The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 Full Trailer is Here!

activeTV Asia has uploaded the full trailer for the The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2!

(You can also watch the video on activeTV’s official Facebook page.)

ETA (9/25/14): activeTV has removed the trailer from their Facebook! =(

ETA (10/25/22): To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the premiere of The Amazing Race Philippines, I re-uploaded the original trailer to YouTube:

The 5 and a half minute trailer features an exciting array of scenes from the season including the Starting Line and teases new and familiar tasks, intense competition and what appears to be some very explosive confrontations!

The new season of The Amazing Race Philippines premieres October 6th on TV5!

Also, get to know the teams at the official TV5 Amazing Race Philippines website.

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 Full Trailer is Here!

  1. I know this probably isn’t the best place for this, but I know you are a fan of those two Twinnies. So, you might want to catch the season premiere of “Survivor” as the crappy Twinnies were forced on us “Survivor” fans as part of this season’s cast. You can see first hand how Nadiya’s twisted views of gays led to her being voted off first by her “bestie” gay alliance/tribe member. Now, we just need to lose her sister next.

    At least this season’s “TAR” looks promising with Bethany Hamilton and her new husband. I may even start watching again after last season’s debacle.

    I still think you should send in your ideas for invigorating this now lifeless series, or maybe even running it yourself. I’d love to see that.

    I’ll be back this weekend to read your synopsis though.

    1. Hey! Great seeing you! =]
      Yeah, I was going to watch last night, but didn’t get around to it, so I just looked up to see if one of them got eliminated first and as soon as I did, I just laughed and shook my head. lol

      And thanks for that compliment. I’d love to run TAR! hehe. You know, long time TAR fans really have great ideas on what do to help TAR. But it seems like they only listen to the “Facebook” fans, those casual fans who just accept the Race as it is now. =( But I definitely go into each season with some hope. I definitely have higher expectations for TAR25 at least. But who knows? lol

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