Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 6 – "I gotta go see my boyfriend Jon Montgomery."

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 6 – “She’s the Peirogi Poobah.”

The 6th Leg begins and teams must now fly to Winnipeg and find The Golden Boy at the Manitoba Legislative Building.

All teams are on the same flight and they arrive in Winnipeg at 11:30pm. They hurry over to the Legislative Building and can see the cluebox right through the door, but the building opens at 6am.

Next morning, the teams hurry in and open the clue pointing them to the Royal Canadian Mint. The Mint has produced coins from 72 countries around the world which are represented by the flags on the factory grounds. Teams will receive 10 international coins and they must study the corresponding national flags to help them place the coins on the correct flags on a board.

Sukhi & Jinder are out of the Legislative Building first, but their taxi driver gets them lost. All the other teams arrive at the Mint and start memorizing the flags. Natalie & Meaghan get the thumbs up first and now must make their way to Portage & Main, the windiest and coldest intersection in the country, to get their next clue.

Sukhi & Jinder finally arrive at the Mint and realize they are in last. But they use their travel experience to get them in and out fast, now in 2nd place. Alain & Audrey are next, followed by Rex & Bob and Pierre & Michel.

After getting stopped by a train, Natalie & Meaghan finally get to the next clue to reveal the Detour.
In Puck It, teams head to the MTS Centre where they will gear up and stick handle a puck before making five goals in designated areas at the net. When they make all five goals, Mick E. Moose will give them the next clue. In Pinch It, teams head to the basement of St. Ivan Suchavsky Ukranian Orthodox Cathedral where they will make 74 pierogies. When Helen approves, they’ll get the next clue.

But Natalie & Meaghan also see there is a Fast Forward, but they decide to Puck It.

Back at the Mint, Mickey & Pete finish and leave Ryan & Rob in last.

At the intersection, Sukhi & Jinder decide not to do the Fast Forward, thinking Natalie & Meaghan have gone for it. Alain & Audrey think Natalie & Meaghan would be smart to have gone for the Fast Forward and not do hockey even if they are gold medalists.

But Natalie & Meaghan happily arrive at the MTS Centre and suit up. They easily get the first four targets, but struggle with the fifth one between the legs. Sukhi & Jinder arrive, but Sukhi’s never even skated on ice before.

Alain & Audrey arrive at the arena and Audrey is shocked to see Natalie & Meaghan and Sukhi’s uniforms are off the hooks. She quickly tells Alain and they rush over to the Fast Forward at the Cube in the historic Exchange District.

Jinder gets their first goal and he and Sukhi have fun watching this “epic” scene of gold medal winners continually missing the goal. Natalie & Meaghan are up to 25 shots.

Alain & Audrey arrive at the Fast Forward. For this Fast Forward, they must identify seven vintage billboards within a six block radius and fill in the blanks on a piece of paper which they will hand over to a policeman to receive their Pit Stop clue.

Meanwhile, Rex & Bob head over to the Pinch It Detour and join the ladies making pierogies with Ryan & Rob arriving a little later.

Pierre & Michel arrive at the arena and Natalie & Meaghan tell them how hard it is, especially the Five Hole. But Michel gets the Five Hole on his first shot. Natalie & Meaghan can’t believe it. Then suddenly the other teams are getting into rhythm. Sukhi & Jinder, Pierre & Michel and Mickey & Pete are quickly catching up.

Shot 46, Natalie & Meaghan miss. Pierre & Michel, on the other hand, make the fifth and final shot on their 11th try. Mickey & Pete finish on their 9th.

They get the next clue pointing them Whiskey Dix bar and nightclub.

Natalie & Meaghan finally get it on their 57th attempt and decide to run to Whiskey Dix as Natalie knows it only two blocks away. They arrive at the cluebox first as Pierre & Michel stand around and wait for a taxi.

At Whiskey Dix is this Leg’s Road Block.

In this Road Block teams will dress like a rock star and memorize a rock song which they must perform for the crowd. Natalie and Mickey decide to do it

Over at the cathedral, it’s slow going for the guys. Rex & Bob bring their first batch to Helen, but she only approves 30 of their pierogies.

