Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 6 – "I could smell your decay a mile away."

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 6 – The Tooth Hurts

Dino Charge 6

While Riley is training and exercising at the local stadium, Poisandra is up on the ship tasting cakes for the wedding. She thinks the chocolate cake is absolutely divine, but it will absolutely not be her wedding cake. She tosses all the cakes into the trash and Curio jumps in after them.

Dino Charge 6

Poisandra tells chef Cavity that she wants an awful, disgusting cake so the guests will remember her wedding for a long time. No problem. He brings her a cake of tooth decay.

She is very excited. Fury comes in and scoffs at Poisandra setting prisoners free to bake her cakes for a wedding that’s a waste of time. She offers a slice for him to try and he’s not one to turn down a nice piece of cake. But…

Dino Charge 6

“Owww! My teeth!! What have you done, you pink bridezilla?!”

Sledge comes in and tells Cavity to bake the decay cake for the Rangers and to grab their Energems.

Riley is back at the command cave, but still training, this time with tennis balls. But he is distracted by Chase who’s just lounging around. Chase says Riley’s been practicing the same sword moves over and over. Riley says he has a reason.

Dino Charge 6

When Fury attacked him to get the Green Energem, he couldn’t keep up. So he wants to be ready the next time they meet. Chase says they both want to defeat Fury, but instead of anticipating the same attack, he should just use his instincts next time.

Riley does not appreciate getting training advice from someone who doesn’t even train. Chase says just because they train a different way, doesn’t mean he doesn’t train. He leaves in a huff.

Dino Charge 6

The Rangers are at the Dino Bite Cafe. While the guys are talking about possibly finding the Gold Energem, Shelby is serving people some free cake samples she happens to see on the counter.

Dino Charge 6

She brings some to the guys, but Riley slaps down Tyler’s piece before he eats it. Chase tells him to chill out, but Riley points to every single customer in the cafe whose teeth are hurting. The Rangers must have missed the strange looking chef in the kitchen.

The Rangers split up to try and chase after Cavity. Riley and Chase find him out back and they morph.

Dino Charge 6

“Out of the frying pan and into the firing zone.”

They corner him, but Cavity shoots at a tree and it decays. A very excited Tyler arrives to help, but has to deal with Vivixeses first.

Riley says he’ll take care of Cavity.

“Be my guest. Let’s just hope he shoots tennis balls at you.”
“Is that supposed to be funny?”

Riley and Chase argue and Cavity takes his shot. He knocks them aside and escapes.

Shelby and Koda arrive. Riley tells Chase he needs to quit messing around. He runs off. Chase tells them Riley just doesn’t get him.

Dino Charge 6

Back at Dino Bite, Riley and Kendall are studying the half-eaten cake slices to figure out if the poison is in the frosting or cake itself and how to find an antidote. But when their backs are turned, Chase throws all the cake slices into the trash.

They argue and Kendall tells them to leave and sort this out.

While Chase hops on his skateboard, Riley heads back to the command cave to train some more. Keeper pops in and tells Riley that his anger dulls his skill. He asks what’s distracting Riley and gets him to open up.

Riley says Chase doesn’t take anything seriously. But Keeper says they both have sincere intentions, yet Riley judges Chase’s approach.

Dino Charge 6

“Tell me this Riley. Is it not possible that two different paths can lead to the same destination? Maybe you and Chase are not as different as you think.”

Across town, Poisandra and Curio are shocked when Cavity rips off his chef’s clothes and pledges allegiance only to Sledge.

Dino Charge 6

Chase is skateboarding through downtown looking for Cavity when he finds him rampaging. He calls the others and Riley is the first to hear, surprised it was Chase that found Cavity when he thought he was just off on his board.

“I could smell your decay a mile away.”
“Just a mile?!”

Chase morphs, but Cavity hits him with some decay and he demorphs.

But before Cavity can finish him off, Riley arrives to save him. Chase tries to help fight, but Riley says he’ll protect him. Riley tries to apologize, but Chase says it’s fine.

Dino Charge 6

The others arrive to help as well.

“Even when we do things differently, we fight for the same thing.”

Dino Charge 6

The Rangers morph. They first fight off Vivix before turning their attention to Cavity. Tyler, Shelby and Koda’s shots at Cavity’s teeth ricochet back to them.

Riley suggests using Chase’s Para Charger in his Dino Saber. He tries it and manages to smash all of Cavity’s rotten teeth. Riley then tosses Chase his Raptor Charger to use too. And Chase finishes Cavity’s first life.

Dino Charge 6

Cavity embiggens so the Tyler, Shelby and Koda hop into the Megazord. But Cavity’s attacks are too much for them. Riley and Chase want to help, so they tell Tyler to use the Dino Blaze Charger to give them time to hop into the Megazord too.

Dino Charge 6

They use the Stego Saber to finish Cavity off for good.

Later, Chase comes to the stadium to join Riley for a run. While Chase puts his shoes on, Riley apologizes for having wrong assumptions. It’s just he too had people assume wrong about him back home as well.

But Chase didn’t hear a single word of Riley pouring his hear out since he had his earbuds on.

Dino Charge 6

The others also come to train with Riley. Riley says there’s only one rule… No rules.

Cool then!

The Rangers start parkour-ing it.

Episode Thoughts

I thought it was an okay episode. I do like the character stuff with Riley and Chase and it was a fine, if not typical Power Rangers story. Though I think it would’ve been better if this episode didn’t happen right after another entire episode of everyone doubting Chase already.

