Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 11 – Who Can Prevent the Dark Eve?

Drive 11

Shinnosuke insists Belt-san save himself. But Belt-san tries to get Shinnosuke to stop this recklessness.

At the Pit, Kiriko tells Rinna the latest info she’s found about Volt. But Kiriko notices that Shinnosuke isn’t back yet and Rinna tells her neither Tridoron nor the brace can be contacted.

Chase arrives and runs over to knock Heart away from Shinnosuke. Big explosion.

Drive 11 Drive 11

They are on the ground, hurt. But Heart thanks Chase for saving him. Chase says he’ll keep his promise of stopping Heart from entering the Dead Zone.

At the SID, Rinna has told Chief Jun, Otta and Kyu about the citywide blackout tonight caused by the Dark Eve. Kyu says they should be able to send out a warning to the people, but a frustrated Otta says he already, unsuccessfully, tried to get the higher ups to do that.

Rinna says they’ll just have to stop it on their own. And to do that, they must find the old man Volt. Otta is determined to stop the crazy man himself if he has to. He hurries out to round up some help.

Drive 11 Drive 11

Down at the Pit, Shinnosuke wakes up. A tear falls on his face. It’s from a smiling Kiriko who is relieved to see he is fine.

“You smiled just now.”
“What’s wrong with smiling?”

Drive 11

Shinnosuke knows Belt-san is angry. Belt-san scolds Shinnosuke not to ever do that again. “No one can replace you!”

Shinnosuke apologizes. But Belt-san says there is a silver lining to all of this. He has remembered the reason he built Tridoron. After losing Proto-Drive, Belt-san wanted the strength to help protect the warrior he’d be fighting alongside.

But just how did they survive? Kiriko points to three new Shift Cars. Belt-san says they’ve just returned from their journeys around the world and rushed over to help them: Deco Traveler, Road Winter and Colorful Commercial.

Belt-san says Roidmude activity has decreased around the world and the commanders have gathered in Japan. Maybe planning another Global Freeze?

Drive 11

Bur Kiriko reminds them that they need to stop today’s blackout first.
They realize the key to stopping the Dark Eve is that special device.

Kiriko says she’s made reservations and hands Shinnosuke a flyer for a restaurant’s special Christmas dinners. Today’s is his birthday and if they can’t stop the blackout, then the restaurant won’t be able to open.

Shinnosuke agrees. There are also other innocent people who will be affected by a blackout tonight. He is determined to stop it. Belt-san is raring to go as well.

Shinnosuke thanks Kiriko and says they should dress up tonight. They smile.

Drive 11

Across town, Heart, Brain and Chase are in some silky aquarium hideout. Brain tells Heart he got what he deserved for being all reckless and brutish.

Drive 11 Drive 11

“You care about me, don’t you Brain?”

Brain says to leave the rest to him. But Chase wants to come with. Brain says Chase is in no better condition than Heart, but Chase insists. He can’t sit still for some reason.

Drive 11

Meanwhile, Kiriko, Otta, Rinna and some cops are asking around town if anyone has seen Volt. Shinnosuke and Belt-san head to the author Minami Goro’s old writing apartment to see if they can find some info there. Shinnosuke sees a book written by Minami Goro and one Nishihori Koya.

Shinnosuke gets into top gear and tells Kyu about Nishihori. Shinnosuke and his partner had actually arrested the former criminal psychologist before joining the SID. But it’ll be tough to talk to him about what he may know since he’s in jail.

Drive 11

Their attention turns to Chief Jun who is using his unique charm to call in a favor to get Shinnosuke to meet with Nishihori. Shinnosuke thanks Chief Jun and hurries out. Chief Jun makes note of Tomari-chan’s 1 favor.

Shinnosuke meets with Nishihori who immediately asks about the Movie Wars. But that’s not what this meeting is about.

Shinnosuke is able to play bad cop and get the information that the contraption is at Electro Mall. The second volume of Minami’s book was to use a building that had a similar shape to the device. And Electro Mall is it.

Drive 11

Shinnosuke picks Kiriko up and they hurry over. On the way, they see Volt walking towards the Mall and they confront him.

“You’re still alive!”

But no, Volt says he is not. He takes out his contraption and Belt-san realizes it is used to give Volt’s residual programming a physical body.

Drive 11

Volt attacks and Shinnosuke henshins. They fight and Shinnosuke tries aiming for the device.

Shinnosuke uses Justice Hunter to trap Volt, but Chase and Brain arrive to help.

Chase and Brain take on Shinnosuke who tells Kiriko to go after Volt. Kiriko jumps into Tridoron and is in pursuit.

Belt-san calls on the Shift Cars and Shinnosuke goes Type Wild and gets help from Hooking Wrecker.

Drive 11

Volt hurls his device up to attach to the building. Kiriko maneuvers Tridoron who also goes Type Wild. But Volt sucks up a couple of nearby cars to get into a huge spider form.

