Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 10 – Gathered! The Fifteen Eyecons!

Ghost 10

Takeru and Akari head back to the temple and tell Onari about Makoto.

Takeru says he’s decided to bring Kanon-chan back to life. Both Akari and Onari try to tell Takeru that while what he’s doing is noble, he must also think of himself. His life is important to them too.

Ghost 10

Akari pulls Takeru out so they can go look for Makoto. But Narita and Shibuya have heard everything. Onari gets them up to speed on what’s going on and both of them ask if they can help, especially if it’s for Takeru.

Ghost 10

Onari accepts and they set off to look for Saionji.

Speaking of, Saionji is still on the rooftop and tells the Ganma to use Makoto’s weak spot to take the Eyecons from him. Saionji will go after Takeru and his Eyecons himself.

Ghost 10

Takeru tries to ask Akari why they need to find Makoto. But Yurusen pops in just as a determined Makoto stomps toward them. He motions to henshin, but Akari steps in front of Takeru.

Ghost 10 Ghost 10

Akari asks Makoto if he knows who she is. “We played together as children.”

Akari says she understands his situation, but Takeru also is running out of time. “So you want Kanon to just disappear?!” Makoto replies.

Akari is not sure how to answer. But Kanon pops out of Makoto’s pocket and says it’s alright. He tells his sister to stay out of this and then tells Akari to not butt in when she knows nothing.

Akari tries explaining, but Makoto tells her to shut up and he henshins to King Tut.

Makoto says he is fighting for Kanon and asks Takeru what he’s fighting for.

Ghost 10

Makoto charges toward Takeru and Yurusen tells him to hurry up and henshin. He henshins to Musashi and they fight for a little bit. Makoto and Takeru both uphenshin to Nobunaga and Billy the Kid, respectively.

They both have their guns pointed at each other. But Takeru lowers his and dehenshins. He tells Makoto that he wants to save Kanon-chan. Akari can’t believe it.

Ghost 10

Takeru offers they join forces, but Makoto just says he is naive. Takeru says he can’t just watch someone else’s life just disappear. He wants to restore Kanon’s life.

Makoto flashes back to a conversation with Ryuu-san. Ryuu tells him to study the lives of luminaries and open the eyes to his soul. Makoto asks if Ryuu wants to be a luminary too, but he responds that he just does what he can to help give life to the future. And he wants Makoto follow that path as well.

Takeru approaches Makoto-niichan. But Makoto tells him to shut up and prepares a Nobunaga Omega Drive. Akari gets in front of Takeru, but Takeru steps in front of her.

Ghost 10

Suddenly, a glowing Kanon appears in front of both Akari and Takeru. That forces Makoto to divert his attack.

Makoto disappears. Javert/Javel/Jaberu/Jabel/Javelle/ジャベル has been watching the whole thing.

Takeru and Akari are fine. But Takeru scolds Akari.

“That was reckless! Don’t you value your life?”
“I could ask you the same thing!”

Akari says just like Takeru wants to save Kanon-chan, she wants to save him.

“I just want to do what I can!”

Takeru thinks to himself, realizing he is not the only one who has a right to value his life.

Ghost 10

Makoto is upset that Kanon stepped in. But she says she does not want to come back to life, especially when it means seeing her oniichan changing into someone she no longer recognizes.

“I want you to be happy too, Oniichan!”

The Ganma suddenly appears and grabs Kanon. He threatens to destroy her unless Makoto hands over his Eyecons. Makoto agrees and tosses him his four Luminary Eyecons.

The Ganma tosses Kanon back, but the Ganma disappears. Makoto believes AranAlan is behind this.

Makoto says he will not trust anyone anymore.

Ghost 10

Speaking of AlanAran, he is with Jaberu at the stadium. Javert is telling him about Makoto gathering Eyecons for a personal reason which constitutes treason and must be reported.

Aran says he’ll take care of it.

Ghost 10

It’s only because Takeru is changing Makoto. He needs to be taken care of. Javel says he’ll do it. Aran leaves.

But Jabel is keeping secrets from Alan. “Forgive me for not telling you about the secrets of the Eyecons. I am simply following your older brother’s orders.”

Ghost 10

Narita says he’s found someone who’s seen Saionji. He and Onari hurry up the stairs, but Shibuya gets stopped by Saioinji himself. Saionji stuffs an Eyecon into his face and he appears to be in a daze when Onari and Narita come get him.

Ghost 10

Back at the temple, Takeru and Akari tell Onari about what happened.

Akari excuses herself to go down to the lab and analyze the monolith using the formulas from Igarashi.

Shibuya asks Takeru if he and Narita can see the Eyecons since they haven’t yet. Sure! Takeru puts them on the table.

Ghost 10 Ghost 10

But under the table, Shibuya zaps Onari, causing him to fall unconscious. He does the same to Narita.

Shibuya tells Takeru-san to call for an ambulance.

