Recap: Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Episode 9 – The Never-Ending Day

Zyuohger 9

Yamato, Leo and Sela hop into ZyuohKing to fight off Hanayaida who wanted to help make them more beautiful by adding some accents. They easily take care of him with a “beautiful” Zyuoh Slash. “I hate to admit it, but it is beautiful!”

The Zyuohgers head back to the treehouse. They’re all up for an early lunch, but Sela passes and asks Yamato if she can use the desk in Uncle Mario’s studio.

Zyuohger 9

Suddenly, the tails stiffen and they head out to find an already embiggened… Hanayaida?! attacking the industrial area. Yamato, Leo and Sela again jump into ZyuohKing and again finish him off with a “beautiful” Zyuoh Slash.

Zyuohger 9

The Zyuohgers head back to the treehouse. They’re all up for an early lunch, but Sela passes and asks Yamato if she can use the desk in Uncle Mario’s studio.

Turns out, Cubaru’s player is Hanayaida who has sprayed his perfume over the entire world, putting everyone in an endless cycle of nightmares. While everyone is asleep, Hanayaida is looking over the fast growth of the Cannibalbulb which will destroy the planet for good! Genis is very intrigued.

Zyuohger 9 Zyuohger 9

Back at the treehouse, Sela hears a cry for help. None of the others hear anything and say maybe it’s just her super hearing. But she says she heard it clear as day.

Suddenly, their tails again alert them of a Deathgalien and they head out.

They repeat seeing Hanayaida attacking and they again jump into ZyuohKing. Hanayaida mentions wanting to add some accents to them. Sela pauses, thinking she has heard all this before. Yamato also remembers what happens next. They decide to focus on defeating Hanayaida first before sorting it all out.

When Hanayaida’s demise plays out just as they remember, they realize they must be trapped in some illusion or nightmare that doesn’t end.

Yamato tries to remember something from this morning.

Zyuohger 9

Yamato had just woke up and found Sela crying by the window. She was looking at a hologram photo of her family from her broach. Yamato picks it up after she drops it.

She explains that today is her parents’ anniversary. They’re all usually busy, but she and her younger brother would always make time for them to celebrate together.

Sela asked Yamato not to say anything to the others. He suggests she write a letter to them believing she will be able to give it to them. Her feelings will surely reach them that way.

Zyuohger 9

They hurry out when the tails alert to the Deathgalien.

Zyuohger 9

Yamato remembers he had put the broach in his pocket. He reaches for it both in the dream and in real life and when the broach pricks him, he wakes up.

Yamato wakes the others, except Tusk. They remember that they had first head out this morning and smelled the nice fragrance.

Leo and Amu splash water on Tusk to wake him up. Sela says the Deathgalien must have been up to something evil while they were asleep. Amu shoves tissue up Tusk’s nose and they hurry off to look for Hanayaida.

Zyuohger 9

They find him with the Cannibalbulb already huge. They henshin and shoot at Hanayaida’s flower shooters. But the Cannibalbulb’s tentacles grab hold of the Zyuohgers. It can only be destroyed if they cut the roots.

Suddenly, a rumbling from down below. It’s Cube Mogura! Cube Mogura drills underground and grinds at the Cannibalbulb’s roots to destroy it for good.

The Zyuohgers awaken their beasts and Yamato goes Gorilla to finish Hanayaida’s first life. Naria heads down with a Continue and Hanayaida embiggens.

Zyuohger 9

Yamato, Leo and Sela hop into ZyuohWild and with Cube Mogura’s help, they finish off Hanayaida for good.

Zyuohger 9

They head back to the treehouse and welcome their new Zyuland friend.

Yamato gives Sela her broach back and tells her there’s still time to write the letter. The others realize it was Sela’s parents’ anniversary. Amu realizes her mother’s birthday was last week.

Yamato assures them that they’ll be able to return and reunite with their families.

Uncle Mario arrives with some delicious fried rice for dinner. But the Zyuman4 ask Yamato about his parents.

Yamato’s expression changes. Uncle Mario sees Yamato growing uncomfortable so he steers the topic back to his delicious fried rice. He asks Yamato what they add to make the fried rice even more delicious. “Kimchi!” Yamato says as he jumps up and heads to the kitchen to get some.

Zyuohger 9

The Zyuman4 are confused, but Uncle Mario continues to try and get their minds off of Yamato’s parents.

Episode Thoughts

This was a pretty good episode. I am liking how they seem to be touching on or basically exposing each Zyuman4’s special abilities. They’ve touched on them before, but the players’ attacks specifically affect one Zyuman more than the other. Last week it was Sela with her hearing and this week it was Tusk with his sense of smell.

The Groundhog Day-style was done very well in the beginning. I was legit wondering what was going on at first. Even with the episode title, the first two repeats definitely felt mysterious and interesting.

Hanayaida seemed like he would make good friends with Cubi on Kamen Rider Ghost. They both like beautiful things. lol

This was also a great pseudo-focus episode on Sela as we learn a little bit about her family. We haven’t really learned much about their families yet and after just watching Ninninger vs. ToQger, I might be craving for those stories a little more now for Zyuohger. So seeing Sela missing her family and remembering a very human-like tradition (celebrating an anniversary, busy lives) also makes the Zyumans a lot more relatable. That’s obviously one of the goals for the season, to say animals and humans share a lot of things in common.

But even more importantly, Sela remembering her family is now leading us to learn more about Yamato’s family. I mentioned in an earlier recap how we haven’t learned anything about his family, including initial confusion as to whether Uncle Mario actually was his uncle and all that. So that final scene was great in pointing out that aspect of the story. I’m very excited to learn more.

Next episode looks to have Ginis heading down to Earth. I hope he isn’t going to die off so easily and early. I like the villains, including the perceived big bad and the generals, regularly facing off against the Rangers/team. The cat and mouse game is always fun to watch if done well. So it should be interesting to see what will happen in the next episode.

Back to this episode, overall, it was good and very enjoyable. Lots of great character beats that I hope we get more of in the next couple of episodes before the inevitable intro of the 6th member.

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  1. I think Yamato’s parents are dead, maybe that’s why he didn’t want to talk about it. And yay Yamato understand on how Sera was feeling.

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