The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 3 – Leg 7 – Tanzania

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Leg 7 – “Why do you always forget things?!”

TARPH’s African Adventure continues as teams open their first clue which surprisingly contains the Road Block!

Who has good eyes?
For this Road Block, one team member will parasail and must keep an eye out in the water for several floating words: “Stone,” “Fort,” “Old” and “Town”.

Once they’ve confirmed the four words they’ve seen with their instructor, they will be given the next clue. But teams are also told to memorize and/or take note of these four words until further notice.

But the Road Block is actually located in Zanzibar. To get there, teams will hop onto a bus that will take them to Dar es Salaam where they will then catch a ferry to Zanzibar.

Teams will arrive in Zanzibar at around 9am.

After completing the Road Block, teams can find their next clue AND the Yield Board at the Forodhani Gardens.

After checking in at the Yield Board, each team member must now make a Zanzibar pizza. Which is actually not a pizza in the familiar sense at all. The crepe-like street food is made of meat, onion, chili, egg, garlic and mayonnaise and topped with hot sauce.

Teams must eat one of their pizzas and sell the other to receive their next clue.

And that clue reveals the Detour: Solve It or Schlep It.

In Solve It, teams must make their way to the Beyt Al Chai Hotel where they will put together a 62 piece puzzle that recreates an image in the style of local artwork known as tinga tinga.

In Schlep It, teams must use a handcart to load two 50-pound logs and deliver it to a nearby shipyard.

After the Detour, teams are told to refer to the four words they obtained at the Road Block to reveal the location of the next Pit Stop.

Teams will need to figure out the words are pointing them to the Old Fort in Stone Town.

The first team to check-in here will win P100,000 from Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to check-in here WILL be eliminated.

“Director’s” Commentary

Since this season of TARPH travels long distances, we’ve got to double up on the countries. So after Morocco, Tanzania is a perfect country to have two Legs in. Especially since the Kilimanjaro/Arusha region of Tanzania is much different from the more tropical setting of Zanzibar.

The Road Block is definitely designed to be a tricky one. Having the clue as the first one of the Leg keeps from teams from deciding who will do it when they get to the Zanzibar Parasailing. I think that would be a huge giveaway to what the task might be. And this is a big Road Block too.

After the long bus ride through Tanzania and then a nice hour-long ferry ride to Zanzibar, teams will need to be very aware of what they’re doing. I really liked the idea of giving unwitting teams the location of the Pit Stop towards the beginning of the Leg since it opens up the possibilities for major screw ups and drama at the end of the Leg. (Callback to last season’s Bangladesh Leg.)

Here, teams will need to remember or write down the words then still have to unscramble the words to know their Pit Stop is at Old Fort in Stone Town and not Stone Fort in Old Town.

The Zanzibar pizza is just an extra Route Marker that every Leg should have.

And the Detour is just a TAR11 recycle, though the tasks were pretty solid. Especially since we hope the drama lies in the Road Block and teams then needing to figure it out at the end of the Leg.

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