Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 22 – How Do I Fight With an F1 Body?

Drive 22

Kiriko helps a banged up Shinnosuke back to the Pit where Rinna is giving each of the Shift Cars a thorough cleaning to remove Medic’s yucky breath off of them. Until Rinna is finished, they won’t be able to use any of them. But it’s okay, Belt-san says, since it’s thanks to Shinnosuke that they were all saved.

Drive 22

Flashback to the moment Shinnosuke uphenshins to Type Formula. Chase is shocked to see this new power that is able to withstand his own new power. Kiriko and the Shift Cars are safely contained in an orb as Shinnosuke initiates a Full Throttle finisher.

Formula’s finisher put a very heavy burden on Shinnosuke, but it’s fine. As long as everyone is okay. Shinnosuke thanks Gou too for allowing Dead Heat to help as well. Gou pats Shinnosuke on the back and says the race to defeat Chase first is not over yet. He leaves. Kiriko follows.

Drive 22

Belt-san says they need a finisher that won’t be too strenuous on Shinnosuke’s body. Rinna says she has a new weapon that’s almost complete, but she just can’t get the last little bit done. She remembers the present from Professor Harley and thinks maybe there’s a clue in it. She opens the box, but it’s just a box of the Professor’s homemade Harley Pies.

Drive 22

Kiriko tells Gou not to make everyone worry. He tells his neechan not to make him worry.

“I’ve got to finish this quick. In the end, Chase is just the 109th of them.”

Suddenly, a group of men enter the SID. Chief Jun tells them this is not the license department and they should leave. But he sees Kyu starting to tremble. Chief Jun looks at the men then at their board.

Drive 22

It’s the day of the living dead!

The men attack. Gou and Kiriko try to fight them off, but they manage to knock Kiriko out and carry her out.

Chief Jun hurls whatever he can get a hold of from the desk at one of the men. And when he throws Shift Wild at it, it disintegrates. Chief Jun is amazed at Shinnosuke’s minicar.

Gou sees what he needs to do and follows the other man out and throws one of the Signal Bikes at him.

Drive 22

Having sensed the trouble, Belt-san sends Shinnosuke back upstairs. He checks on Chief Jun then looks at the pile of ashes. Belt-san, talking through Shift Wild, says Medic must have created copies of the long-dead bodies.

Kyu tells Shinnosuke that the men have taken Kiriko and he hurries out.

Down in the Pit, Rinna is frustrated she still hasn’t been able to find a way to link all the Shift Cars’ energy together. She decides to eat a Harley Pie.

Drive 22

Meanwhile, the corpses deliver a very unconscious Kiriko to a waiting Chase. He shoots them after taking Kiriko into his arms. But Gou quickly arrives as well.

Chase tells Gou to disappear, but Gou quickly henshins. Chase asserts that he was told to only destroy Drive. “And you kidnap my sister to do it? You coward! How can you play around with human lives?!”

Suddenly, Chase gets flashes. Protect Roidmude lives or human lives?

Drive 22

“Human… lives…”

Chase gently sets Kiriko down on the ground before backing away. Gou runs over to his sister.

Drive 22

“What have I been doing? Why did I resort to such a cowardly plan?”

Drive 22

Chase tells Gou to inform Drive that they will have a fair fight at midday.

“You think I’ll trust a murderer?”
“I have never killed a human!”
“Don’t lie! I have to defeat all the Roidmude as quickly as possible. The Roidmude are evil. Do you think I’ll ever believe you?”

Evolved form Medic flowers herself in, flanked by her Reapers. She’s made Chase unconscious and wonders why her programming of Chase has failed. Kiriko wakes up and Gou sets her down before going Dead Heat to take care of the two Reapers. Medic has whisked Chase away.

Drive 22

Gou dehenshins, but collapses. He comes to with Shinnosuke and Kiriko looking over him. Shinnosuke apologizes for being late.

“You’re so soft-hearted,” Gou says. “You should be happy our race is a bust.”
“Idiot! Why are you always like this?!”
“I’m different from you, Shin-niisan! Drive is the people-saving Rider. Mach is the enemy-destroying Rider. That’s how it should be.”

Gou tells Shinnosuke about Chase wanting to fight fair and square. “Time to show what you can do, Shin-niisan. Right?”

Drive 22

Meanwhile, the atmosphere has shifted drastically from the last time Chase and Brain were in the candlelit room. This time, Chase pins Brain down on the couch.

He points his gun to Brain’s face.

This is under Medic’s orders who is sitting at the table. She knows it was Brain who weakened Chase’s programming. But she’s now done some emergency repairs and injected him with a serum that raises his destructive impulses to a new high for a short period.

“If I so order it, he will mercilessly kill whomever I wish,” Medic says with a huge smile.

Brain begs for his life. Medic prefers this submissive Brain. She calls Chase off and tells him to focus on the first target she told him about. “Kamen Rider Drive.” Chase leaves.

“Out of consideration to Heart-sama, I shall allow you to live. This time.”

Drive 22 Drive 22

Brain looks for his handkerchief, but it’s gone. Medic has it. And she cruelly lights it on fire and throws it into the fireplace.

Drive 22

Brain is beside himself.

Shinnosuke and Kiriko drive downtown where Chase is rampaging.

Kiriko again tries to talk to Chase, remembering how he saved her life. She begs him to stop.

Drive 22

“I believe in you! Deep within you, in your heart, you still have the will to protect people! You have the same heart of a Kamen Rider as Tomari-san!”

Chase shoots at them. Shinnosuke grabs Kiriko out of the way.

