The Amazing Race Philippines: Redemption (DryedMangoez Edition 12) – Leg 9 – Nepal

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Leg 12.09 – “Be careful, we don’t own this rickshaw.”


It’s a special treat for the remaining five teams as they learn their next destination is Kathmandu, Nepal!

All teams will be on the same flight from Prague via Istanbul arriving in Kathmandu at 6:10am.


Once in Kathmandu, teams must make their way to Patan Durbar Square.

In April 2015, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake devastated Nepal and its people. Since then, the country has been recovering and rebuilding, including restoring centuries-old historic landmarks like those here at Durbar Square.


Teams will help in the effort by properly making 100 clay bricks which will be used to repair and rebuild damaged homes in the area.

Once their 100 bricks are approved, they will be given the next clue which reveals the Detour: Raw Delivery or Careful Color.


In Raw Delivery, teams must head to this nearby metalworks shop and transport 25 raw copper coils to nearby businesses who use the copper to make traditional Nepalese goods. Once they have made the deliveries, they will be given the next clue.


In Careful Color, teams must complete a sand painted mandala based on a provided example. When their mandala is approved, they will be given the next clue.


After the Detour, teams must make their way to Kathmandu Durbar Square.


Here, teams must choose a rickshaw and load it with traditional Nepalese items from a list which they will gather from vendors in the square. Once they have all the items, they must pedal the rickshaw to a marked shop in the Thamel district to receive their next clue.


Teams can then make their way to Boudhanath in Kathmandu. At this iconic landmark, teams will find the Road Block: Who is ready for some good karma?


For this Road Block, teams must correctly assemble a large prayer wheel.


They must then assemble a smaller, handheld prayer wheel (which they can keep) to receive their next clue.


That clue directs teams to Bhaktapur Durbar Square.


Juju dhau, or king yogurt, is a specialty of Bhaktapur. For this task, teams will be making juju dhau. They must first correctly mix thickened buffalo milk and culture and pour it into 10 clay pots known as kataroo. They will place them in a warm room and under an insulated blanket to be left undisturbed for several hours.


Teams must then make 20 triangle stands known as dhauka on which they will use to place 20 fresh and ready juju dhau pots. Using a bamboo cord carrier, teams will transport the 20 juju dhau pots to…


Nyatapola Temple, the Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race.

The first team to check in at this temple, one of the few unharmed landmarks in Kathmandu, will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to check in here… WILL NOT be eliminated. This is the last Non-Elimination Leg of the Race and this team will have to complete a Hazard penalty on the next Leg of the Race.

“Director’s” Commentary

A very nice visit to Nepal. This is TARPHDME’s 2nd visit to Nepal after it became the very first TAR franchise anywhere in the world to visit during season 1. 😉

After last year’s earthquake, this visit should be a nice way to promote Nepal tourism which can help the country recover even faster. And since TARPHDME is seen and is available around the world, for free without geographic restrictions, Nepal will get a nice worldwide feature. =)

As for this Leg. We want to acknowledge what Nepal is going through and do something to help out. The bricks task is something that teams can do that will be a little bit of help to locals. One hundred bricks may seem like a lot, but we want to challenge teams. And it’s for a good cause.

With the Detour… ANOTHER DELIVERY TASK?! Why yes. =) The copper coils should be a physical task that contrasts with the calmer, but maybe more tedious mandala task. It’s a good balance, especially as both Detours are in the same area.

This Leg is going to visit all three Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley. Who knows, teams might get confused or end up going to the wrong Durbar Square. Wouldn’t that be fun? 😉

For Kathmandu Durbar Square, I saw rickshaws and the tables of goods and the fact that it was near the tourist/backpacker favorite district of Thamel. Having teams navigate the crowded, narrow streets on a rickshaw by themselves should be AMAZING. But delivery again?!?!?! lol

A repeat visit to Boduhanath is a must. It suffered major damage, but our purpose is to show that Nepal is recovering and rebuilding. For the task, it touches on the religion and faith in Nepal and an easy assembly task. And it gives the teams a nice little keepsake.

Finally, the last Durbar Square of the Leg. Juju dhau should make for some good tasks. For this one, I just threw it all in. Making the food and then DELIVERING (AHHH!) it using traditional local methods should be good. Especially on the way to the Pit Stop.

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