Riley’s “everyone used to make assumptions about me, mostly wrong ones” felt too tacked on at the end and could’ve used maybe a few extra lines earlier in the episode to make this a really great Riley-focus episode instead. The way it played out, it could be interpreted a whole number of ways, not the least of which being something that fuels homoerotic fanfics and shippers out there. lol

The Poisandra, Curio and Cavity stuff was fun. Though I guess they’re making Curio a huge buffoon who dumpster dives for cakey instead of a cute, precocious little kid. I don’t know how I feel about that even though that cake diving moment was hilariously random. And I still love seeing all that original ship footage.

Lots of great, legitimately funny quotes.

And I especially loved Keeper’s great pep talk. We need more Keeper.

How different was Dino Charge from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger?
Corresponding episode – Brave 5: Boom! The Cavities of Ankydon

Watching the Kyoryuger episode again, I completely forgot this was the episode we first meet Ramirez and Ankydon. Now while I liked this Dino Charge episode well enough, I think I enjoyed the Kyoryuger episode a little more. If only for Ramirez. Should be interesting to see how they’ll introduce Ankydon in the future.

Also, I did wonder what that sudden surge of energy was through Cavity in that one scene with Poisandra and Curio. It made sense in Kyoryuger, but the context was completely gone in Dino Charge. They could’ve used a little more exposition there too.

So I guess this is the first episode where they didn’t use the Kyoryuger footage as seamlessly as they’ve been doing the last five weeks. Still much better than Samurai or Megaforce of course, but definitely could’ve been a really great episode with just a few more tweaks.

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3 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Charge, Episode 6 – "I could smell your decay a mile away."

  1. This may not be the best episode, but it’s an excellent example of why Judd “Chip” Lynn is a genius. A good story with great character development even when the monster of the week has a silly look and silly attacks. I’ve thinking in the episode “Harmony and Dizchord” from Megaforce as the “not-so-well-done” version of this. At least here in Dino Charge, things are explained most of the times.
    By the way, 6 episodes and we have a monster in the cafe already? It looks like Sledge is really getting close to find the Ranger’s base.

  2. While I don’t think this episode is as great as the previous ones, I wouldn’t say it’s BAD. I mean, Power Rangers has always had silly, goofy moments in every season, good or bad. And this was no different. It finally gave some character development to Riley, which was needed. I kinda relate to both Riley and Chase here. Sometimes I judge like Riley and sometimes I feel like I’m being judged too harshly like Chase. The interactions between the characters this season is really good.

    Ah, Keeper. It’s so refreshing to have a good father-like mentor this season. He gave yet another good life lesson and, again, it’s one I can relate to. Again, very Zordon-esque and that’s always a good thing. I always get a good feeling when he’s around and gives advice.

    Man, I’m dreading that upcoming hiatus more and more…

  3. Since first 5 episodes established main 5 rangers, starting from this episode (and beyond) should focus more on character development and interaction.
    This episode focused on interaction between Chase and Riley, two somewhat under-developed characters of the season.
    While I didn’t have much expectation, due to my personal feeling with Chase (which I mentioned previously), surprisingly the interaction with Riley worked quite well.
    Unlike past few years, where it felt bit forced and iffy, the interaction between these were very natural and fluid.
    While argument between Chase and Riley can be bit redundant and somewhat irritating, since I like these characters, at least it’s not downright frustrating.

    So, why is Poisandra not married to Sledge again?
    What were they doing for past 65+ million years?

    It’s nice that Riley is practicing his sword, so he could keep up with Fury and be ready.
    Nice usage of episode 2 scene.

    Nice hint with Pterodactyl Energem (Gold Ranger).

    So, MOTW apparently got into Café, where he disguised as chef.
    Have he stayed long enough, he could have eventually found ranger’s base. lol

    I really like the concept and design of MOTW.
    As much as I hated Kyoryuger, I do give credits for very creative monster design and their motivation.
    I think this is the first time in PR, that MOTW gave people cavity with cake, which I thought it was very creative.
    At least, there’s something I “like” or give credit about Kyoryuger.

    It’s nice to see Kendall and Riley analyzes the cake that caused cavity.
    It’s been a while since we’ve seen human character analyze the cause thoroughly (frosting, cake, etc,).
    Chase throwing them away in the trash was just hilarious.
    I started to like his character more.

    I like how Keeper gave Riley an advice about how 2 different paths could lead to 1 same destination. He demonstrated very well with tennis ball, which I thought it was handled very well.
    Looking forward to see what advice Keeper would give to Tyler, Shelby, and Koda in future.

    I noticed how useless Curio has been since his introduction.
    In Kyoryuger, he had more purpose where he was comedic relief and responsible for growing MOTW (with pumpkin watercan!).
    However, in Dino Charge, he’s just… there.
    Hopefully, he will get important role in future.

    I like the rollcall this time, where Black was in pain. lol

    It’s nice to see 5 rangers in megazord cockpit! (FINALLY!)
    I still like the design; far better than bland, boring, background cockpit of Kyoryuzin.

    Nice choreography at the end.
    It was an icing on the cake! lol

    Overall, I really like this episode.
    While it wasn’t as good as first 4, it was better than previous.
    The character development between Chase and Riley was handled FAR better than “Gai Yuki 2.0” Ian and Robotic Souji. lol
    The chemistry between these character worked very well and I’m looking forward to see more development and interactions of these characters.
    It was interesting that they cut out Ankydon (Ankylo) and Cyan (Aqua), since most of those scenes involved Japanese actors.
    Then again, I’m happy that they didn’t introduced Aqua Ranger in this episode, since it would have made this episode very rushed and not enough room for character development for 5 rangers; which what sadly happened to Kyoryuger.
    I’m curious to see how they will handle Ankylo and Aqua (male and/or female) in future.
    It’s interesting that there hasn’t been any news or announcement of Aqua Ranger.
    I’m curious if they’re going to introduce male and/or female, since most of Cyan footage involves Japanese actors, so Saban has to film tons of original footage for it.

    Take care.

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