Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 35 – Mitchi's Ark

Gaim 35

Roshuo tells Takatora that he didn’t protect the city and its people, he protected Redyue’s castle since she still has to do something for him. Roshuo lets Takatora go as he has no use for him now and he believes Takatora has a responsibility as leader to see his world destroyed.

Redyue gloats to Kota and Kaito that everything is going according to her plan. Gurinsha tries to finish what he started, but Kota and Kaito take care of him.

Gaim 35

Meanwhile, Akira is taken to a dark room with hospital beds inside Yggdrasill Tower where other people are also being held prisoner. Two of those people are Rat and Rica who immediately recognize Kota’s sister. They go over to her, none of them knowing why they are here.

Gaim 35

Roshuo is back in Helheim and decides he can’t bear to watch Earth’s prolonged suffering, so he speeds up the process by opening Cracks all over the world.

Gaim 35

Over at the Garage, the gang is watching the news, learning about the ballistic missiles and the worldwide attacks. Kota says they need to do something, especially now that it is the world’s problem and they are the closest to the source in Yggdrasill Tower.

Gaim 35

Minato agrees and thinks Obama America wouldn’t be so stupid as to try something like nuking Japan again.

Kota says they must also save the people the Overlords have captured, like his sister.

Gaim 35

Takatora strolls through the war zone that was Zawame City, lamenting over his noble plans now gone to waste. He hides from some Inves and then spots Kota. He wants to approach, but then he sees Minato and remembers her betrayal. Takatora thinks Ryoma is using Kota’s group.

Gaim 35

Kota, Minato and Kaito head to the garage entrance of Yggdrasill Tower, but it is being protected by an army of Inves. Kota wants to go in guns blazing, but Kaito stops him, saying it’ll only put the captives in more danger. Minato suggests they find a way to sneak in.

That reminds Kota that Mitchi was able to sneak into the Tower. They should ask him, but Kaito and Minato know what’s up. Kaito brings up how Mitchi is nowhere to be found. Isn’t that suspicious?

Gaim 35

Kota does not understand. Minato wants Kota to get this through his thick skull. “You’re being deceived by Kureshima Mitsuzane.”

Kota still doesn’t understand and doesn’t believe them, saying all the lies and secrets Mitchi has told and kept were all for him and Mai.

Gaim 35

Minato and Kaito roll their eyes as Inves come out to attack.

Gaim 35

The three of them henshin and take them on before leaving to think up a plan.

Gaim 35

Rat and Rica wake up in Mitchi’s office. He’s brought them here and ensures them their safety. It’s chaos out there, but a portion of humanity will continue to live peacefully. Mitchi relates the story of Noah’s Ark which existed to save the righteous people from a world being destroyed. It was a salvation from God. Mitchi says Rat and Rica are two of those people.

They ask about Kota’s sister and Mitchi says he’ll take of it.

Gaim 35

He says Rat and Rica will be safe and he is already preparing a home for them.

Back in Helheim, Roshuo is at his wife’s coffin as Redyue begins the transfer of human energy to the corpse through her homemade gizmo.

Gaim 35

Redyue explains the contraption to Mitchi in which he’s fused human technology with Femshinmu magic to allow such life energy sucking to revive the dead Queen. And that would mean Roshuo would no longer need the Golden Fruit.

Mitchi makes clear that only expendable people are in this room. And the people that he has chosen, Redyue will allow Mitchi to do what he wishes with.

Gaim 35

Mai is at a convenience store, already looted of much of its stock, to get some food and supplies. She leaves money on the counter anyway before leaving when she is met by Mitchi at the door.

Gaim 35

She is surprised by this suitedMitchi and he says they have to talk. Our current human world is ending, Mitchi says, but a world where humans and Overlords coexist is about to begin.

I made a deal, Mitchi says. By fulfilling the Overlords’ wishes, they will grant his wish in return. Mai is unsure about all of this.

Mitchi says he’s already got Rat and Rica and they should call Chucky too. All of Team Gaim are welcome in this New Mitchi World Order, as long as they don’t get in his way.