Belt-san tells Shinnosuke the blackout has begun and that Kiriko is in trouble. He asks Chase to get out of his way.

“Begging for mercy?”
“Yes I am!”

Drive 11

Shinnosuke says if the blackout is not stopped, anyone travelling in cars or trains or patients in hospitals, they will all die.

Chase hesitates. Shinnosuke says he will accept a fight any time, but for now, he is begging Chase to let him pass.

Shinnosuke charges toward Chase, but Chase lowers his weapon. Shinnosuke is taken aback, but he’ll take what he’s given. He hurries past.

“Human… lives?”
Brain can’t believe it. “What the hell are you doing?!” He shoots at Chase.

Drive 11

Back at the aquarium, Heart sees the delivered chip from Volt two episodes ago is now drawing electricity.

Drive 11

Darkness has fallen and Kiriko is shaken out of Tridoron which is in Volt’s grip. Kiriko tries shooting at Volt until she is out of bullets. Volt is about to finish Kiriko, but a mysterious person in the shadow saves her. She wonders who this person is.

Drive 11

Shinnosuke comes running over to her. He tells her to go destroy the device as he jumps into Tridoron who goes Type Technic. They fight Volt as Kiriko hurries up the stairs.

But Volt escapes his spider body and climbs up the side of the building to the location of the device. He fires at Kiriko as Shinnosuke and Tridoron follow up to the rooftop.

Kiriko turns to the device and her perfect shot destroys the device.

Shinnosuke gets Tridoron to go Type Speed and delivers a Full Throttle finisher to finish Volt for good.

Drive 11

Shinnosuke and Kiriko watch as electricity is restored to the city.

Brain looks up at them from below. He cannot believe this is all Chase’s fault. Chase comes hobbling in and apologizes.

“Why… did I…”

Drive 11

Chase collapses to the ground and suddenly morphs into a Roidmude form. Number 000!

Drive 11

Belt-san recognizes him… “That’s… Mashin Chaser?! It can’t be!”

At the aquarium, Brain tells Heart that Chase is becoming a liability. But Heart says not to worry. He trusts Chase.

Suddenly, a big surge of electricity hits the chip. Heart says thanks to Brain and Chase, Volt’s other project has been completed. The cloth flies off and under it is a sleeping woman.

One of their precious friends will now be able to revive and become one of the Promised Numbers.

Drive 11

The woman opens her eyes. Heart is excited, Brain, maybe not as much?

Drive 11 Drive 11

The woman pops up. She wishes Heart-sama a Good Morning. Heart wishes her, Medic, a Good Morning as well.

Drive 11 Drive 11

Across town, a very pretty Kiriko is already at the restaurant. Shinnosuke arrives and she wishes him a Happy Birthday as they take a seat.

Kiriko says she has something else she wants to tell him today.
“Oh. You have even more surprises?” Shinnosuke excitedly asks.

Drive 11


Chief Jun, Rinna, Kyu and Otata, all dressed up, jump out from behind the Christmas tree.

“You thought it was going to be just the two of you on a date?! Silly!” Otta zings.
Kyu gives Shinnosuke a t-shirt and says they were all in it the whole time, “right?”

Drive 11

Yes, Kiriko says. This was the surprise!

Shinnosuke can’t believe it. Then he realizes, Have they rolled up his birthday, Christmas Eve and department year-end party all into one?

“Impressive! You’re absolutely correct!”

Drive 11

Belt-san watches from outside the restaurant, accompanied by the other Shift Cars. They’re such good friends, he thinks to himself.

Belt-san wishes Shinnosuke, Kiriko and Rinna a Merry Christmas and he and the other Shift Cars head out.

Drive 11

Elsewhere, Chase stands on a rooftop. He looks at his body.

“This is… my number. This is the first time I am seeing it.”

Episode Thoughts

There you go! All-in for Christmas. It was a great episode. Definitely lots of big developments.

The new Rider makes an appearance, a female Roidmude pops up (literally!), Heart and Brain apparently have a some kind of secret silky orgy room hideout at the aquarium and Chase is Roidmude 000!

Yay for more Kiriko in the action. That was great, though of course, it’d be even more awesome if she didn’t need to be a pseudo-damsel though. Let her get herself out of trouble for once!

And of course we got some great fun stuff with the gang. The good friends, as Belt-san called them.

My hopeless romantic shipper heart also liked that little non-Shinnosuke/Kiriko date. They’re going to tease that hook up all season long, aren’t they? Hmph.

I like that Belt-san still has a lot of secrets, whether he’s intentionally keeping them or he actually jus doesn’t remember. And Chase’s story definitely got more interesting. What’s the significance of 000? (If anything. You never know.)

Definitely lots of big developments and I’m looking forward to seeing the new Rider debut! Exciting!

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