Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 10 – What Is in the Belt's Past?

Drive 10

Kiriko is telling the SID that Tomari-san’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. Everyone is excited, except for Shinnosuke himself. He’s sad that he only gets one present every year, a combo-birthday-Christmas gift instead of two.

The others laugh, but Shinnosuke is not happy. He storms out. Rinna suggests they all give him a present. But Otta says that’s pretty hard since the only things he likes are cars and candy. Chief Jun suggests they get him a candy car or car made of candy. Or rain car.

Chief Jun’s odd ideas are interrupted by a blackout. The lights go off across the city.

Drive 10

Shinnosuke is on his way to the Pit, but now can’t see in the dark. Thankfully, Burning Solar arrives to help light his way.

Belt-san says he’s fine. He’ll just activate Core Drivia and use Tridoron’s power to reboot the Pit. It’s strange the power surge in the area is affecting even the emergency power supply.

Shinnosuke starts thinking why the electricity would get sucked up like that.

Across town, it appears Volt has revived himself using the little contraption he had.

Drive 10

Next day, Shinnosuke says they should reopen the atmospheric discharge fire case. It appears the suspect actually isn’t dead and after creating a composite of the man, they’ve found he’s been seen walking around. After some research, they find that the suspect pre-Roidmude was the novelist Minami Goro. He was a criminal researcher who wrote sci-fi novels about big uprisings in society. He died three months ago from illness.

Both the monster and the original should be dead.

Drive 10

Shinnosuke and Kiriko head to the library to read Minami Goro’s novel. But it was only the first volume about an insane young revolutionary who tried to cause a blackout on Christmas Eve. Minami Goro died right after it was published. The volume ends just as the main character completes the machine that can suck up electricity.

They realize what Volt’s contraption was and will be used for.

Drive 10 Drive 10

Suddenly, Chase appears in the library.

“Don’t humans have a rule about being quiet in a library?”

They take this outside. Chase tells Shinnosuke to quickly henshin so they can fight. Shinnosuke can’t hate Chase’s bluntness. But he also notices Chase has led them to an area with no people around. Chase says having weak humans nearby will just get in the way of their battle.

Drive 10

Chase henshins, as does Shinnosuke.

They fight. Chase talks in his head. He wants Shinnosuke to give him everything he’s got because he can feel like his true self only when they fight.

“That is what my heart tells me.”

Shinnosuke calls for Handle Sword and he and Chase continue to fight. Shinnosuke decides to go Type Technic to show Chase. Chase is amazed how much stronger Shinnosuke has become since they first met.

Drive 10

Suddenly, Heart arrives, wanting to join the fun. Belt-san knows who he is.

Heart asks Shinnosuke to stop chasing Volt. He’s gone now and he was such a good guy too. Nonsense, Shinnosuke answers, Volt was a bad guy. Which is why Shinnosuke defeated him.

This upsets Heart. Volt was a friend to him. Heart growls and Belt-san calls for Tridoron. Belt-san tells both Shinnosuke and Kiriko to hurry into the car and they quickly drive off.

Drive 10

Heart is actually relieved they ran away so he won’t end up in the Dead Zone. He tells Chase to remember his promise. Heart is counting on Chase if that ever happens.

At the Pit, Shinnosuke roundaboutly questions Belt-san’s decision for them to run from a fight. But Rinna says it’s understandable since Heart is the guy that killed him.

“He’s the Roidmude who killed Krim?!” Kiriko exclaims.

Krim? Belt-san explains that Krim Steinbelt was his name when he was still human.

Drive 10

Shinnosuke breaks the tension by joking about “Belt-san” actually being an appropriate nickname then. They laugh, but Belt-san asks Shinnosuke to accompany him on a drive.

On the road, Belt-san explains his story. He was a scientist. And the Roidmude were created by his best friend Professor Banno. Roidmudes are androids capable of evolving. When development hit a dead end, Banno begged Belt-san to give him the Core Drivia to use in the Roidmudes. The Core Drivia is the source of power for Tridoron and the Shift Cars.

Even though Belt-san knew it would cause dangerous gravity shifts if they were used, he let his friendship with Banno get the better of him.

Drive 10

Belt-san has Shinnosuke stop at a rundown lot. This is where Belt-san’s house used to stand. Fifteen years ago, Roidmudes 001, 002 and 003 rebelled. They killed their creator Professor Banno and then came after Belt-san.

Belt-san died here in his home, but he already made arrangements for his consciousness to be downloaded into the belt.

