Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 10 – "The poop is burning my hand!"

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 10 – Hot PoopTARC210TARC210

Teams must fly to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. At the airport, the first four teams are shocked to see Ryan & Rob have survived yet again.

Once in Charlottetown, teams can find their next clue hidden in a secret compartment in a brand new Chevy Impala. The clue points teams to Red Shores Racetrack.

All teams arrive at the Racetrack at the same time. Here, they will take part in harness racing by becoming both the horse and the driver and racing a racing cat known as a sulky around the track for two complete laps.

Natalie (the horse) and Meaghan (the driver) are in 1st place with Jinder (the horse & Sukhi (the driver) in 2nd. But Mickey (the horse and high school track star) & Pete (the driver) speed into the lead.

Ryan (horse) & Rob (driver) pass Alain (horse) & Audrey (driver) then Sukhi & Jinder who decide to switch.

Natalie & Meaghan switch as well and manage to catch up to Mickey & Pete while Alain & Audrey bring up the rear.

Mickey & Pete finish first and Natalie & Meaghan are 2nd. Ryan & Rob take 3rd followed by Sukhi & Jinder and Alain & Audrey. Teams must now make their way to Province House, where Canada was born.

The next clue reveals the Road Block.

For this Road Block, teams must walk the grounds and meet the families and friends of the delegates that attended the Charlottetown Conference in 1864. Each person will provide names and descriptions of 10 of the founding fathers whom they must then identify inside the chambers.


Pete thinks he just has to ask the people their names and memorize them. Meaghan, however, asks the right questions then goes inside to give it a try. She gets her 3rd person wrong.

Ryan and Sukhi must perform this Road Block while Alain chooses to do it.

Pete’s got all the names and heads inside, but sees they’re all dudes in the chamber. He rereads his clue and realizes his mistake.

The teams all give it a try, but fail several times. Sukhi, however, comes up with stories for each person like being old with a cane or being brown like her and her cousin named George or Mr. Dickey having a big, well…

She goes in for her 6th attempt and gets the thumbs up.

Teams must now go to the North River Petro-Canada station to fill up their cars for a trip to the North Shore.


Ryan finishes next on his 2nd attempt and he and Rob are off. Pete gets it on his 5th attempt. Alain finishes on his 8th attempt. That leaves Meaghan who repeatedly mistakes “Tupper” for “Tapper.” This is the first time ever Natalie & Meaghan are in last place.

Sukhi & Jinder fill up their cars and get the next clue telling them to drive to the childhood home of the author of Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery in New London.

Back at the Province House, Meaghan fails again and goes back outside to ask each person once more by reciting what she remembers. That’s when she is corrected about T-Upper and she finally gets it on her 8th attempt.

Sukhi & Jinder arrive at the home and find the Detour.

For this Detour, teams will choose between Prince Edward Island’s two prized traditions of farming and fishing.
In Mussel, teams must process 1800 pounds of mussels by stripping them off the socks and place them in a new bin.
In Mass, teams must use a tape measure to calculate the total mass of over 10 million Russet potatoes in a warehouse.

Sukhi & Jinder choose Mussel.


Ryan & Rob arrive the house next and find their Speed Bump.
For this Speed Bump, Ryan & Rob must find three bottles of moonshine buried in a pile of poop.

Back at Petro-Canada, Alain & Audrey, who took a little bit of a wrong turn, are sad when they see Natalie & Meaghan have passed them.

Sukhi & Jinder get started with the mussels and find it is not as easy as it sounds. Mickey & Pete, Natalie & Meaghan and Alain & Audrey choose mussels as well.

As soon as Ryan & Rob finish their Speed Bump, they catch up to the others at the mussels.

But Sukhi & Jinder maintain their place at the front of the pack when they finish the Detour and get the clue pointing them to the Pit Stop at the Farmers’ Bank of Rustico.

Natalie & Meaghan are close behind with Mickey & Pete out in 3rd.


Sukhi & Jinder stop to ask for directions and then see Natalie & Meaghan at the intersection. The siblings pretend to point right, but the girls decide to go left realizing Sukhi & Jinder are doing it on purpose. And they have a map.

Sukhi & Jinder are beating themselves up over stopping for directions, but intenseSukhi manages to catch up to Natalie & Meaghan. Natalie puts her and Meaghan’s bags on and seeing that, Sukhi tells Jinder to do the same.

Once they see Jon, it is a footrace to the Mat. And surprisingly it is Sukhi & Jinder who come out on top with Natalie & Meaghan just steps behind.


Jon officially welcomes Sukhi & Jinder as Team #1 and awards them tickets to any Canadian Air Canada destination and $5000. Natalie & Meaghan are officially Team #2, but Meaghan is upset. She tells Jon about Sukhi & Jinder winning the “wrong way” by pointing them in the wrong direction.

Mickey & Pete flirt with Anne of Green Gables before Jon checks them in as Team #3. They are a little disappointed, but laugh when they try to hug Jon while they are covered in mussel juice.

It’s down to the last two teams. Alain & Audrey need to get the last few mussels out of their socks. That allows Rob & Ryan to pass them and leave in 4th. Alain & Audrey are close behind.

But it ends up being Rob & Ryan to officially finish in 4th place. That means Alain & Audrey are in last and eliminated.


Episode Thoughts

Definitely an exciting episode and a good Leg. Again, it is great to see teams Racing side by side the entire Leg. It makes things much more exciting to watch.

The first task was pretty good, though physical. The Road Block was another memorization task which TARC2 has had quite a few of already. Having so many could’ve gotten annoying, but this one was okay. And tying it in with the historic location was good. The Speed Bump was great because it wasn’t easy and it had poop. Two good qualities for any task.

The Detour was interesting though. I wonder if the potatoes would’ve been much easier to do instead of the mussels which seemed for physical and time consuming.

Overall a good Leg and exciting episode. I just wish this week was the Non-Elimination instead of last week.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Sukhi & Jinder

are just awesome. They are officially one of my all-time favorite TAR teams. They have always been fun and hilarious, but these two Legs, they have Raced so well and have really stepped it up. It was awesome seeing them beat Natalie & Meaghan in a footrace, especially seeing Meaghan be so pressed about the pointing in the wrong direction (more on that below).

Sad to see Alain & Audrey go, especially when their French bickering returned in full force this week. This really should’ve been the Non-Elimination, not last week. It sucks that they were so close too. They’ve been solid Racers with some huge bumps along the way, but I would’ve loved to have seen them in final 4.

Mickey & Pete are still cool. I enjoy them and their antics. They can be as goofy as they want, but they still get the job done and can Race. A little hiccup for Pete at the Road Block, but at least he wasn’t Meaghan. And him making friends with the friends was hilarious.

Speaking of. Natalie & Meaghan deserve kudos for once again clawing their way up to the top. But Meaghan’s attitude at the Mat was hilarious. Seeing her so pressed about Sukhi & Jinder pointing in the wrong direction even though! they laughed about having a map and knowing 100% that the siblings were lying was so funny. Really now? I can see Meaghan was probably VERY frustrated because it really was because of her that they likely didn’t get another 1st place win. But, Meaghan really came off as someone with sourgrapes at the Mat. At least Natalie was more positive.

Ryan & Rob. Saved again! Not only could they be the next Beekmans (noooooo!) but they are also this season’s Caroline & Jen. Eeek! What a horrible combination.

Episode Quotes


: “You’re gonna be the best horse ever!”

Alain: “Arrêter de crier!”

Rob: “The poop is burning my hand!”

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