Recap: The Amazing Race 26, Episode 4 – "I have no idea who you're fighting with right now."

Recap: The Amazing Race 26, Episode 4 – The Great Amazing Nasty Race


Matt & Ashley enjoy their Engagement Date Night. At 3:26am, Mike & Rochelle open their clue telling teams to fly to Bangkok and make their way to the temple Wat Yannawa.

All teams get on an AirAsia flight at 6am except Harley & Jonathan who are just leaving the Pit Stop at 7:01am.

Outside the Bangkok airport, Jelani and Jeff jostle for a taxi, but Jeff wins. Jenny says Jelani should’ve just let them have it instead of wasting 5 minutes arguing over it.

TAR2604 TAR2604

Laura & Tyler arrive at the temple first and they find the Detour.

For this Detour, teams will have to choose which mode of transportation will be faster as they stop at two locations each.

In Wheel, teams will hop into a tuk-tuk and first stop at Snooker Club where they must play snooker by sinking a red ball into one of the pockets. They will then be given a milk bottle which will point them to Caturday Cafe. There, teams will feed cats some milk to receive their next clue.

In Water, teams will catch one of five long tail water taxis. They will first stop at Wat Klang Food Market where they will have to find a stall that sells century eggs. Also known as thousand-year-old egg, each team member must eat one before they are handed a relief plaque directing them to Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen. There, they will be guided through Buddhist rituals before being handed their next clue by a monk.

Hayley & Blair arrive at the temple. Blair tells Hayley that she can have full control of where they need to go, but she gives him total control only to tell him where to go.

TAR2604 TAR2604

Everyone chooses Water, but there are only five boats. Laura & Tyler, Matt & Ashley, Mike & Rochelle, Bergen & Kurt and Aly & Steve are able to hop on.

Hayley & Blair have to switch to the tuk-tuks as Jeff & Jackie also arrive at the docks. Jelani & Jenny see the group of teams and crew and get out of their taxis, but the other teams tell them they have to go to the temple first.

Laura & Tyler arrive at the first stop and start eating, but they are absolutely disgusted by the smell of dead animals the taste of the egg.

TAR2604 TAR2604

Hayley & Blair and Jeff & Jackie start at the snooker club.

Laura & Tyler receive their plaque and leave just as Matt & Ashley and Bergen & Kurt arrive. Matt & Ashley stop at the first egg stand they see and eat eggs, but it’s incorrect. Bergen & Kurt find the correct egg stand.

All the teams eat the egg and the two teams get the ball in the hole.

Laura & Tyler are still in 1st when they finish the Buddhist offering and open the next clue. Teams must now make their way to Patumwan Siang Gong.

Meanwhile, Harley & Jonathan have arrived in Bangkok and are at the temple where they find their Speed Bump.

TAR2604 TAR2604

For this Speed Bump, they must make a Thai grasshopper out OF pandan leaves.

While the others finish the Buddhist offering, Jelani & Jenny are arguing.

Across town, Laura & Tyler arrive at Road Block.

For this Road Block, teams must remove a transmission from an engine block and find something that does not belong; a screwdriver left behind by a rookie mechanic. They’ll then find their next clue rolled up inside the screwdriver.

TAR2604 TAR2604

While Jenny tries to control her fear of cats at the Caturday Cafe, Tyler finds the screwdriver and the clue inside: Metal Castle.

Teams must figure out the Metal Castle is the temple Loha Prasat, the Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race.

Tyler & Laura set off before any team even arrives. They look in their clue and see they’ve also won the Date Night ticket.

Bergen, Steve, Matt and Blair get started on the Road Block and it is Steve who gets it first out of the group. Matt finds it next as Jeff starts the Road Block.

TAR2604 TAR2604

Aly & Steve ask a lady in a nearby store and she tells them they can walk. Matt & Ashley, though, can’t find a taxi who knows what Metal Castle is. Laura & Tyler hope they’re first, but they get dropped off at a subway station.

At the Road Block, Bergen and Blair are next to find the clue. Bergen & Kurt and Hayley & Blair both get directions to Loha Prasat from locals. Matt & Ashley, meanwhile, continue running around as Jelani & Jenny and Mike & Rochelle arrive

Jelani and Rochelle do the Road Block. Rochelle has no idea what a transmission is, but she finds the clue before Jeff and Jelani. Jeff finds it next and Jenny is again worried about being 2nd to last.

TAR2604 TAR2604

Over at Loha Prasat, it is Bergen & Kurt who arrive and have a nice performance by a dancer.

“Guess what?”
“Are we team #1? Just kidding!”
“Just kidding. You ARE! Team #1!”

They win a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Right behind them are Hayley & Blair and Aly & Steve as Teams 2 and 3.

While Harley and an allergic Jonathan feed the cats, Laura & Tyler are sad to check-in 4th.

Mike & Rochelle and Jeff & Jackie ask some locals about Metal Castle and they check on their smartphones.

Matt & Ashley are still lost. They approach Jelani & Jenny when they finally finish the Road Block. They both find out Metal Castle is a temple and are directed to walk. But Jenny quietly tells Jelani they need to hop into a taxi first chance they get because they can’t outrun Matt & Ashley.

Jelani doesn’t want to, then asks Matt & Ashley if they should get a taxi.
“Why are you telling them? What’s wrong with you?”

TAR2604 TAR2604

Jenny flags down a tuk-tuk and Matt & Ashley can’t believe it. “She’s such a bitch.”

Jelani & Jenny get dropped off at the wrong temple, then get directions to the correct temple. Jelani is upset that they’ve angered another team who they might need for help again in the future. Jenny says hopping into a tuk-tuk is no different from running to the Mat.

