Japan → Macau, China → Hong Kong, China

Leg 12: “We’re winnin’ it!”
Hong Kong, China → Philippines



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