The Amazing Race Philippines All-Stars! DryedMangoez Edition Season 6

Here we go again! Hee.

To get us all excited about the upcoming 27th season premiere of The Amazing Race US and to continue dreaming about the (still unlikely as of August 26, VERY unlikely) 3rd season of The Amazing Race Philippines, let’s take some Filipinos on another Race around the world.

But this time, let’s ask 12 pairs of All-Stars! to return and run the longest TARPH Route so far!

By this season, there would have been seven TARPH “seasons” so it’s a good time for an All-Star Race.

As always, any TARPH season will be “borrowing” tasks from any other TAR franchise that may have visited certain locations. But of course, it’ll be fresh and new for Filipino audiences (and any international TAR fan that will be able to actually watch the show… hopefully with complete, official TV5 HD YouTube uploads *crossesfingers*) And of course, I started doing this to maybe encourage TV5 that yes, The Amazing Race Philippines traveling outside the Philippines can be possible. 😀

So off we go! =D

LEG 1: “Try not to embarrass yourself this time.”
Philippines → China

LEG 2: “Mas masarap ang tea ko.”
China → Taiwan

LEG 3: “Bad ka! Carabaos are much nicer than you!”
Taiwan → United States

LEG 4: “Don’t touch me. We’re not friends.”
United States → Panama

LEG 5A: “Is it okay for them to see my butt?”
Panama → Cuba

LEG 5B: “We’re not allowed to switch genders?”

LEG 6: “Uh oh. I think he really likes you.”
Cuba → Namibia

LEG 7: “Back home, we sleep on this!”

LEG 8: “Those are some nice busts!!”
Namibia → Germany

LEG 9: “This gives new meaning to ‘queso de bola’.”
Germany → Switzerland

LEG 10: “Your sausage is too long!”

LEG 11: “I need my feet to win the Race!”
Switzerland → China

LEG 12: “Merry Christmas! You’ve won The Amazing Race!”
China → Philippines

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