While Jonathan finishes up at the Road Block, Jeff & Jackie step on the Mat as Team #5 and Mike & Rochelle are 6th.

Jelani & Jenny also arrive and are Team #7. But Phil feels something.

“I’m feeling like a wall of tension here.”

TAR2604 TAR2604

Jelani & Jenny say they had some hiccups today, but they just have to hop back onto the horse and ride into the sunset.

Matt & Ashley finish 8th.

And that means Harley & Jonathan step on the Mat in last and are eliminated.

Phil tells them they are blessed to have someone they care so much about.

TAR2604 TAR2604

Episode Thoughts

This was definitely the best episode so far this season. Not absolutely amazing as a whole, but definitely some amazing moments though.

And I am definitely referring to that scene between Jelani & Jenny and Matt & Ashley. That was HILARIOUSLY amazing. After a season of The Amazing Race Philippines, I definitely 100% agree with Jenny vs Jelani in needing to just focus on yourselves and not worry about upsetting other teams or worry about what they’re doing. If you know where you’re going, then GO! Don’t wait. Especially if you’re not even in an alliance with them. (Though strict alliances also suck.)

But that scene played out so well. Jenny being upset at Jelani then Matt calling Jenny a bitch then Ashley falling over as Jelani & Jenny drive away in a tuk-tuk. So fun.

Jenny being upset at Jelani also reminded me of this week’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which I just watched earlier today. It involved Mac wanting to play both sides between Dennis & Dee and Charlie over who is the rightful heir to Frank’s shares. Yet Mac told both sides that he was playing both sides as well as spilling the info that should be his leverage to get them to do what he wants. That was like Jelani telling Matt & Ashley everything when Jenny had been trying to get him to just leave. lol

As for the Leg itself, it was pretty good too. The multi-stop Detour was refreshing. The tasks themselves didn’t seem balanced on the surface. But I will assume the tuk-tuk side of the Detour had teams traveling shorter distances than the longtail boat side of the Detour that included the century egg. (And I really do cringe when teams are overly-disgusted by stuff and express it when the locals are right there. Older locals too. Like seriously.)

Those fortunes at the temple though seem totally planted. Especially Bergen & Kurt’s. I mean, come on. TAR totally slipped those fortunes in there.

I did like those fresh modified graphics for the Detour. Simple modification, but TARUS has never been that loose with their graphics like other TARs have.

The Road Block was pretty simple. And the simplest Road Blocks always tend to produce the most drama. Having a vague clue to the Pit Stop is always great and as we saw, it can screw teams up royally. That’s always awesome.

“We’re team #1! Loljustkidding.” “YOU’RE TEAM #1”
That was awesome.

A lot of the excitement wasn’t the though because Harley & Jonathan were so far behind. As soon as they weren’t on the first flight, I think it was pretty much decided they were eliminated. However, their Speed Bump actually seemed difficult and time consuming. WOW! Very surprising, right?

So overall, I think this was a great Leg. Only one dumb selfie. Good tasks. Great drama. And a fun urban Bangkok Leg. Best episode so far this season.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Jelani & Jenny are my #1 again this week, but more Jenny than Jelani. Like I said above, I absolutely agree with Jenny’s Race philosophy. Jelani did not have much hustle this Leg while Jenny, knowing they were in last, really tried to get them into a good pace. Jelani may have wanted to fight for the taxi at the airport, but there were so many other taxis there, there was no need I think. So Jenny is definitely my favorite Racer this season.

A close 2nd is definitely Hayley. Hayley & Blair really are hilarious. Maybe the only good thing to come out of this Blind Date gimmick. The whole purpose of putting strangers together is to see them clash. And boy do Hayley & Blair clash. But Hayley is just awesome. She’ll be angry at you with a smile. lol Blair is equally amusing though. Like he has been since episode 1, he is so over Hayley, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop Racing. Hayley taking the lead, then not, but actually really calling the shots at the beginning of the Leg was great.

Bergen & Kurt are my #3 this week if only because TAR milking their non-relationship last week paid off this week with a hilariously surprising win. That moment at the Mat was awesome. Especially after Bergen basically said Kurt is a rich snob who doesn’t care about the Race. Lol Still, it was one of the more refreshing Mat wins in recent memory I think.

Rochelle & Mike have definitely recovered well from their rough first 2 Legs. They’re Racing well and Rochelle showed this Leg that she can definitely hang with the boys, no problem. I’m rooting for them.

Tyler & Laura turn out to be the most business-like Blind Date couple so far. No arguments, but no lovey-dovey either. That can be both good and boring I guess. But they’re competitive and focused at least.

Harley & Jonathan pretty much knew they were done. While they’re not a huge loss, I did like that TAR kept the NKOTB stuff on the minimal side instead of bombarding us with songs or clips or old pictures like they did with the Globetrotters or their favorite Cowboys.

Aly & Steve, Jackie & Jeff and Matt & Ashley are just okay to me. I think they’re pretty interchangeable in the greater scheme of the Race. Though Matt & Ashley’s meltdown after the Road Block was hilarious.

Episode Quotes

Blair: “She says a lot of nipping, nagging nonsense.”

Blair: “I have no idea who you’re fighting with right now.”

Hayley: “When I get angry, I actually perform better.”

Kurt: “That boy is a fine piece of ass.”

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2 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race 26, Episode 4 – "I have no idea who you're fighting with right now."

  1. After rewatching the first four episodes, I already knew that it is miles better than TAR 24. But it can be also a TAR 7-lite season because other than your Top 4 in your list the rest are just there. Maybe too forgettable. But still this season is not over yet maybe it would surprise us later on.

    1. Yeah, just like any other season, it’s always couples who are the most forgettable and interchangeable. And this season is ALL couples, so that’s even more the case! lol

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