Recap: The Amazing Race 28, Episode 10 – "My butt has never hurt that much."

Recap: The Amazing Race 28, Episode 10 – Monkey Dance!


Teams will make their way to the island of Nusa Lembongan to look for their next clue canister in one of three underwater clueboxes.

After, teams must take their speedboat to Bali Hai Resort where they will then choose a marked truck taxi to take them to the Pura Puseh Stairway.

Dana & Matt fall to last when they doubt what the canister is. The rest of the teams stay in their respective placements as they arrive at Pura Puseh. Here, they must put on sarongs before they can look for the dancing monkey who will hand them the clue.

TAR2810 TAR2810

That clue reveals the Detour: Harvest or Haul.
In Harvest, teams must harvest seaweed and lay it out to dry. In Haul, teams must transport 50 coconuts and four chickens across a bridge.

All teams choose Haul. Tyler & Korey maintain their lead as they head to Warung Sunrise for the Double U-Turn which Phil says will eliminate a team.

Tyler & Korey decide to U-Turn Brodie & Kurt. Burnie & Ashley U-Turn Tyler & Korey so Brodie & Kurt will definitely get eliminated.

Teams must now head to Pande Curly paddleboard shop where they will find the Road Block: Who’s feeling blue?

TAR2810 TAR2810

For this Road Block, teams will jump off a rock after being stretched out by Aussie Pilates lifeguard “Harries” Carroll.

After that, teams can head to the Pit Stop at Bajra Sandhi Monument.

Tyler & Korey win a trip to Alaska. Burnie & Ashley, Dana & Matt and Sheri & Cole are next. None of them want to be at the Mat when Brodie & Kurt arrive.

Like it was decided earlier in the Leg, Brodie & Kurt are eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

So this was definitely an early Race Non-Elimination Leg. Like seriously. Definitely not a Leg that provided anything to the U-Turn drama the show obviously wanted. The Leg was decided at the start. Or the Detour, at the latest.

And I think that’s one problem with the U-Turn in this simpler era of TAR. There’s no risk to the U-Turn anymore for those who use it. Especially when they know it’s the last one of the Race.

That’s one reason I kind of like every Leg or voting U-Turns even because it does force teams to take risks and ruffle feathers. Make sure teams are not automatically eliminated because of the U-Turn, but finds ways to make the U-Turn promote competition and not make it an absolute power that gets rid of a team.

The Detour itself was good, but certainly not used to its full potential with only five teams. Imagine no team doing the seaweed Detour which would’ve been good with 3-4 teams.

The Road Block though. Really? An Active Route Marker that every single contestant had to do in TAR25 is now a Road Block at the end of a linear Leg. Hmm…

Anyway. The strange graffiti-inspired Speed Bump board has been really ugly. But this nice Indonesian-inspired U-Turn set-up was nice. Very confusing for the teams though, apparently.

My Subjective Team Rankings

A boring Leg for any team movements. Kurt & Brodie, at least, showed that they are certainly a threat though as they sped through the Detour pretty quick. But the teams joking about not wanting to face Kurt & Brodie at the Mat after the U-Turn is pretty shady. Especially considering Tyler laughing his face off after he and Korey eliminated Scott & Blair.

Episode Quotes

Cole: “It’s not a real monkey. It’s a person-monkey.”

Tyler: “My butt has never hurt that much.”

Cole: “I’m pretty sure water shot up my butt.”

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