Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 11 – Magnificent! Mysterious Eyes!

Ghost 11

Saionji begins the ceremony. Yurusen tries to pass through the barrier dome, only to get zapped. Makoto is distraught and Javelle wonders just what Saionji is planning to do.

Akari wakes up just as Saionji sets the 15 Eyecons out. He squeezes a drop of some liquid onto an eye and the Eyecons fly up into the air. As they form a circle in front of the monolith, Saionji asks for the power to rule all. Instead, the monolith just sucks him in.

Ghost 11

Grampa Sennin appears, realizing Saionji had the other five. But it didn’t matter since Saionji did not have a belt.

Akari limps out of the lab as the Eyecons have created some kind of seal thing/mandala that flies out.

Ghost 11

“So it has begun,” Gramps says.

The Eyecon mandala sets itself above the temple and the barrier is gone.
Takeru, Yurusen, Onari, Shibuya, Narita and Makoto hurry over. But Jaberu decides to use Alan-sama’s plan to take whatever this thing that’s appeared is.

Takeru arrives in the temple courtyard where Akari is when he suddenly gets pulled up into the mandala. Akari and Onari hope Takeru will find finally get his life back.

Yurusen tries to follow Takeru, but gets burned again.

Ghost 11

Makoto believes all is lost with Takeru flying instead of his sister. Kanon says it’s okay, as long as Takeru can come back to life.

Jabel looks at Alan-sama’s map of eyes and chooses the closest one to summon Gundari, strange and large snake-like scaley things.

Ghost 11

Aran watches, wondering what the hell is going on now.

Meanwhile, Takeru is inside the mandala seal cloud thingy when a voice asks him what he wants. Takeru says he wants his wish granted and the voice says to wish away.

Ghost 11

Takeru starts thinking about his promises to protect people as well as Makoto-niichan asking if Takeru is willing to give his life up for others. He remembers both Akari and Onari hoping for his safe return to the living and their promising to help make that a reality.

Takeru wishes…

Ghost 11

After the commercial break, the four scaley Gundari descend upon the temple. Aran is incensed at Javert acting on his own. Javel orders the Gundari to take the Eyecons, but they too get denied.

The eye opens up and Takeru comes floating down… carrying Kanon.

Makoto is shocked as the Kanon Eyecon disappears. He hurries over as Takeru carries Kanon safely to the ground.

Granpa Sennin is also surprised.

Ghost 11

Onari and Akari realize what this means. Takeru wished to bring Kanon back to life instead of asking for his. Takeru apologizes to his friends, but he says this is his decision.

Makoto-niichan and Takeru gives him his sister back. Kanon wakes up to an emotional Makoto and thanks Takeru-kun.

Ghost 11

Makoto asks why Takeru would do this. Takeru says he promised he would save Kanon-chan. Makoto says Takeru really is naive. Grampa Sennin watches from around the corner saying Takeru is too naive.

But Gramps notices something is wrong and believes the eye mandala senses it too. He looks up at the eye seal which fizzles away causing the Eyecons to fall back to Earth.

They all go to collect them again. But the Gundari are still flying around. Makoto leaves Kanon to Akari.

A Gundari swipes at Onari who drops all the Eyecons he’s found. Takeru goes to pick them up, but Jaberu appears and demands the rest. Takeru refuses.

Ghost 11

Makoto arrives and he and Takeru henshin together as does Javert. Makoto says he will believe in Takeru who believes in himself.

Takeru and Makoto-niichan fight Jabel. Shibuya tosses them two more Eyecons and they uphenshin.

Javelle wants to punish Makoto for being a traitor. But Takeru comes to help as they make their way into a less-blue-hued Overlord’s lair in Helheim.

Ghost 11

The Gundari help Jaberu in the fight, but Onari and Narita both pop in with more found Eyecons. Takeru and Makoto both uphenshin some more and manage to knock Jabel around before they go back to base form and deliver Omega Drives.

A Gundari, however, saves Javel from the attack. Aran appears and tells Javelle to retreat now.

Ghost 11

Takeru asks who he is, but Alan just looks at Makoto and smiles before ordering Javert to hurry up and come.

Takeru tries to follow, but they lose them only to find the three remaining Gundari. Takeru calls Yurusen who pops in all bandaged up with Ghostriker.

Takeru hops on with Makoto-niichan on his own bike. Takeru calls Captain Ghost.

They ride through explosions and on the backs of the Gundari. Makoto uses an Omega Fang and Iguana uses a simple blast.

Ghost 11

But Takeru gets hurled to the ground. Musashi pops out and says it’s time for Takeru to go forth. Takeru asks to borrow his power and Musashi agrees, along with the other seven luminaries. Together, Takeru shines brightly to deliver a nice Rider kick to the Gundari.

Ghost 11

Onari comes running and happily shows them the Goemon Eyecon he’s found.

Ghost 11

Ghost 11

Across town, Aran interrogates Javerue. He knows Jabelle is keeping something from him about the Eyecons, adding that wasting the Gundari is a serious crime. Javert apologizes and leaves.

Ghost 11 Ghost 11

Makoto-niichan again thanks Takeru as he and Kanon leave the temple.

Ghost 11

Episode Thoughts

There’s definitely a lot to like and enjoy about Ghost so far. The characters are all likeable and interesting. There are still questions left to be answered as well as mysteries not yet touched upon, but you still get the feeling that there is actual story involved. A plot is being moved forward with every episode. And that’s certainly a nice feeling to have when embarking on a 50-episode series.

This was a great episode. It seemed like a climax and finale for the opening arc in the story as well as Takeru’s character.

Plus, the 15 Eyecons have been found and used. So now what?

And that’s exactly what’s so exciting. Again, we really don’t know what’s next. Takeru now needs to find another way to not be dead, but the villains haven’t even really begun whatever they’re planning. We still have no idea what Aranalan, Javelu and the now sucked-in Saionji have planned while Grampa Sennin is still doing his best DJ Sagara/Belt-san act.

The series can really go any which way right now. But they’ve really done a good job at letting you feel like you’re along for the ride instead of the show just taking you for a drive (!) in circles. Ghost is fostering a lot of goodwill so far. Let’s hope it continues!

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