Recap: The Amazing Race 28, Episode 8 – "I really think something is mentally wrong with you."

Recap: The Amazing Race 28, Episode 8 – I Have a Wedgie and a Half!


After a quick goodbye between Brodie and Blair, it’s time for teams to fly to Dubai.

Once in Dubai, teams must hop into brand new 2016 Mitsubishi Pajeros and drive themselves to a bedouin camp outside the city. After a bedouin nose kiss and picking up their new Travelocity Roaming Gnome friend, teams will learn about the Detour: Races or Oasis.

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In Races, teams will race a camel and a robotic jockey by pedaling as fast as they can on bicycles. If they are unable to cross the finish line before the camel, they will be able to cheat receive a headstart on the next heat.
In Oasis, teams will lead four camels across the desert to a bedouin camp.

All the teams get the clue except for Sheri & Cole who are still in downtown Dubai. Leaving the bedouin camp, Brodie & Kurt sink their Pajero in the sand.

Zach & Rachel pass by the camel race track, allowing Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey to get in front. Dana & Matt decide to do Oasis and start with their Detour.

TAR2808 TAR2808

Burnie & Ashley and Tyler & Korey lose their first race. Ashley is exhausted so Burnie decides they will switch. At the other Detour, Dana is annoyed that Matt seems so calm in the heat.

It’s Brodie & Kurt and Zach & Rachel’s turn to race. Brodie & Kurt are able to beat their camel, but they are hurting because of it. Zach, meanwhile, tries to encourage Rachel to try again, but she says she is too afraid. They decide to switch.

TAR2808 TAR2808

Brodie & Kurt are in 1st place and can now make their way to the site of one of The Amazing Race‘s most memorable moments (back when TAR still had memorable moments), Aquaventure at Atlantis The Palm on The Palm Jumeirah. Tyler & Korey are close behind.

Matt & Dana reach the oasis are treated to regag bread and camel milk before they are driven back to the start.

Sheri & Cole arrive at the racecourse and start. They do very well at first, but the camels are able to speed up towards the finish line.

At The Palm Jumeirah, Brodie & Kurt find the Road Block.

TAR2808 TAR2808

For this Road Block, teams will jump into the shark tank and find an Amazing Race puzzle, return to the surface and solve it.

Brodie decides to do it, but both team members must put on skimpy swimsuits. Brodie gets the puzzle out of the water and finds it is not very easy as he has to put pieces into holes on a big clue.

Burnie & Ashley and Zach & Rachel deliver their camels while Sheri & Cole beat the camels on their 2nd attempt.

Brodie is struggling with the puzzle so they decide to use the Express Pass before anyone else arrives and sees them.

TAR2808 TAR2808

Teams must now take on Poseidon’s Revenge, the brand new water slide at the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah resort (Come visit!) and much longer and more terrifying to all the Mikas of the world.

Burnie, Dana and Korey are next to jump into the water. Zach & Rachel arrive next, but Sheri & Cole are lost.

Brodie & Kurt slide down and receive their last clue telling them to take an abra across the creek to Old Souq Station, the Pit Stop for this Leg.

TAR2808 TAR2808

As Zach starts the Road Block, Burnie figures out how to fit the letters into the clue. Dana and Korey ask him how to do it, but he doesn’t tell them.

Korey and Zach are next to finish while Dana finally gets her letters in. As the others slide down, Cole jumps into the shark tank.

TAR2808 TAR2808

Across town, Brodie & Kurt get lost. They arrive at the abras just as Burnie & Ashley arrive. But it is Brodie & Kurt who step on the Mat first with Burnie & Ashley in 2nd. Brodie & Kurt win a trip to Helsinki. Tyler & Korey take 3rd.

TAR2808 TAR2808

Dana & Matt think they are last. On the way to the abra docks, things get tense. Dana is frustrated by Matt not understanding her directions. Matt tries to calm Dana down, but she is not having any of it.

TAR2808 TAR2808

Zach & Rachel finish 4th. Night falls and Dana & Matt finish 5th.

Sheri & Cole step on the Mat in last, but this is a Non-Elimination Leg.

TAR2808 TAR2808

Episode Thoughts

So this was a pretty good episode, especially by TAR28’s low standards. It was as typical a Dubai Leg as you can get: camels and a Palm Jumeirah informercial. But the tasks together with some good team drama, self-driving madness and gratuitous nudity made for a good episode.

Not much to say about the camel Detour. Both sides were good, though certainly nothing new. Those puzzle tubes from the Road Block look like something nice to have on your shelf. And it was fun seeing Mika & Canaan’s infamous moment replayed even if there wasn’t a Switchback.

So really a very simple Leg that worked. Imagine that.

My Subjective Team Rankings


Zach & Rachel are still the most inoffensive team at this point. Everyone has their limits, but Rachel bailing on the Detour was a little disappointing, especially when they were in a good spot before that point and did so well last week.

Sheri & Cole had a tough Leg since they were horrible at directions. But it was good that they stayed positive and didn’t really threaten to give up. They kept hustling and got through the tasks no problem. Sheri getting through the Detour was awesome too. But Cole’s screaming is only okay at appropriate times, like on a slide. Not racing camels. Getting saved by 2 Non-Eliminations though, they need to step it up moving forward.

Finally, some sparks from Dana & Matt. It’s been a pretty quiet Race from them since their sort-of blow-up in Colombia. But they definitely made up for it with this Leg. It was hilarious and fun! (Though I assume Dana will not appreciate the edit here again. lol)

Burnie & Ashley haven’t been the most exciting team. But I definitely applaud Burnie for not telling Dana and Korey anything about the Road Block. It’s about time.

Kurt & Brodie using the Express Pass so soon was okay. It was an understandable gamble, especially wanting to win the Leg. But it almost failed had Burnie & Ashley overtaken them to the Mat.

Tyler & Korey are just meh. Too many bad puns (I hate puns! Just look at my Power Rangers recaps.) and cackling at the worst times.

Episode Quotes

Dana: “Babe, stop acting like you’re not struggling. You’re just annoying. Are you not hot?”
Matt: “I’m a little warm, yeah.”
Dana: “You’re ‘a little warm.’ You’re wearing a freakin’ flannel in the desert.”

Dana: “Men. They make me sick.”

Brodie: “Get in your hole!”

Cole: “Mom, why are you runnin’ so funny?”
Sheri: “My butt hurts.”

Dana: “I really hate to lose to boys.”

Dana: “Are you ready, you pain in the ass?”

Sheri: “He’s a cute boy, he doesn’t need to have any missing body parts.”

Dana: “I really think something is mentally wrong with you.”

Dana: “Sometimes you just need to know when to tap out.”

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  1. Who knew Burnie is as fit as hell beneath that black-and-gold shirt? Hehehe.

    Probably among my favorite legs set on that part of the world. And yey for Mike and Canaan flashback!

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