The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 8

Here we go again! It’s time for 11 brand new Filipino teams to Race around the world. (Or at least, “circumnavigate” a section of the world. Budget and all that. ;))

After seasons of returning Racers, celebrities (or people feeling-celebrity) and a twisty Family Edition, it’s time to get back to basics. This season features good ol’ regular, normal people! Imagine that! No viral video stars, no YouTube celebrities, no people famous for posting selfies. Just regular Filipinos with a taste for adventure and a dream of winning P2 million and a year of Jollibee and other prizes. =)

There’s also no overarching theme for the choice of locations this season like “Ring of Fire” or “African Adventure,” just a route that will surprise and excite teams and viewers alike. =D

By now, you know the drill. (Hehe.) Any real TARPH season will recycle some tasks from other TAR franchises and that’s the case here as well. But of course, all will likely be fresh and new for the Filipino audience.

And of course, TARPHDME exists merely to help nudge TV5 (and now Viva) towards giving the greenlight to a 3rd season of the real Amazing Race Philippines. Yes.

So, leggo!

LEG 1: “This gives new meaning to ‘Push mo yan!’”
Philippines → Vietnam

LEG 2: “I don’t know what smells worse; you or this poo.”
Vietnam → Laos

LEG 3: “Hit me with your big stick!”
Laos → Kazakhstan

LEG 4: “I kiss you and you whip me?! Is that legal?”

LEG 5: “Wala na. I have a broken balakang.”
Kazakhstan → Netherlands

LEG 6: “Why did you break it on my face?!”
Netherlands → Greece

LEG 7: “I’d rather do someone else’s feet than yours.”

LEG 8: “We should’ve done alcohol.”
Greece → Bahrain

LEG 9: “Will you leave me if I get buried in sand?”
Bahrain → Qatar

LEG 10: “I told you not to smash my hand on the wall!”
Qatar → Brunei

LEG 11: “You want me to jump from this roof?!”
Brunei → Guam, United States

LEG 12: “Which will we lose first, the Race or our hearing?”
Guam, United States → Philippines



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