It’s no use. “I can’t hear it… the voice coming from his heart… I can’t heart it anymore.”

Drive 22

Shinnosuke understands. He tells a distraught Kiriko to help get the people to safety. “I’m done thinking about it.”

Shinnosuke faces Chase. “Forgive me. But I must defeat you… before you actually kill someone!”

“It is such a shame…” Belt-san says.

Shinnosuke henshins. They battle.

Kiriko returns just as Chase has initiated his force field again to freeze Shinnosuke. Dead Heat arrives to help Shinnosuke move, but Chase still has the upper hand.

Drive 22

Back at the Pit, a still frustrated Rinna has eaten all of the Harley Pies. But she notices different formulas inside the wrappers. That’s it!!!

Shinnosuke is still being overpowered and Belt-san warns that the Dead Heat tire is going to burst. But Shinnosuke says they have no choice other than to use Formula. Belt-san says Shinnosuke can’t handle another Full Throttle.

Drive 22

Chase prepares a Triple Tune and aims at Shinnosuke. But he is suddenly shot at. They all turn to look. Something is arriving. A huge trailer? Belt-san says this is the new weapon.

Formula emerges from the big-rig. Shinnosuke asks if they’ll be able to finish this fight with the new trailer. Belt-san says they must trust that it will.

Shinnosuke inserts the Shift Car and uphenshins to Type Formula.

Drive 22

Chase charges, but Shinnosuke is much too fast and absolutely knocks Chase around. The trailer slowly drives up.

“It must have massive power to even be able to move in this Hyper Gravity Shift.”

Belt-san tells Shinnosuke to slide the trailer’s cab. Shinnosuke calls it the Trailer Cannon. Belt-san tells him to insert Shift Formula to make it Formula Cannon. Shinnosuke shoots and Chase gets thrown.

Drive 22

Belt-san says loading Shift Speed and Wild will initiate the finisher. Shinnosuke complies and prepares a Full Throttle Full Full Formula Cannon Finisher which completely overpowers Chase’s Triple Tune.

Chase gets hurled into the sky and explodes, Viral Core included.

“Chaser… if only we had been allies… I would have been so happy.”

Drive 22

Back at the Pit, Gou sees they’ve brought Chase’s bike back. “The spoils of war? But I don’t really see myself riding it.” ‘

Kiriko is deep in thought.

At the SID, Rinna is helping Chief Jun clean up the ashes while Kyu tries to ward off the evil spirits.

Drive 22

Shinnosuke has the Trailer and Formula with him at the table. Chief Jun says Shinnosuke’s minicars are their guardian angels.

“Let’s keep up the good work. For Chase’s sake as well.”
“Of course,” Belt-san says.

Drive 22

It’s a wet, rainy night in the city. Kiriko is walking home alone when suddenly, she sees a man who looks to be struggling on the ground.

Drive 22


Drive 22

Episode Thoughts

Interesting episode! I do like how the “decisive battle” between Shinnosuke and Chase and the introduction of new toy!! Formula worked well together. More fun toys though is perfectly fine with me. And I do enjoy how they’ve really milked the car theme this season for all its worth.

But more important for me is the actual story. First of all, I definitely enjoy seeing more of the Roidmudes’ interactions with each other. We’ve seen high-blood Brain several times already in the background, but it was great to see Medic finally confront him. And in a very dire way too. ToQger has made me crave more villain drama in all my toku shows, so I’m happy to see Drive dipping their toes into such story now as well. I definitely hope to see more in the future. Plus, I’m definitely #TeamBrain. lol

As for Chase, I am also really hoping this really does signify a new chapter in his story. They couldn’t possibly reprogram him again can they? It’s either he finally turns “good” or he gets killed off. I think they’ve been able to drag his story out well enough for 22 episodes, but this has to be the real turning point, yes?

I still feel like they’re shortchanging Gou though. We don’t really know if he actually has a deep motivation for being so adamant about getting rid of the Roidmude (maybe they’ve affected him physically back in the States or their parents died because of Roidmude or he is just very protective of his sister) or if he’s just an overzealous guy. I really hope it’s the former since he’s probably my favorite character this season and there’s so much potential for great story there if they can do it well.

Same with Chase.

So overall, an enjoyable and great episode that hopefully revs us up for the impending midseason climax. Right? =D

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 22 – How Do I Fight With an F1 Body?

  1. That whole scene of Brain’s breakdown over that hankie was priceless. I guess he will inevitably stumble upon some secret about Medic (such as that possibility of her being part human) that he will use for revenge against her.

    Chase turning good is pretty much a done deal, what with the third rider being named as kamen Rider Chase/Chaser (as revealed in the toy scans). VBut what really intrigues me here is that line of Gou about Chase being only the 109th. from what I recall, the Roimudes are supposed to be only 108. So, maybe that implies that there are still more, higher ones (kinda like Gaim’s Overlords).

    I still feel like they’re shortchanging Gou though.

    I actually feel this more toward Shinosuke himself. After that arc with Roimude 072, I was expecting him to be at least a bit more questioning about the whole battle with the Roimudes, but he is pretty much back to the standard routine of solving cases. I was also hoping that they would introduce more sympathetic roimudes after 072, but alas, none. I guess they are reserving those for the part where the Promised Numbers become more significant in the plot.

    1. Yeah, by this time, I’m actually really itching for something significant happening in the plot. We haven’t really gotten any big developments other than all the power ups. Plus, if they drag out Chase’s story even more, I don’t even know. lol

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