Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 11 – Who's the Black Kamen Rider?


At GENM, Kuroto Dan says they must gather Death Data to complete the foundation of the next plan. Parado says it’s very inconvenient that humans can die in a game and just use a continue to revive.

Emu’s internship ends in one week. He greets a patient of his, Shuuhei, who is being discharged. His mom tells him to thank his doctor, but Shuuhei is in a bad mood and hates Christmas.

As Shuuhei walks away, the Bugster virus takes over his body. Emu chases after Shuuhei. Asuna arrives just as a leveled up, white hatted Salty Bugster pops out of Shuuhei.


Emu henshins and goes Level 3. He and Salty battle, but Salty’s power-up is no match for Emu’s. An already henshined Kuroto Dan appears. That makes Emu attempt to go Level 5. Emu and Kuroto Dan end up battling, but the Drago Knight Gashat is too much for Emu to handle on his own.


Emu and Asuna bring Shuuhei back to the CR. Emu is sorry that Shuuhei has to get infected after having just been discharged. But Shuuhei has no interest in going home anyway. Emu asks his mother that Shuuhei might like. She says cake, probably.

Emu leaves to go get some, but gets a call.

At GENM, Kiriya tells Kuroto Dan about Kyoutarou likely giving Emu the compatibility surgery 16 years ago. Kuroto Dan wants proof. Kiriya says he’ll get it soon. And afterwards, it will be Kuroto Dan who’ll get exposed.

Kuroto Dan asks Kiriya to wait. Emu, Hiiro and Taiga all arrive.


Kuroto Dan congratulates them for making it this far, clearing nine games. There’s one more left. Emu tells them about Salty reappearing and Kuroto Dan says the Black Ex-Aid is the mastermind behind spreading the virus.

Hiiro suggests that if they defeat the Black Ex-Aid, then no one would ever be infected again.

Ex-Aid Ex-Aid
Ex-Aid Ex-Aid

Kuroto Dan says the Black Ex-Aid is working with Bugsters to kill people. That’s why they must defeat him and retrieve the final Gashat. Especially if the Ministry and Kyuotarou-sensei have ulterior motives. Emu says he believes in his sensei, certainly more than he believes in Kiriya.

Emu and Hiiro leave. Kiriya asks Kuroto Dan what he’s really up to, but he plays coy.

Kiriya is able to obtain the records of Emu’s surgery. The nurse was in that surgery so Kiriya asks if she noticed something strange. She says nothing during the surgery, but afterwards, Kyuotarou gave Emu a game console. Things like that made everyone, both doctors and patients, trust in Dr. Kyuotarou. It makes Kiriya wonder.


Emu is able to get a cream cake for Shuuhei, but he says he hates cakes. Emu had only wanted to do for Shuuhei what Kyuotarou-sensei did for him when he was a kid.

Emu gets a call from Kuroto Dan to transfer the patient to a certain location after finding out the Ministry may be spreading the virus. Emu cannot believe it.

Kuroto Dan packs a few cases and says Goodbye to his office.


Emu and Poppy bring Shuuhei to a skate park. Instead of meeting Kuroto Dan, they see Black Ex-Aid who says he’s collected Death Data. Emu henshins.

Kiriya watches the battle. Black Ex-Aid says he is following the orders of Hinata Kyuotarou. Emu does not want to believe it, but Black Ex-Aid says Emu is foolish for believing in such a man.


Emu’s Gashat goes crazy again, giving Black Ex-Aid an opening. But Kiriya jumps in just as Black Ex-Aid attacks. He repeats Emu’s words earlier about not needing a reason to believe in people and to trust his heart.

That snaps Emu out of the rampaging Gashat. Kiriya says he believes in Emu. That fires Emu up and he sends Kuroto Dan flying. Hiiro and Taiga appear also wanting to join in the fun.

All four players are present for them to go Level 5. They battle Kuroto Dan and manage to push his gauge to a dangerously low level. Instead, Kuroto Dan attempts a finisher at Shuuhei. Emu blocks it and sends him flying once again. That lowers the Rider Gauge to zero.

Kuroto Dan activates a Dangerous Zombie Gashat and reveals himself as Kamen Rider Genm. They are all in shock.


Kuroto Dan says he was using them all as test players to collect data for the ultimate game.

“Our game has only JUST begun.”

The Bugster virus has already been implanted in many people, so an outbreak can happen to anyone, at any time.


Whether then 10 Gashats can save humanity is up to them, Kuroto Dan says. He leaves.


Kuroto Dan heads to some kind of control room where Parado is playing. Kuroto Dan removes the Dangerous Zombie Gashat which is now complete thanks to the Death Data from his own body. Parado remarks that Kuroto Dan is a truly frightening man for having to sacrifice like that.

Kuroto Dan says his body was dying anyway. And now the next game has begun.


Episode Thoughts

Okay. We apparently finished one game and are about to start another. It’s not bothering me yet, but I do hope we get some inkling at a possible endgame soon. If it’s just some crazy person wanting to play a game with people’s lives on the line (hello Ginis and Zyuohger!), then it’s interesting, though hard to sustain for even half a season. (Again, hello Zyuohger!)

But again, it’s not bothering me yet. I guess because we’ve gotten solid movement in the story in terms of getting character foundation out of the way.

This episode added to Kiriya having the most solid character foundation aside from Emu who, as the title character of course, will be the most mysterious. Hiiro and Taiga have their backstories sorted out, but are basically on the sidelines so far outside of their focus eps.

The main purpose of this episode is basically to show that Kuroto Dan is some kind of aspiring megalomaniac psycho who wants to infect people with disease for fun. And the show certainly accomplished that. Now that it’s been established, I hope we get into the big picture conflict in the next episodes.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 11 – Who's the Black Kamen Rider?

  1. With all the talk about death this episode, it does feel like a bit of a cop out that no one actually died. I guess they aren’t ready (yet?) to pull that proverbial trigger and actually have someone die onscreen.

    But hey, Dan actually pulling that suicidal move just to get the data for the new gashat is downright frightening. This just adds new levels (get it? XD) of creepiness to his character.

    Also, I am a bit surprised that they introduced the mystery behind Koutarou-sensei and what exactly happened to Emu 16 years ago early.

    Merry Christmas pala 🙂

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