Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 39 – Opposition! Father and Daughter!

Adel asks a Ganmaizer how to obtain the Source of Power. The Ganmaizer speaks in tongue. Anyway, Igor pops in, intrigued by what’s happened.

Aria arrives and tells him to frak off. He doesn’t want to so she slaps him and he whimpers off.

Aria wants to know what the hell Adel is up to. Adel says he’s just working towards the realization of their Father’s perfect world. Aria kindly gives us some backstory about how their family came to the G World, their mother died then their older, never-mentioned brother Argos died as well. That drove Daddy Adonis to despair. So he tried to call Haruto vowed to create a perfect world, not to invade another one.

“Have you forgotten our father’s ideals?” Aria asks. Adel responds by showing her the tablets popping out of his body. Aria responds by henshining! Much to Adel’s surprise.

Ghost 39

Adel calls his sister “foolish” and two tablets glide down to fight her.

Ghost 39

Aria does her best to take the two Ganmaizer on, but their combined attack forces her to dehenshin and her Eyecon to shatter into little pieces. Something during the attack causes two tablets to link up and the resulting slab absorbs Aria’s bits.

A crab-like Ganmaizer appears and starts mumbling about an important life and fighting and impossible analysis. It disappears. Adel has no idea what the hell is going on.

Both Edith and Igor have been watching from behind the pillars.

Ghost 39

At the temple, everyone is just as confused as to what’s happening in their world. Grampa Sennin dressed in a combination of all 15 heroes’ clothes isn’t helping. But before they can deal with that, Narita and Shibuya come down to tell them people are arguing at the front gate.

Everyone heads out to watch a father and daughter fighting. The father is police inspector Natsume Shinichiro and the daughter is Mayu.

Takeru tries to butt in, but the father says it’s none of his business. Mayu says her father doesn’t care about her. That triggers a similar memory for Makoto of when his father left him and Kanon.

Crabmaizer senses more conflicting feelings so it approaches the father and daughter. Everyone comes running out. Takeru henshins to Billy the Kid and that causes the Crabmaizer to stumble away.

Ghost 39

They hear a scream from the car and hurry over to see it’s Dad. Actually, it’s Mayu in her father’s body. And she absolutely hates it, especially since her father prioritizes his work over his family.

Takeru tries to calm her down, but Billy the Kid possesses Kanon and says he likes the dad’s style. The courage to throw everything away to enforce their ideals is very admirable for Billy.

Takeru says you can’t sacrifice everything, but Billy reminds him how he sacrificed his life for Kanon’s.

They all decide to search the city for dad in Mayu’s body. But no one has seen her.

Takeru asks Mayu what their fight was about. Mayu says today is the anniversary of her mom’s death and Dad promised to go see mom’s favorite night spot with her. But work suddenly came up again. She remembers how Dad didn’t even come when Mama was dying.

That again reminds Makoto of his and Kanon’s own family life. He understands exactly what Mayu is going through.

Ghost 39

Makoto and Kanon’s dad also didn’t come when their mom died. The one who did was Ryuu-san. That’s why Makoto considers Ryuu-san as his father instead.

Ghost 39

The Ganmaizer tells Adel that Crabmaizer is on the surface because it’s studying conflicting emotions after getting all screwed up from their attack and absorbing Aria’s Eyecon.

Downtown, a man approaches dadMayu and says that he will have the thing they talked about soon. Mayu is creeped out.

Her Uncle Shinozaki appears and takes her aside. Takeru goes invisible to eavesdrop.

Ghost 39

Uncle asks Dad why he’s been acting weird lately and if he’s hiding something. Uncle suggests it might be about their chase of wanted criminal Teshima Yuuichi. He always seems to escape, like there’s a leak in the department.

Mayu grows suspicious of her dad. Just then, Mayu/dad walks past. They run after her, but Takeru gets left behind.

Dad seems to just ignore Mayu and continues walking, even when the Crabmaizer appears. Takeru goes Mugen and fights the Crabmaizer.

The Crabmaizer tries to ready an attack, but instead turns on a magnet that attracts Cokes and garbage cans. It stumbles away again. But Igor suddenly appears and warns Takeru not to interfere.

Mayu expresses her suspicions and Takeru says her father must have his reasons. Makoto says not all dads are as perfect as Ryuu-san.

The strange man from earlier calls Mayu’s dad’s phone and says to meet at East Wharf at 1pm. Everyone gathers at the wharf to see what’s going to go down.

Ghost 39

And they end up finding the strange man on the ground with his head busted open. Mayu sees her dad leering from around the corner. She asks if he did it, but he just walks away.

Uncle arrives and immediately suspects Dad. Mayu tries to explain, but the wanted man suddenly appears. And that only fuels Uncle’s suspicions of Dad being the leak.

Ghost 39

Uncle chases after the criminal, but Crabmaizer appears again along with Igor and two lackeys. Igor flinches at Akari raising her hand, but everyone henshins and they battle.

Crabmaizer chases after Uncle and Mayu’s body is apparently possessed by a Ganmaizer.

The ghostly trio take care of Igor and Co.

Ghost 39

Mayu tries to grasp the idea of her father being a traitor. She decides to expose him.

Ghost 39

Elsewhere, it’s movie promo time and we meet the only now-mentioned Argos for a little bit.

Ghost 39

Episode Thoughts

Alright, first off, I already prepared myself for Aria to die. Or whatever it is that happens to them when they squeeze themselves back into Eyecons and shatter. I don’t know if I should be excited we got to see her be all badass with slapping Igor and then being so agile during her fight against the tablets. Or if I should be upset that we got to see her all badass with slapping Igor and being so agile during her fight against the tablets only now, right before she dies.

Anyway, the theme of this two-parter is deadbeat fathers I guess. Mayu and Dad will somehow help draw out the backstory of Makoto and Kanon’s never-mentioned parents as well as, I assume, revealing that Grandma Fumi is actually Adel, Aria, Alain’s mom who “died” but really got transported to the human world and got old.

But really, Aria saying they went to the G World was intriguing. Meaning, they came from somewhere else? Well, it’s Episode 39, so they definitely need to start dropping some big story developments, after all.

The crab Ganmaizer was very amusing. I assume that’s two people in that costume? The actor who plays the father was very fun as Mayu. I guess he could’ve been more girly and play it up, but it’s alright.

I did, however, very much enjoy Kanon’s Mio Kudo getting to have a little fun too outside of the “Oniichans.”

Last year at this time, I was loving the movie promo minisodes with Shinnosuke’s son Eiji. But I didn’t really care for the minisode here though. Maybe it was because I was so disappointed in Drive, that anything would’ve been better than what we were getting. So far, while Ghost has been floating along with no clear focus, I haven’t been as frustrated and annoyed.

Anyway x2, this was another okay, if not solid episode. I wish I was saying this was an AMAZING episode, but I’m still hopeful for a big finish.

One thought on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 39 – Opposition! Father and Daughter!

  1. I also like how the actor playing the father did the whole Mayu part. And Crabmaiser’s design was actually cool, too bad the guy got demoted to slapstick.

    But this really feels like just a run of the mill episode. And we’re seeing it at episode 39, they should already be establishing the tension for the final arc, not this. come to think of it, apart from the first few episodes, Ghost really has no tension whatsoever, no danger factor.

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