Ghost 10

But when Takeru comes back, Shibuya AND the Eyecons are gone! Fortunately, Spider Lantern has a line attached to Shibuya.

Takeru wakes Onari and Narita and they head outside just as Shibuya is about to hand the Eyecons over to the Ganma.

Onari tosses Spider-dono toward the Ganma and Shibuya. Onari and Narita try to hold Shibuya back while Takeru henshins to take on the Ganma.

Onari asks Narita to take care of Shibuya while he jumps over to grab the Benkei Eyecon to toss over to Takeru.

Takeru delivers an Benkei Omega Drive and destroys the Ganma who drops Makoto’s Eyecons as he blows up.

Yurusen comes flying in and reminds Takeru to go help Shibuya. But the Eyecons are still on the ground, so Yurusen picks them up.

Ghost 10

Takeru removes the Eyecon from Shibuya and he’s back to normal.

Onari gives Takeru his Eyecons while Yurusen comes floating in with Makoto’s.

Just in time as Makoto comes waking in wanting them back.

Makoto henshins and they start to fight. But Jaberu appears and shoots at them both. He has an Eyecon of his own and henshins.

Ghost 10

Yurusen warns Takeru that this guy is not a normal Ganma.

Javel takes the fight with Takeru and Makoto to the cliffs. Makoto asks why he’s after the Eyecons, but Jabel won’t say. Instead, he just knocks both Takeru and Makoto around and engulfs them in big explosions.

Ghost 10

Onari, Shibuya and Narita watch.

Takeru drops all his Eyecons while Yurusen still holds the four. Jaberu goes to pick them up.

Ghost 10

Up on the cliff, however, is Saionji. He opens his Bandai Eyecon carrying case and the open slots glow, attracting the remaining Eyecons right to it, completing the set of 15.

Saionji rejoices in the Eyecons all being his. Makoto gets up to run toward him. But Saioinji activates several devices which puts up some sort of force field around the temple area with everyone locked out.

Ghost 10 Ghost 10
Ghost 10
Ghost 10 Ghost 10

Akira is in the lab when the monolith suddenly lights up. She looks for Grampa Sennin, but instead gets thrown at the wall by a burst from the monolith.

Ghost 10

While Akira falls to the floor unconscious, Saionji walks to the monolith to “begin the ceremony.”

Ghost 10

Episode Thoughts

Begin the ceremony?! Well that’s creepy! lol

But this was a big story and character episode. I definitely like that.

First, we got some nice character moments from everyone. The serious talk between the three at the beginning was great. We’ve seen Takeru struggling with his situation from time to time. So seeing him feel kinda guilty and not wanting to be selfish knowing that Kanon is also in a predicament was good. But also seeing how much Akari and Onari really care for Takeru is awesome as well.

For Onari and really any other character on these toku shows who are usually played as comic relief, it’s good to see when they get serious and get in on the action. And with Akari, we know she cares for Takeru. But seeing her face Makoto and struggle with his sincere want to help his sister, whom she also grew up with, was a great way to add to her character.

I like that Makoto has a soft spot for Akari too, it appears. It’s a nice contrast with him being such a hardass with Takeru. Struggling between his happy childhood memories and whatever hell he and Kanon went through has a lot of potential. And I definitely hope we see more flashbacks to them as kids.

Also always good to see the minor characters like Narita and Shibuya getting into the action and not just having them be background decorations.

And to the story. It’s actually good that the season is not merely about collecting something. There seems to be a lot of different threads going, especially after this episode. AranAlan’s dad is the King, but now there’s also a brother calling the shots too? They could all have different endgames.

That’s in addition to whatever creepy thing Papa Tenkuji wanted to do. And that’s obviously different from whatever Saioinji wants.

Plus we still don’t know what “hell”/Ganma world is. What the monolith(s) is/are for. Where the Ganma come from. What they are. And what’s Grampa Sennin’s deal?

Great episode. The excitement is building.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Ghost, Episode 10 – Gathered! The Fifteen Eyecons!

  1. Episode was great, but I found my first major gripe for the series. How Shibuya was able to get a hold of the eyecons was, for lack of better words, narratively dumb, For one, that electric shock power just came out of nowhere. And the whole scene was played in a bad comedic manner that it lessens the horrifying impact of the fact that he attacked his friends while possessed. It reminded me of the bad placement of the humor in Drive. It’s also as if the writer ran out of ideas of how to do the scene in line with the tone.

    Still, I like how the episode went, what with all that twist they introduced. We’re just 10 episodes in we already have a lot of interesting threads compared to Drive. Javel is also downright badass and I like his suit design. Im intrigued at the fact that his Ganma form is not only reminiscent of the riders, but also his manner of transformation is uncannily similar. Lets see if there is indeed that connection.

    1. Yeah the Shibuya possession was easy and convenient. But I guess it also gives insight into what even the “cheaper” Eyecons can do to people. We’ll see if that pans out into something too!

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