The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World (DryedMangoez Edition 13) – Leg 12 – Surigao Del Norte, Philippines

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Leg 12 – “Unlock our million dollars!”

This is it! The Final Leg of the Race. Teams will fly from San Francisco to Manila and continue on to Cebu where they will hop onto a charter flight that will take them to their Final Destination, the island of Siargao in Surigao del Norte.

At the Siargao Airport, teams will choose a brand new 2018 Kia Picanto to drive on this Final Leg. But teams must use the Kia Uvo service to control the maximum speed limit they can use on this Leg, for safety purposes.

Once they’ve setup the Kia Uvo service, teams can drive themselves to the Del Carmen Mangrove. Here, they will use stand up paddleboards to search the mangroves for clueboxes. Only two clueboxes have their next clue.

That clue points teams to the Magpupungko Tide Pools where they will find a Road Block: Jump & Coral.

For this Road Block, teams must climb up to the top of this cliff where there will be four examples each of fish and coral present in the area. Teams must choose one of each, jump off the cliff into the water and swim to search for photos matching what they’ve chosen. They must then return to the top of the cliff and place each photo with the corresponding match. If correct, they will be given the next clue. If not, teams must jump off and try again.

After this Road Block, teams must find the stilt homes in the town of Pilar for the next clue and the 2nd Road Block of this Leg. The team member who did not complete the first Road Block must perform this one.

Pilar is home to the annual Siargao International Game Fishing Tournament. For this Road Block, teams must row themselves through the stilt homes to find freshly caught game fish hanging by the front doors. Teams must find one of only five fish which are bigger, by length, than the game fish on display at the home pier. If their chosen fish beats the fish on display, teams will receive the next clue. If not, teams must try again and retrieve a new fish.

Teams can now drive themselves to the famous waves of Cloud 9. Their next clue awaits on the boardwalk.

Teams must swim out and retrieve one of five floating surfboards which contain their next clue. And that clue reveals the Final Task.

Teams have encountered many things on the Race. Some things they’ve encountered more than once. For this Final Task, teams will need to recall which items and tasks they’ve encountered and when. On each surfboard is a map and simple directions which will lead them to a treasure chest which has been partially buried in the sand. Once they’ve found the treasure chest, they must dig it up and bring it back to the sea of treasure chests by the water before opening it.

Inside the treasure chest is an item or picture depicting something they’ve encountered during the Race. Teams must search amongst the treasure chests for one that has the same item or picture attached or printed on the outside. To unlock the treasure chest, teams must recall on which Legs they’ve seen that item or task.

For example, the first treasure chest will have a photo of a drying rack. Teams must remember that they encountered drying racks on Legs 3 and 5. The code to open the treasure chest will then be “0035” in which the code will be the Leg numbers in numerical order starting with “00” if needed.

Inside the treasure chest will be another photo or item and they will repeat this process until they reach the last treasure chest and the final clue.

The treasure chest solutions are:

Drying Racks
-Leg 3 – China
-Leg 5 – Greenland
Code for next chest: 0035

-Leg 3 – China
-Leg 4 – Israel
Code for next chest: 0034

-Leg 4 – Israel
-Leg 7 – Portugal
Code for next chest: 0047

-Leg 2 – Japan
-Leg 4 – Israel
-Leg 6 – Luxembourg
-Leg 7 – Portugal
Code for next chest: 2467

-Leg 1 – Japan
-Leg 9 – Bolivia
Code for next chest: 0019

-Leg 9 – Bolivia
-Leg 11 – United States
Code for next chest: 0911

-Leg 4 – Israel
-Leg 9 – Bolivia
-Leg 12 – Philippines
Code for next chest: 4912

-Leg 3 – China
-Leg 7 – Portugal
Code for next chest: 0037

-Leg 3 – China
-Leg 6 – Luxembourg
Code for next chest: 0036

San Francisco
-Leg 9 – Bolivia
-Leg 11 – United States
Code for next chest: 0911

And that final treasure chest has the final clue. Teams must correctly assemble this fishing boat so they can row themselves to:

Guyam Island, the FINISH LINE!

The first team to cross the Finish Line will win everything!

“Director’s” Commentary

And another awesome season is done! And I think this was a pretty solid season and route. And I definitely liked the Philippines vs The World aspect. =D

Last season was an “urban” Final Leg in Tuguegerao. So this season we have a tropical Final Leg. Not knowing a thing about Siragao, or even Surigao to be honest, I think there are plenty of other, great tasks that could be staged here.

But we’ll make do with the mangroves and swimming for photographs. The stilt homes and international game fishing competition Road Block should be quirky and interesting. It’s a very, very simple task, but it could easily push a team to the back if they make a simple mistake.

Really though, the highlight of this Final Leg is that final treasure chest memory task. I had an idea in mind at first for a memory task on a beach. But this eventual task just popped in my head while finalizing this route. I’m not sure if I’ve explained it well enough or clear enough above, but on paper (and in my mind at least) it could provide for some exciting tension and drama. The digging and then running around should be physical, especially in the hot sun. And of course the thinking part of the task should add more stress for the teams during this final push.

Having that SuperLeg in the middle of the Race of course is meant to trip up teams in this final task. We hope. And this task talking about seeing things on multiple Legs is just to cover up my lack of creativity and the fact that I haven’t set foot in any of these places. lol

The final final task of putting together a fishing boat and then rowing to the Finish Line is also nothing new for TARPHDME, but it’s a good task and should be the final physical task for a heavy Final Leg.

Overall, a solid Leg with potential for great excitement and competition.

And overall overall, a solid season of TARPHDME! Woohoo! More to come! Yay!

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