The Amazing Race Philippines Celebrity Edition (DryedMangoez Edition Season 7)

So who’s ready for one of those pesky Celebrity Editions? No? Well, you’re gonna get one anyway! This is The Amazing Race Philippines: Celebrity Edition! (As if the first two real TARPH seasons weren’t pseudo-celebrity editions already hehehe.)

But it’s happening. (Or not. The route and tasks will be exactly the same whether or not the cast is celebs only.)

For the real Amazing Race Philippines, I actually don’t think a celebrity edition is a bad idea. In fact, with the right celebrities (who are willing to actually compete and get dirty, etc.), this season may be exactly what TV5 needs to drum up more interest in the franchise.

Of course, there are other things TV5 can do to get people’s attention. But that’s a topic for an entire post later on.

Anyway, once again, this is just the product of whenever I get free time. Jotting down notes and tasks and locations that pop into my mind and then putting them together into one complete route. Many of the tasks will of course recycle tasks from other foreign TARs. But of course, a real TARPH will also have many original tasks as well.

Again, my main objective in doing these things is just to help encourage TV5 to order more TARPH seasons. =)

So without further ado, meet the 12! celebrities and enjoy this ambitious (though not as much as TARPHDM6) route!

Meet the Celebrity Team Pool

LEG 1: “This isn’t a vacation, this is The Amazing Race!”
Philippines → South Korea

LEG 2: “I thought we eat it, not put it on our feet.”
South Korea → Australia

LEG 3: “Pang-Hollywood na ako!” / “I thought it said ‘lunch,’ not ‘launch’.”
Australia → United States

LEG 4: “You need to make a basket to cover your head!”
United States

LEG 5: “Nalaglag yung patatas ko!”
United States → Peru

LEG 6: “I thought it was food, not a dance.”

LEG 7: “Bagay sa ‘yo. Lumalaki na talaga ulo mo eh!”
Peru → Spain

LEG 8: “Nahihirapan nga ako mag-English, Bulgarian kaya?”
Spain → Bulgaria

LEG 9: “I don’t even wash you at home!”
Bulgaria → Turkey

LEG 10: “Again?! You’re showing how boba I am in language, you know.”
Turkey → South Africa

LEG 11: “Are you sure this is not gayuma?”
South Africa

LEG 12: “Final Leg na, ngayon mo ako ilalaglag?!”
South Africa → Philippines

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