Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 9 – "You can't trust everybody."

Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 9 – “You’re taking my tan off.”


It’s time for teams to fly to Singapore where a Double U-Turn awaits!

The plan is still to U-Turn Kym & Alli. Adam & Bethany are not looking forward to U-Turn anyone, but they’ll do whatever it takes to make it to the final.

Teams are provided $191 and tickets from Malta to Paris, but they will be responsible for booking tickets on to Singapore. Adam & Bethany head to a travel agency and they find a flight from Paris to Singapore arriving at 6:40am. They decide to book it.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Misti & Jim are guaranteed to survive this Leg because this is the last Leg they can use the Save on. They get to the travel agency and decide to book the same tickets as Adam & Bethany.

Kym & Alli hope to stay in front because they know they’ll likely be U-Turned. They arrive at the travel agency and ask about the earliest way to get to Singapore. The agent says there’s a flight via Rome that gets in at 6am. Kym & Alli ask Jim what they got and he says they must take the flight from Malta to Paris. Or not.

Adam & Bethany and Misti & Jim realize their mistake. The Singapore to Paris flight is not required. But a new rule this season is teams cannot change flights once they’ve purchased tickets.

Adam & Bethany and Misti & Jim are definitely not happy. Jim is upset. They leave the travel agency and Kym & Alli celebrate.

Amy & Maya arrive and Kym & Alli decide to tell them about the Rome flight, so at least, if something happens, they’ll always be able to beat the #SweetScientists.

Amy & Maya say they want to get out the strong Cyclists, but they’ll get out whoever they can.

Brooke & Robbie want to follow through on their master plan to U-Turn Kym & Alli. They get on the first flight.

TAR2509 TAR2509

And that first flight arrives in Singapore. Teams must now catch a ferry to Pulau Ubin Island where they will run into the jungle to find a coconut stand. Once they drunk a coconut, they will receive the next clue.

Brooke is disappointed Kym & Alli are with them since she orchestrated the “U-Turn Cyclists” plan.

The three teams stick together until they find the coconuts. Kym & Alli and Amy & Maya are excited for fresh coconut. Brooke doesn’t like it.

TAR2509 TAR2509

They receive the clue and it contains the Fast Forward. Teams can head to the Wave House on Sentosa Island where they must ride the Flowrider Wave for 2 minutes without falling to win the Fast Forward award.

If teams choose not to attempt the Fast Forward, teams must search the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck for their next clue.

Alli says she doesn’t want to do it, but Kym thinks it’s a good idea since the other two teams will decide against it thinking one of the three leading teams did it already. The others aren’t going to try, but Kym & Alli decide to go for it.

Maya brings up the U-Turn, so Kym & Alli says they have to U-Turn Adam & Bethany then. Brooke doesn’t want to work with Kym & Alli at all since she wants them gone.

Adam & Bethany and Misti & Jim get to the coconuts and they don’t even read the Fast Forward clue.

Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie arrive at Marina Bay Sands where they find the Road Block.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Who wants to be a funambulist?
For this Road Block, teams must walk a tightrope between two of the Marina Bay Sands towers, retrieve their clue and walk back to their partners.

Maya and Brooke decide to do it.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Meanwhile, Alli Googles the Wave House at Sentosa and they think it might be surfing. Alli doesn’t feel good about this Fast Forward.

On the way back, Adam & Bethany open the Fast Forward and now they actually consider going. Bethany loves those artificial waves. Adam says he tried it once and it was hard.

Alli is still unsure, especially if Adam & Bethany come and snatch the Fast Forward before them. Kym stays positive.

Phil stands next to the tightrope as Maya walks across, no problem. Robbie notices Maya has not stopped smiling the entire time across, “like, really?” Brooke hopes she falls because if Maya makes it and she doesn’t, she’ll be very embarrassed. “She makes ice cream for a living. And I kick girls in the face for a living.”

Amy & Maya open the next clue pointing them to Center Square Raffles Place where they will have to figure out the guy with a yellow and ride signboard on his back is their next Route Marker.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Brooke just cannot imagine a scientist beating out a pro wrestler.

Kym & Alli arrive at the Wave House and get started. They fall and they start again, but that’s when Adam & Bethany arrive.

