Recap: Kamen Rider Drive, Episode 9 – How Can I Get Used to the Cool Body?

Drive 9

Belt-san introduces Fire Braver, a fire engine Shift Car and Rolling Gravity, the Shift Car responsible for making the Shift Car roads. And finally, Shift Technic, which will help summon Drive’s third body. Belt-san wants them to test out Drive Type Technic. Unlike Wild which requires fiery passion, Technic requires a cool heart.

Shinnosuke is pretty confident he’s cool enough, but when he tries it, he can’t lift the lever.

Drive 9

Fire Braver leaves to respond to a fire across town seemingly caused by Roidmudes as the Heaviness arrives at the scene. A mad scientist-looking man is upset by the arrival of the Shift Car. But this isn’t the only fire in the city this night.

Next morning, Shinnosuke, Kiriko and Rinna head out to the location to investigate. On the way, Kiriko sees Shinnosuke’s book on how to be a “cool guy” and she laughs.

Drive 9

At the scene of the fire, a little boy trips and drops a robotic contraption of his. His name is Teruhiko and he says it was already broken and burnt from last night, just around the time he heard the sirens in the neighborhood. He’s on his way to get it fixed right now.

Shinnosuke thanks Teruhiko for his help and reminds him to be careful of weirdoes about.

Drive 9

Kiriko is happy to see Shinnosuke has just gotten in top gear. He says he’s confident he’ll figure this out if they continue investigating the other locations. But suddenly, he notices two suited men nearby. He and Kiriko approach them as they leave and ask to talk.

Drive 9

But the two men emit the Heaviness and they run off. The Shift Cars arrive to help Shinnosuke and Kiriko and they pursue the suspicious men.

Kiriko speeds ahead of Shinnosuke and leaps to attack the perps. She and Shinnosuke fight them.

The Roidmudes realize Shinnosuke and Kiriko must be friends of the Kamen Rider if they can overcome the Heaviness.

“Pals? Nah. He IS the Kamen Rider.”

Drive 9

The Roidmudes morph into their non-human form as Belt-san arrives in Tridoron. Shinnosuke hurries over and henshins.

Shinnosuke starts hurling the Roidmudes around, but a third one arrives, electrocutes Shinnosuke and morphs into an evolved form. Shinnosuke summons Door Gun as the Roidmudes continue to attack.

But Shinnosuke is off target. Belt-san says shifting into Technic will allow him to make the shots better. Shinnosuke tries again, but still can’t lift the lever so he decides to go Type Wild instead.

Shinnosuke uses Handle Sword to finish off one of the Roidmudes, but the other two end up escaping.

Drive 9

Kiriko comes running with Mad Doctor so Shinnosuke can help the workers who are injured by the commotion nearby.

In a nearby scrap metal yard, the mad scientist Roidmude, #024 and the remaining suited Roidmude are walking when they run into Chase.

024 tries to sweet talk Chase out of executing them. Fine, Chase says, as long as they leave this place immediately.

Drive 9

Chase walks away, but wonders why he is being so generous lately. Maybe it has something to do with the Kamen Rider and his friends.

Meanwhile, Teruhiko has just seen the whole thing and unsuccessfully tries to run away. 024 offers to fix his robot again, but Teruhiko knows he started those fires. 024 goes full-on pedo creep.

Over at the SID, the team is going over what they know. Shinnosuke suggests the fires were caused by electrical appliances short circuiting. But why? They’re not sure. But for now, they need to find the guy’s location.

Kyu overlays the location of Heaviness reports with the locations of the fires and voila; all signs point to the old scrapyard.

Shinnosuke and Kiriko hurry over.

Drive 9

They look around until they see a strange contraption buzzing in a warehouse. They move closer and the contraption reveals Teruhiko trapped inside of it. Shinnosuke and Kiriko try to touch the wires to get him out, but they are quickly zapped by a strong electric shock.

The suited Roidmude, 103, flies in and grabs something from the atmospheric discharge contraption and hands it to 024, who introduces himself as Volt.

Drive 9

Volt morphs into his evolved form. As Teruhiko squirms in pain, Volt explains the machine is to steal all the electricity from the city. And when the experiment failed, the stored electricity would return to the city and cause fires. Now Volt has a special device for collecting the electricity from that machine and another return of electricity will cause huge fires across the city.

And of course, Teruhiko will be burnt to a crisp as well.

Shinnosuke is enraged. Teruhiko calls for help. Kiriko can’t stop herself from trying to get through to him again, only to get zapped back by the electricity. Belt-san says humans cannot touch the machine.

Drive 9

Volt says neither can the Kamen Rider, but Shinnosuke stands up and tells him he will not let him go nor will he let Teruhiko die.

“How surprising… my head is clear and cold from the anger.”

Drive 9

Shinnosuke inserts Shift Technic and he finally is able to henshin into Drive Type Technic.

With Technic, Shinnosuke is able to quickly analyze the mechanics and structure of the contraption while also being able to see what’s behind him and shoot right on target.

Drive 9

Shinnosuke’s found what he needs to save Teruhiko, but Belt-san says he needs three hands. No prob. Fire Braver arrives to help and gives Shinnosuke an extra limb that grabs Teruhiko from the contraption. Shinnosuke uses Fire Braver to destroy the contraption as the Roidmudes leave.

Drive 9

Shinnosuke tells Kiriko to take care of Teruhiko as he chases after the Roidmudes. Tridoron joins Shinnosuke and has its own Type Technic as well.

Volt gives 103 a piece of the thing he grabbed off the contraption and tells him to run. But Tridoron slaps 103 down as Shinnosuke takes care of Volt.

Drive 9

Shinnosuke uses Rolling Gravity and out pops a 10-ton weight! Shinnosuke has trouble even picking it up, but he manages to wave it around to knock Volt around. He then hurls the weight toward Volt and the impact reverberates causing Volt to collapse to the ground. That allows Shinnosuke to deliver a finisher.

Shinnosuke de-henshins.

Across town, a near death 103 stumbles toward Heart and gives him the piece from Volt before dying.

Drive 9

Next day at the hospital, Shinnosuke and Kiriko visit Teruhiko who is on his way home with his mom. Mom thanks them for saving her son. Kiriko gives Teruhiko his robot back, completely repaired. The doctor asks to talk to Teruhiko’s mom.

Drive 9

That’s when Teruhiko promises to keep Kamen Rider’s true identity a secret. Shinnosuke gives Teruhiko a Kamen Rider medal as a gift.

Drive 9

Episode Thoughts

Another good episode. My favorite part had to be seeing badass Kiriko. I definitely hope she becomes a secondary Rider. Pretty please? =)

Pretty standard power up introduction though. And the endless supply of Shift Cars continues.

Volt was very creepy and pedo-ish though, especially when he was about to grab Teruhiko that first time. I do wish we got to see a little more of Brain and Heart though. ToQger’s spoiled me this year with great villain story development. So I’m hoping Drive gets to that sooner as well.

I was also expecting more from Chase this episode. But it was good to see he’s still pondering his life. I’m expecting the revelation of his backstory to be as interesting and surprising as the revelation of when, *spoileralert* Mitchi first saw the ruins of the Femushinmu civilization.

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