The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 4

Here we go again! Hehe.

Welcome to Season 4 of The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition!

This is a special season because it is the beginning of the “Visa-Free Era” of TARPH. After the first few seasons had teams visiting countries with no visa requirements, this season will be the first time a route can conceivably feature any country in the world. Regardless of visa restrictions.

We would hope that at least after a season or two of international travel, the real TARPH will be able to attempt visiting a wider variety of countries.

While figuring out this route, I stumbled upon a nice little theme that guides the choice of locations and plays into the Final Leg as well. Thus the “Ring of Fire” subtitle for this season.

Again, for many locations, there will be familiar tasks and Route Markers since any TARPH will likely recycle many tasks from other TARs. But one would hope that scouting for the real TARPH will produce some great, fresh original ideas.

So without further ado, here’s Season 4 (!!!) of TARPHDME!

LEG 1: “I’m sorry that I’m so wet.”
Philippines → United States

LEG 2: “Throw your balls better!”
United States

LEG 3: “Moosh moosh? Are these dogs Japanese?!”
United States → Canada

LEG 4: “You want me to sleep on the street?”
Canada → Ecuador

LEG 5: “You want me to stuff this hot dog in your mouth?”
Ecuador → Chile

LEG 6: “I have to carry bananas like that naked man?”

LEG 7: “You’re going to push me down the hill?!”
Chile → New Zealand

LEG 8: “You think I intentionally wanted it to hit my face?!”
New Zealand → Australia

LEG 9: “Do you think I slammed my face into the ice on purpose?!”
Australia → South Korea

LEG 10: “I don’t think I should be driving after doing that.”
South Korea

LEG 11: “I’m so dirty!”
South Korea → Japan

LEG 12: “This pig made us lose P2 million!”
Japan → Philippines

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