At Raffles Place, Amy & Maya find the guy and he gives them the next clue, revealing the Detour.
In China Cups, teams will get a deep tissue massage, skin exfoliation and will get cupped. Once they’ve released all the bad toxins from their body, they’ll get the next clue.
In Chili Crabs, teams must collect 2 lbs of meat from already prepared servings of Chili Crabs, considered Singapore’s national dish.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Amy & Maya choose China Cups. They grab a taxi just as Brooke & Robbie arrive. They ask Amy & Maya where the clue is. They merely just point in the right direction, to which Brooke & Robbie take offense. They then just pass the guy with the clue.

Jim does the Road Block and he falls off in the middle of the tight rope as his arms and shoulders hurt.

Over on Sentosa Island, Kym & Alli say this is now the worst-case scenario. If Adam & Bethany get this before them, then they’re eliminated. Kym asks Alli if they should just leave now. Alli says they should wait since Adam doesn’t look very steady. And Adam falls.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Amy & Maya start their massages. And OUCH! It really hurts.

Back at Raffles Place, Brooke says “We’re not stupid,” but they can’t find the clue. Brooke suggests the guy with the signboard. And he hands them the clue. They cannot believe Amy & Maya did not tell them that critical piece of info.

It is Kym & Alli’s turn on the waves, but Kym falls. Adam & Bethany go for their 2nd attempt and when they see Adam is more comfortable now, Kym & Alli decide to just go, now.

They watch as the clock ticks down and as they finish dressing, Adam & Bethany officially win the Fast Forward. Alli gets emotional, she didn’t want to do this Fast Forward in the first place. But she tells Kym she is not blaming her.

Adam & Bethany head to the Pit Stop, Fullerton Pavilion where they official check-in as Team #1 and win a trip to Bali.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Brooke & Robbie arrive at the Hong San See Temple and they “enjoy” the massage while Amy & Maya scream through the exfoliation and cupping. Misti & Jim, meanwhile, arrive at the Red House Restaurant where they begin cracking open scalding hot crabs to the cheers of the restaurant guests. But a little band is playing a flute and crashing cymbals right in their ears. Jim takes his whistle out to play with them.

While Kym starts the Road Block at the Marina Bay Sands, Amy & Maya want to discuss the U-Turn with Brooke & Robbie. While Brooke suffers through the massage, Robbie agrees that they’ll be U-Turning the Kym & Alli.

Amy & Maya head to Fort Canning Park where they find the U-Turn and vote for Adam & Bethany. They open the clue telling teams to find their next clue at one of the five Merlion statues around Singapore: Sentosa Island, Tourism Court, Merlion Park x2 and Mount Faber, where the clue will be waiting.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Misti & Jim finish the Detour and are off while Kym & Alli start their massages.

Brooke & Robbie get to the U-Turn and decide not to U-Turn anyone. They catch up to Amy & Maya at the first stop of the Merlion tour, Merlion Park. Amy & Maya cannot believe they Brooke & Robbie didn’t U-Turn the Cyclists! They tell them to hurry back. But Brooke tells Robbie no.

They make their way to the next stop, Mount Faber. Brooke & Robbie arrive first and they get the clue. But when Amy & Maya arrive in their taxi, Brooke says there’s no clue here. So Amy & Maya see no reason to get out to check for themselves.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Amy & Maya say they trust Brooke & Robbie who just laugh their way to the Pit Stop to finish 2nd. Misti & Jim get to Mount Faber and then proceed go to Pit Stop at Team #3.

Kym & Alli check the U-Turn board and then decide to go to Mount Faber first. Amy & Maya find nothing at Tourism Court and Sentosa Island. They realize Brooke & Robbie must have lied to them.

“You can’t trust everybody,” their taxi driver says.

TAR2509 TAR2509

Both teams find the clue and both teams head to the Pit Stop, but it is Amy & Maya who check-in as Team #4.

That means Kym & Alli are last and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

Wow! This was an unexpectedly awesome episode. I think there’s a strange perception that Singapore is so small that it’s hard to stage good Legs there. And indeed, the Road Block at Marina Bay Sands was taken right out of TARA4’s finale. (Plus, I assume Active TV, who helps with TARUS’ Asian Legs, has an amazing friendship with the Marina Bay Sands lol)

But this was a great Leg and an even better episode. Very exciting stuff.