Gaim 35

Mai asks Mitchi what kind of deal he could possibly make with murderers. You saw their powers, Mitchi answers. The Overlords can’t be beaten even if the world banded together. The world is ending either way, so they might as well pick out a select few to survive.

“That’s no different than what Yggdrasill was trying to do!” Mai protests. “Kota would never allow that!”

Oops. Trigger.

Gaim 35

“Well, Kota’s way of thinking is wrong! He fights back against enemies he can’t beat. And he gets other people caught up in those fights! He has no plans to take responsibility or even ever think of the consequences. It’s his fault that you’ve suffered a lot, remember?”

But Kota is not wrong, Mai says. “I’ve decided to fight with him.”

Gaim 35

“Why do you always side with Kota-san? Why do you trust him so much?”
“It’s not Kota that I believe in. It’s hope. I follow Kota because he doesn’t give up hope. And I can’t let him carry this burden alone.”

Mai tells Mitchi not to give up either, he doesn’t need to become an Overlord lackey. “Fight with us!”

Mitchi walks away.

“Hope? That’s the barrier between me and Mai? Well then… it should be pretty easy to break down such a flimsy thing.”

Gaim 35

Rat and Rica are carefully making their way through a Helheim-infested stairwell. Rica is unsure about leaving the big office, but Rat says they need to help Kota’s sister. And Mitchi’s acting strangely.

They find their way back to the dark room and see the people hooked up to the strange contraption. They hurry over to Akira and Rat unsuccessfully tries to remove the device from her face.

Redyue watches them.

At Drupers, Minato and Kaito finish their lunch and head back to the Tower garage. Bando notices Kota still doesn’t have an appetite.

Takatora watches Minato and Kaito leave and sees this as his chance to speak with Kota alone. But he steps back when he sees Mitchi walking in.

Gaim 35 Gaim 35

“Kota-san, we need to talk.”

They head outside and Mitchi does not waste any time. He brings up Kota’s unending hope and his promise that he’d never let another Yuya happen again. That’s where Kota is wrong. He’s always been wrong.

“You sacrificed your best friend to protect Mai. You should be proud of that! Be proud that you made the best decision out of a bad situation. You should’ve been confident in yourself.”

Gaim 35

Mitchi walks over to Kota and kicks him in the head. Takatora watches.

Mitchi says if Kota had maintained such a resolve, he could’ve been the hero that saved humanity and a person Mitchi could still respect.

“I thought you were the best man for Mai-san. It’s hollow words like ‘hope’ that have dragged you down low.”

Gaim 35

Mitchi punches Kota to the ground and says it’s time to get rid of the contagious virus that is Kota’s hope. He henshins and Kota finally wakes up to the truth that it was indeed his friend all this time. Takatora can’t believe it.

Mitchi says Takatora is dead because Kota “infected him” with his disease. Mitchi charges toward Kota and knocks him around. Kota caused Mitchi to lose someone important to him and he’s not going to let that happen again. To save Mai-san, “you will need to be sacrificed.”

Mitchi fires, but Kota quickly henshins.

Gaim 35

Episode Thoughts
Intense, yet somehow underwhelming too. I really wanted to see more tears, but maybe that’ll come next week for Kota. At the same time, I know Mitchi has slowly made his descent into the bowels of hell, but I am starting to feel like we haven’t gotten enough explanation why.

Okay, he was upset by Takatora’s controlling nature of his life. Sure, he crushes on Mai who seems to only have eyes for Kota. Yeah, Kota gets all the power-ups. But it feels like there’s a couple of missing pieces in between all of that teen angst and the Mitchi we have now who wants to play God.

The season has been and still is amazing, but I hope we go a little deeper into Mitchi’s twisted mind maybe?

Yay at seeing Rat and Rica finally. And double yay for them and Akira actually being put in harm’s way too. It adds to the urgency of the entire situation.

So another great episode, though still definitely left me wanting a little more.

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  1. Eh?”I thought you were the best man for Mai-San” well he hasn’t seen who else has taken a liking to Mai. Well Kaito will kick Michy’s ass. So Mai is in a love square lol. Anyway. I think that Kaito’s better for Mai. Just my opinion.

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