The Amazing Race Philippines: Redemption (DryedMangoez Edition Season 12)

I, like many Amazing Race fans, used to make wishlists of dream routes and locations I hoped the show would eventually visit. And two years ago, in anticipation of The Amazing Race Philippines 2 premiere (and the original expectation of international travel), I went all in and mapped out an entire Race course with tasks, locations and faux-screencaps complete with discount TAR graphics.

It turned out to be a lot of fun. After TARPH2 ended, I decided to make more dream routes as a way to keep the hope for more TARPH seasons alive.

Well, as of September 2016, TV5 Philippines is basically on the verge of ceasing operations; certainly nowhere near having the capacity or money to even start planning another Amazing Race Philippines. Meanwhile, The Amazing Race US is on its deathbed with the very real possibility that its already-filmed season 29 will get dumped onto CBS’ online streaming service no one subscribes to.  (It would’ve premiered tonight, September 23, 2016, if its ratings hadn’t fallen off the cliff.)

BUT! In positive news, The Amazing Race Philippines DryedMangoez Edition is as strong as ever! Woohoo!

And this 12th season is a big one!

Most teams on The Amazing Race are eliminated. And many times they are eliminated by mistakes or bad luck or even by other teams. So after 11 seasons, it’s no question that plenty of teams have some unfinished business.

Well, 12! TARPHDME teams will get a second (or third!) chance at redemption!

The Amazing Race Philippines: Redemption (DryedMangoez Edition Season 12) that is! Yay!

Leg 1: “I might die in your arms tonight.”

Philippines → Malaysia

Leg 2: “I promise masarap ang tea ko!”
Malaysia → Jordan

Leg 3: “Rub it all over my body.”

Leg 4: “This donkey is my worst nightmare.”
Jordan → Ethiopia

Leg 5: “You’re trying to get us arrested!”
Ethiopia → France

Leg 6: “Catch me or I’ll throw you in the water.”

Leg 7: “I’m too drunk for this.”
France → Germany

Leg 8A: “Touch me and you get punched!”
Germany → Czech Republic

Leg 8B: “I’m not a thinking person.”
Czech Republic

Leg 9: “Be careful, we don’t own this rickshaw.”
Czech Republic → Nepal

Leg 10: “I’m so high right now!”

Leg 11: “Is he going to eat my face off?!”
Nepal → Thailand

Leg 12: “This is our last second chance.”
Thailand → Philippines

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