First the tasks. It was great to finally have a TAR go to Pulau Ubin instead of just staying in downtown Singapore. The Road Block was fine. The signboard guy was a good Route Marker. And the Detour was pretty balanced, even if the cupping was recycled from TAR24 when no one took it. I wish the TARPH2 teams had to do this China Cups tasks instead of the simple foot massage lol

Detour/U-Turn combos at the end of the Leg are never good. But it was great to have that Merlion task at the end just to add more drama. It was pretty clever too, I think.

Also nice shoutout to TAR3’s Singapore Pit Stop.

The Fast Forward though, I dunno. Another recycled task, yes. But it had Adam & Bethany’s name written all over it. It just feels weird.

What about that new rule though about not being able to change flights once you book them. Interesting. That adds a whole new obstacle for teams who don’t do all their research. I guess it’s a money-saving/budget-thing as well as an indirect drama-inducer.

I did love how this episode also showed what you SHOULD NOT rely on alliances on The Amazing Race 😉

What was with this strange edit though, can you see it? That cutout effect as they pan over?

I wonder why they need to do that effect instead of just cutting to Misti & Jim finding the guy. It looks so awkward. lol

Anyway, it was a great Leg and episode. Very exciting.

Next week, The Amazing Race US finally returns to the Philippines really, truly! Hope it delivers.

My Subjective Team Rankings

I was really sad to see Kym & Alli go. They’ve really proven to be a very strong team, probably the strongest female team in years. They more than deserve to go all the way to the end. And especially when the other teams decided to target them, I just had to root for them. It’s too bad the Fast Forward task didn’t work out for them, but it’s not their fault that it was tailor made for one other team. I do think Kym & Ali are locks for All-Stars, if TAR survives that long.

Amy & Maya have always been a fun team. And I loved them not handing the clue over at Raffles Place to Brooke & Robbie. (Just read my TARPH2 recaps to see why lol) Them being upset at Brooke & Robbie not U-Turning Kym & Alli is fine, but why in the world they trusted the Wrestlers after now following through with the U-Turn is really dumb. That almost cost them the Race. It was sad to see them make such a dumb mistake. But it looks like they won’t let this pass. Also, they were hilarious at the Detour.

Adam & Bethany are okay. Just wish they weren’t so lucky to have gotten a Fast Forward task like that. Also, them not checking other flights and thinking they were required to fly through Paris is such a rookie mistake. Misti & Jim are okay too. It was great to see Jim get knocked down a peg after getting on the 2nd flight, but it was his fault for trusting Adam & Bethany.

Brooke & Robbie can be a lot of fun. But they can also be very annoying and cringe-worthy. They were definitely annoying this episode. From the U-Turn to the getting upset with not being guided straight to the clue and Brooke not liking anything, the shtick got really old this episode.

Episode Thoughts

Kym: “You’re a man!”
Taxi Driver: “Alright baby!”

Bethany: “We could be committing Race suicide.”

Kym: “Normally I like things very hard.”

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4 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race 25, Episode 9 – "You can't trust everybody."

  1. I do think TAR 25 is not only the best HD season but also the best post-TAR 12 season. Especially when they are racing to Philippines, my homeland next week. I can’t wait!

  2. That Fast Forward wasn’t exactly riding Oahu’s 20ft plus monsters off the North Shore (and one would expect the FF or tasks to revolve around the waters of Singapore). If anything, the girls should have easily done it on those small boards, but their lacking confidence is what did them in. And just as Adam and Bethany are the youngsters of the bunch without much traveling (and ticket buying experience), they do not lack in confidence.

    Anyway, the girls would have finished in first or second had they just not even tried doing the Fast Forward, while it was all or nothing for, then, last place Adam and Bethany, and the episode would have really dragged on if we had to watch them do the extra task because of being u-turned. In the end, it of one of the better episodes.

    And maybe if Adam and Bethany do win, more of the right viewers that advertisers love will tune in and save “TAR” as they are the right demographic, especially as Bethany can be quite appealing to young people as she lets nothing get in her way of doing things that many able bodied people would find hard to do or impossible due to their own lack of confidence.

    By the way, Natalie Anderson is dominating on “Survivor.” Her sister, Nadiya, may have rubbed me, and all the other cast-mates, the wrong way with her forceful views (especially regarding “the gays” as she puts it) and it made her the first one voted out, but Natalie is really coming into her own. She is also my choice to go all the way after she found a hidden immunity idol. Natalie is showing that she can really play “Survivor.”

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