Just before the Global Freeze, he was able to complete and bring Proto-Drive to life. That was only just the beginning of the fight against the Roidmude.

Heart is the ringleader of the Roidmude and Belt-san is afraid of him. But Belt-san himself had helped to create such a monster. That fear is one that he will carry for the rest of his life.

But technically, his life is already over.

Drive 10

Across town, Kiriko is at the warehouse where Volt had kept Teruhiko imprisoned in the contraption. The Heaviness suddenly arrives and after Dream Vegas helps Kiriko overcome it, she carefully gets her guard up. That’s when an old phone rings, even though it isn’t connected to any phone outlet.

Kiriko answers the phone and it is Volt’s voice. It seems to be some kind of recording. He says whoever is listening to this must be a friend of the Kamen Rider. And if they are listening to this, then he is probably dead. But his designs will not die. The Dark Eve will happen no matter what.

Drive 10

Kiriko calls Shinnosuke about what’s happened. He is about to hurry over, but suddenly, Heart appears.

Heart says Volt is a hero who will create the Dark Eve even in death. Heart vows not to let him interfere and to kill the Kamen Rider… again. Belt-san remembers Heart is the one that killed Proto-Drive.

Heart adds that if Krim were to die here, the Shift Cars would be a lost and disorganized mess.

Heart transforms into his evolved form. Shinnosuke asks Belt-san if he’s ready, but Belt-san doesn’t want Shinnosuke to fight Heart. Shinnosuke insists and he henshins. He’ll die otherwise.

Drive 10

Shinnosuke and Heart battle.

Heart easily tosses Shinnosuke around. Shinnosuke uses Midnight Shadow to help and creates copies of himself to try and outsmart Heart. But Heart is still standing and then punches Shinnosuke across the yard.

Heart is still in control of the battle, but Shinnosuke has a strong resolve to defeat him. He uses Spin Mixer to cement Heart in while he uphenshins to Type Wild. Shinnosuke tries to deliver a finisher, but Heart breaks free of the stone.

Drive 10

Heart pins Shinnosuke to the ground by stepping on him. Heart realizes this is how Shinnosuke killed his Roidmude friends. Heart only has 108 friends in the world, yet this Kamen Rider is picking them off one by one.

Heart explains that every day they study humans so they can evolve and eventually rule over them. That’s how they become stronger.

Heart repeatedly kicks Shinnosuke. Belt-san says Heart is much stronger now than when Proto-Drive fought him.

Other Shift Cars and Tridoron arrive to help, but Heart just swats them away.

Drive 10

Belt-san is worried about Shinnosuke. Heart has intense power, pulsating like the beating of a real heart. He is releasing more power than his internal engine can even handle.

Shinnosuke doesn’t stop fighting. Heart picks him up by the neck. That’s when Shinnosuke goes Type Technic and reaches right into Heart’s chest to grab Heart’s heart.

“This guy came prepared to burn himself to kill me. I’m just helping him along.”

Shinnosuke tells Belt-san to get to safety. Nonsense! Belt-san will not allow this.

But Shinnosuke says Belt-san can just get someone else to become the next Drive.

Heart says Krim is a fearsome man. This Kamen Rider is one to be reckoned with. “Very well, let’s see who’s heart is stronger!”

Drive 10

Belt-san pleads with Shinnosuke to stop this.

Episode Thoughts

Things are definitely kicking, or should I saw shifting! into top gear!

It was great to finally learn (in-show) more about Belt-san and Krim as well as more on the origins of the Roidmudes as well.

I loved that fight between Shinnosuke and Heart. I definitely hope Heart doesn’t get killed off so soon?

But I am now wondering if Chase is actually Proto-Drive? I don’t know how that would work, but it would fit with all his struggling to be “human” and all that. Plus the fact that Heart killed Proto-Drive and how Heart has some kind of agreement with Chase? Who knows? Wouldn’t Belt-san recognize him though?

I am definitely hoping for more Kiriko involvement in the bigger picture. As well as more of the SID. Excited to learn about the origins of Heart and Brain and of course Chase as well.

Good story progression so far. I’m definitely in.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 10 – What Is in the Belt's Past?

  1. I know they’re not going to kill off Shinnosuke, but having him be willing to throw his life away to take out Heart because he figures they can always get another Drive was a pretty shocking moment I wasn’t expecting.

    1. Yeah, that’s usually the precursor to a big power up, but I don’t think there’s any big power ups coming up? So it’s a great character moment for him and also Belt-san too I think. Can’t wait to see how that concludes this week!

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