Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 34 – The King's Power and the Queen's Revival

Gaim 34

Everyone’s back at the Garage. Kota asks if Oren is sure the White Armored Rider is not Takatora. Of course, Oren says, he’d know his beautiful prince anywhere.

Then who is he? Minato and Kaito exchange knowing looks. Maybe it’s…

Gaim 34

Mitchi walks in and his Gaim teammates are happy to see he’s safe and sound. He tells them he snuck into Yggdrasill Tower to see that the Overlords have taken over. Kota lets him take a seat and Mitchi comments on how it feels a lot more lively with everyone here.

Of course, Kota says, now’s the time for everyone to work together.

Minato starts to walk over to Mitchi, but Kaito stops her and goes to him himself. “What’s wrong? You look a little uncomfortable?”

Gaim 34

Minato follows Kaito outside, asking if he’s just going to let Mitchi off without telling the others. He says the others trust Mitchi too much so it wouldn’t matter what they said. Kaito leaves.

Mitchi comes down from the Garage and asks Minato why she’s here. She asks Mitchi what’s he doing pretending to be Takatora.

Gaim 34

Mitchi says he is working with the Overlords and offers to give her a chance at the Fruit of Knowledge if she helps him. First of all, she replies, he just wants to use her to kill Kota. And second, she’s not interested in the Fruit for herself. She doesn’t want to be the king; she wants to be a kingmaker, to see what the people who try to reach for it are like.

Mitchi doesn’t understand. But Minato says bluntly, she’s just not interested in anything about him. He isn’t cut out to be king. Mitchi will always be a lackey.

Mitchi snaps. “Leave!” he yells at her. “This is my place! How dare you outsiders intrude!”

You sad little man, Minato says, “You’ve lost your place long ago. No one will follow you after you’ve spent all this time lying to them.”

Gaim 34

Over in Helheim, Redyue is reporting to Roshuo about the interesting technology he’s discovered in the human world. Roshuo calls Overlord Gurinsha to help Redyue with his plans.

Roshuo tells Takatora Redyue wants to use human technology to resurrect his Queen. But Roshuo understands it’s just Redyue’s plan to get him to give up the Fruit of Knowledge.

You’re not going to give it to her, are you? Takatora asks. Roshuo says his only wish is to revive the love of his life. Nothing else matters to him.

Gaim 34

Back in the Crack Room, a pissy Mitchi asks Redyue if she will keep her end of the deal; that she will rule and he will manage. Of course, Redyue laughs. She just wants to have some new toys. Mitchi can do whatever he wants, destroy his enemies, save his loved ones… or lovers.

Redyue explains that Roshuo doesn’t know how to feed his Queen the Fruit of Knowledge and would easily give it up if there were another way to revive her. Mitchi doesn’t understand why he would give up such a power.

Gaim 34

Akira is still at the evacuation center with four people and the little boy she saved from the street. They are listening to the radio reports of Zawame being isolated and the Japanese government remaining silent on any further action. Akira tries comforting the little boy and tells the others she will try to go look for help.

An Inves staggers around outside and she knocks a row of bikes over to get away.

Kota strolls into Drupers where Kaito is eating lunch. Bando goes to make Kota some food.

Gaim 34

Kota asks Kaito what the Golden Fruit could be. He’s been thinking about it since Sagara told him he’d need to take it and become ruler to save the world, but he doesn’t understand what that means.

Kaito says all they know is it is an unrivaled power. And he will be the one that grabs it. He will fight anyone who tries to stop him. That’s fine with Kota, he wouldn’t mind if it was Kaito. As long as the power is used to save the world.

Gaim 34

Suddenly, Redyue broadcasts a message to the world. She introduces herself and says the Fenshinmu will use Cracks all over the world to change Earth into Helheim within a year. Resistance is futile” and humans should just submit to their fates as her new toys.

Zack is enraged and he runs out of the Garage. Oren and Jonouchi go after him.

Kota is even more incensed. Bando thinks more help will come to Zawame now that the world has seen Redyue’s threats. But Kaito says no help will come.

Gaim 34

Akira comes running into Drupers and tells Kota about the people who are still trapped.

Mitchi storms into the Crack Room and thinks Redyue is crazy for pretty much turning the whole world against her in one swoop. Don’t worry, Redyue says.

Anyway, she’s done with the resurrection gizmo, but it’ll need a lot of fuel. But this world has plenty and she tells Gurinsha to go get some.

Gaim 34

Zack, Oren and Jonouchi are running toward Yggdrasill Tower, but they stop when they see a gaggle of Inves gathering humans at the stadium. They quickly henshin.

Gaim 34

Zack tosses Jonouchi the Watermelon Lock Seed, but he has no idea how it works. Oren hurls the big watermelon towards some Inves and Jonouchi bounces around, taking out a dozen other Inves along the way.

Gaim 34

Gurinsha is at the evacuation center and orders some Inves to capture the people. The little boy, Sato, calls to Akira and Kota and Kaito henshin.

The four grown-ups manage to run away, but an Inves picks Sato up and runs. With Kota and Kaito busy with Gurinsha and the other Inves, Akira quickly grabs a lead pipe and starts hitting the Inves until it lets go of the little boy.

Gaim 34

But now, the Inves takes Akira and leaves. Kota pauses, but ultimately stays to help the little boy, fighting off Gurinsha and up-henshining to Kachidoki Arms to give Sota some time to go hide in the building.

Kota then goes Kiwami Arms and he and Kaito take Gurinsha on together. But Redyue arrives to block Kota’s finisher.

She sees the power that killed Demushu for the first time, but she asks them not to interfere with their collecting of sacrifices for fuel. Kota protests, but Redyue reminds them they were planning to kill six billion people anyway.

Gaim 34

Kota and Kaito charge after her, but Redyue tells them to think. She’s just declared war on the world.

In the Crack Room, Roshuo tells Takatora that humanity is fighting back. And that includes ballistic missiles heading straight for Japan.

Redyue laughs, humans are amazing. They are ready and willing to sacrifice their own. “You’ve been abandoned.”

Gaim 34

They all look up to the sky to see more than a dozen missiles heading straight for Zawame City. Mitchi is freaking out.

On the rooftop, Roshuo, with Takatora, says she’ll play along with Redyue’s little game this time. He raises his staff to the sky and suddenly the missiles freeze.

Redyue proclaims this is the power of their king!

Roshuo waves his staff and all the missiles simply disappear.

Redyue cackles. Mitchi is amazed. This is the power of the Fruit of Knowledge. “Humanity doesn’t stand a chance.”

Gaim 34

“Now I know I’ve made the right choice.” Mitchi laughs. “I don’t need a home or a place to belong. I can create the ideal place I want for myself after the end of the world!”

Episode Thoughts
Well Mitsuzane, it seems you’re already living in your own little world. Giggling to yourself all the time. You crazy little Mitchi.

But really, what would Mitchi’s perfect world be like? A world with no Kota-san that he and Mai and repopulate, I suppose.

But dude, I’ve enjoyed the growing worldview these last few weeks. Japan’s abandoned Zawame City and now the world has abandoned Japan. They sent more than a dozen g-damn ballistic missiles to wipe ’em out man! That’s insane!

I’ve enjoyed seeing Redyue really develop since she was first introduced. Definitely very interesting, especially considering she’s female, though never explicitly stated on the show.

Also interesting is seeing how even if they’ve all come together, everyone still has their own personal (selfish?) goals. The world is ending, but priorities, man!

The preview though. Yay to Rat and Rica being alive! And I really hope the big Mitchi reveal (to Kota and Mai, whenever it is) isn’t just some passive thing. I want more slaps and tears!

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