While Alain & Audrey still need their last billboard, back at the arena, Sukhi & Jinder get their last shot on attempt #39.

Back at the Road Block, Michel’s francophone-self believes he cannot do this task, so he and Pierre hand over the Express Pass. They get the clue telling them to go to the soon-to-open Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Pit Stop. Alain & Audrey, meanwhile, finally finish the Fast Forward and it is a footrace to the Mat with the twins coming out on top.

Pierre & Michel officially check-in as Team #1 and win an all-inclusive vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico and $3,000. Alain & Audrey settle for 2nd.

At Whiskey Dix, Mickey goes out on stage first, but the crowd starts to boo him when he forgets the words. Jinder arrives and quickly gets in the zone. He heads out next, but also forgets the words. It’s Natalie’s turn, but suffers the same fate.

At the cathedral, Helen approves Rex & Bob’s second batch of pierogies and they head to the bar where Mickey gets it on his 5th attempt. Jinder is close behind, getting the applause on his 4th attempt. Natalie is next on her 5th attempt.

Rex & Bob see Meaghan & Natalie running around outside the bar. Rex is excited to do the Road Block since it has something to do with a performance.

At the Pit Stop, Mickey & Pete officially check-in as Team #3 while Sukhi & Jinder finish 4th. Natalie & Meaghan take 5th.

Ryan & Rob catch up at the bar and Rob decides to do the Road Block. He passes on his first attempt. Rex is on his 6th attempt and finally gets the next clue. They think they are in 3rd if Natalie & Meaghan have just finished the hockey task.

But after Ryan & Rob check-in as Team #6, Rex & Bob learn they are last and eliminated. Rex does a little routine with the ballerina Pit Stop greeter before they leave.

Episode Thoughts

Another solid episode. There was definitely a lot of great moments, most especially the “epic” scene of Natalie & Meaghan absolutely failing at the HOCKEY!!!!!!! Detour. WHAT!? It was hilarious.

The pierogi side of the Detour seemed really slow though and they didn’t even show much interaction with the nice ladies making pierogies with them. Definitely a missed opportunity there, but I mean, it was Ryan & Rob who are pretty boring anyway. So I guess that’s why.

The mint task was fine. And the Fast Forward was interesting.

The Road Block was fun and all, but was that the most Winnipeg-thing to do? Nothing really local or cultural in the area? It reminded me of the line dancing Road Block from last year, but at least it fit with Calgary’s western location.

Overall a good episode and Leg.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Sukhi & Jinder are just awesome. They’ve already shown how funny and hilarious they are, but this leg we got glimpses of how they can be great Racers too. A very solid Leg for them and maybe could’ve even been better if their taxi driver had not gone the long way around to the mint at the beginning.

Natalie & Meaghan have definitely been brought down to Earth and it was great fun to watch. But even when they do fall behind, they still manage to find ways to get back to the front. That’s very dangerous to the other Racers, but great for competition. That they are not invincible helps make them still likeable and rootable.

No French meltdowns from Alain & Audrey this week, but an alright Leg for them. The Fast Forward definitely played out interestingly, but it’s a shame we didn’t get to see them do the Road Block! Mickey & Pete are great. They continue to be fun guys who Race well. Pierre & Michel using the Express Pass already!? Just like John & Murray in TARAu, it seems the twins do need that extra help because for them to use the Express Pass on such a simple task? That’s not a good omen for the future I think.

Rex & Bob could’ve been such a fun, hilarious team to have on the Race, but their quitting really put a damper on things. They really should’ve been eliminated a few Legs ago and while it was nice to have them for a few more Legs of witty quips, their elimination was unfortunately deserved.

Still, Ryan & Rob are just so dull. Like, seriously. Not even Rob going glam made them any fun or interesting. Yikes.

Episode Quotes

Mickey: “Maybe my Philippines is wrong. Oh it is, Philippines is wrong.”

Rex: “We’re going to have to start seducing Helen a little more.”
Lady Pierogi: “I like his style.”

Mickey: “I had to kiss a few babes on the way out. And then I was just like, ‘Not now babes, I gotta go see my boyfriend Jon Montgomery.”

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