The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition – Season 1

What a 2-hour wi-fi enabled plane ride can produce.

I’ve been a fan of The Amazing Race since that very first episode in 2001 and while i’ve had my own route wishlists over the years, I’ve never sat down and put together a whole entire Amazing Race course before. Until now!

A simple wishlist for the upcoming (hopefully) Asia-filled 2nd season of The Amazing Race Philippines while stuck on a plane to Utah at the beginning of the month turned into a (surprisingly) fun little project for me.

Drawing inspiration from my own personal (limited) travel and hometown experience with a mix of classic TAR and some generally tourist-y internets-insight, here is the very special DryedMangoez Edition of The Amazing Race Philippines!

Hope you enjoy it! =D

LEG 1: “Ano ‘to?! The Amazing Race: Buhangin Edition?!”
Ilocos Norte

LEG 2: “Pumapasok ang tubig sa butas ng bangka ko!”
Ilocos Norte → Cagayan

LEG 3: “How can I count flags if my head is dunked in the river?!”
Cagayan → Kalinga

LEG 4: “Buwisit! Ang init!”
Kalinga → Nueva Vizcaya

LEG 5: “Anong mangyayari kung dudulas ako, nakalawit lang sa gilid ng arena?!”
Nueva Vizcaya → Bulacan

LEG 6: “Wait! Ate Saranggola! Hindi pa tapos yung Detour namin!”
Bulacan → South Korea

LEG 7: “Lots of fruit, good! Good for you!”
South Korea → Vietnam

LEG 8: “Tulong!!! I’m going to be buried by baskets!!!”

LEG 9: “Kailan pa akong marunong mag-cook!?”
Vietnam → China → Nepal

LEG 10: “Ayokong mahulog dito! Hindi ko pinangarap yun!”

LEG 11: “I think nakaapak ako ng something fresh.”
Nepal → India

LEG 12: “Music lang pala ang katapat ko sa Race na ‘to.”
India → Singapore

LEG 13: “Kaya ko ‘to, this is not over yet!”
Singapore → Iloilo → Negros Occidental

The Amazing Race Philippines DryedMangoez Edition Map

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