The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 5 – Family Edition!

To celebrate the miracle of another season of The Amazing Race mothership getting ready to run tomorrow (June 22nd)… (and because I’m still slowly trying to get caught up with my Japanese toku shows), how about another season of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition! Woohoo!

This 5th season was actually supposed to “air” immediately after the successful “Ring of Fire” season 4 last month, but it was delayed even though it was all ready to go. So, here it is!

To recap where the franchise is right now, TARPH has begun flying to the non-visa free countries. In other words, any country in the world is fair game for TARPH to Race to, regardless of visa and logistic concerns. Yay!

As always, any TARPH season will be “borrowing” tasks from any other TAR franchise that may have visited certain locations. But of course, it’ll be fresh and new for Filipino audiences (and any international TAR fan that will be able to actually watch the show… hopefully with complete, official TV5 HD YouTube uploads *crossesfingers*) And of course, I started doing this to maybe encourage TV5 that yes, The Amazing Race Philippines traveling outside the Philippines can be possible. 😀

So without further ado, here’s Season 5 of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition… a Family Edition! Edition. Yes!

LEG 1: “You’re tearing our family apart!”
Philippines → Japan

LEG 2: “Is that smell you or the fish?”
Japan → Cambodia

LEG 3: “How dare you spit on my face!”
Cambodia → United Arab Emirates

LEG 4: “Poop and Potatoes”
United Arab Emirates → Russia

LEG 5: “I think my implants are frozen!”
Russia → Norway → Iceland

LEG 6: “They’re making me wear a helmet. That’s not good.”
Iceland → United Kingdom

LEG 7: “We’re in the City of Love, but why do I hate you so much?”
United Kingdom → France

LEG 8: “Work with you?! Work with yourself!”
France → Austria

LEG 9: “You’re being a bigger ass than the donkey.”
Austria → Italy

LEG 10: “You are not acting very Christian-like right now!”
Italy → Israel

LEG 11: “You just threw away all our money!”
Israel → Australia

LEG 12: “I’m hungry for two million pesos!”
Australia → Philippines

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