Recap: The Amazing Race (24) All-Stars 2, Episode 10 – "My pants is falling off!"

Recap: The Amazing Race (24) All-Stars 2, Episode 10 – “Bull Down”

Teams start out the Leg by scraping the ice off of new Ford Focuses and driving to the airport (or a travel agency in Brendon & Rachel’s case) to book flights to Seville, Spain. Also, U-Turn ahead!

TAR2410 TAR2410

Dave says it was inappropriate for Brendon & Rachel to U-Turn them. And Jet & Cord don’t want to get involved. Dave & Connor and Caroline & Jen expect Brendon & Rachel to get U-Turned this Leg.

Dave & Connor and Leo & Jamal get on a direct flight that gets them in at 9:25pm. Jet & Cord, Caroline & Jennifer and Brendon & Rachel have to connect through Barcelona and will arrive tomorrow morning.

The first flight gets into Seville and teams must head to The Alameda and find their next clue between statues of Hercules and Caesar. But they see a note on the ground saying their clue will arrive at 8:30am.

TAR2410 TAR2410

Next morning, while the last three teams are on their way to Seville, Leo & Jamal and Dave & Connor receive their clue from the trumpet player pointing them to Malado Peluqueros where they find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams will become a Barber of Seville by carefully shaving a balloon head. If they can completely shave the customer without popping him in under a minute, they’ll get the next clue.

Connor and Jamal do the Road Block, but don’t finish before the minute is up. So the barber’s pop their customers and they have to start again.

TAR2410 TAR2410

As the 2nd flight arrives in the city, Connor finishes and he and Dave head out to find their next clue inside the Real Alcázar. Leo & Jamal are close behind.

Caroline & Jennifer get to the Road Block first while Jet & Cord, who had been in last place, arrive next. Jennifer and Jet decide to do the Road Block and get in a few tries before Brendon & Rachel arrive with Rachel doing the task.

After a couple of balloons, Rachel is out of the barber shop first followed soon by Caroline and Jet.

Meanwhile, Dave & Connor find the Detour.
In Spanish Steps, teams must learn and perform a Flamenco dance routine to the satisfaction of the professional.
In Run with the Ballz, teams put on bull bumpers and run through the streets of Seville making sure to keep an eye on three posters that will complete a motto: “A matador never thinks about his own death.” while avoiding other bulls on the route. If they can recite the motto at the end, they’ll get the next clue.

TAR2410 TAR2410

Dave & Connor and Leo & Jamal choose the bulls.

Brendon & Rachel’s taxi gets stuck behind a stopped truck. But Caroline & Jen get lost walking to the next clue and Jet & Cord go to the wrong area of the palace.

That allows Brendon & Rachel to arrive at the palace in 3rd and they also choose the bulls.

Before Caroline & Jen find get the Detour clue, they find their Speed Bump.

TAR2410 TAR2410

In this Speed Bump, Caroline & Jen must deliver six Spanish hams to Las Teresas Cafe-Bar.

Meanwhile, Dave & Connor and Leo & Jamal get knocked around, hard, by the Spanish bulls.

Jet & Cord finally find the clue and they choose bulls. They point Caroline & Jen to the clue and they switch to Flamenco after initially choosing the bulls as well.

Brendon & Rachel get started with the Detour and they push through as they get pushed around by the bulls too, getting knocked into walls and street displays.

TAR2410 TAR2410

Dave & Connor finish the Detour and get the clue telling them to search around the General Archive of the Indies.

While Caroline & Jennifer are lost, again, Leo & Jamal decide to fight back against the bulls. But suddenly, Jamal keels over in pain. He takes the bumper off and says he feels a strong pain in his knee. They get the full quote and make their way slowly back to the checkpoint.

Jet & Cord miss the first part of the quote on the route. Rachel gets knocked all over the place. And Caroline & Jen finally find the Flamenco studio.

Dave & Connor find the U-Turn board, but as much as they want to get revenge for Brendon & Rachel’s “inappropriate” U-Turn, they can’t. So they open up the next clue telling them to make their way on foot to the Pit Stop at the Plaza de Espana.

TAR2410 TAR2410

Leo & Jamal have a U-Turn to use though. And while the Accidental Alliance fully expects them to U-Turn Brendon & Rachel, they decide to U-Turn Jet & Cord who they believe is the strongest team on the Race. Especially with Jamal’s knee being messed up, they go for a choice that benefits them.

Brendon & Rachel get to the U-Turn and are shocked to not see their photo up there.

At the Mat, Dave & Connor officially check-in first and win a trip to St. Croix. Connor says this is the toughest competition Amazing Race has ever had. (ORLY!?)

Dave starts crying and the nice Pit Stop Greeter could care less. (You go girl!)

Brendon & Rachel run to the Pit Stop, allowing them to finish 2nd ahead of Leo & Jamal who have to walk it. They end up 3rd.

TAR2410 TAR2410

Jet & Cord finish the Detour and make their way to the U-Turn board. But Caroline & Jen finish the Flamenco dance and arrive at the board before them. They are shocked and they decide to U-Turn Brendon & Rachel. “Nothing personal.”

Jet & Cord arrive at the U-Turn and Jet says he knew those “dirty suckers” could not be trusted. He knew it “from the start.” They run to the Flamenco.

Caroline & Jennifer step on the Mat and Phil checks them in as Team #4.

And that leaves the Cowboys in last and eliminated for the third time.


Episode Thoughts
It was an alright episode and a much better Leg than last week.

The Road Block was okay and simple enough. The Speed Bump was as simple as a Speed Bump always can be.

But I definitely liked the Detour. Especially the bull side of the Detour. The insanity of them getting knocked around, pushed to the ground and into walls was awesome. Especially since I really don’t enjoy any of these teams except Brendon & Rachel. And even then, Rachel getting thrown about like she was as light as a feather was hilarious.

Seville was beautiful and it was great to see there actually be several Route Markers throughout the Leg.

But one thing I and many other fans have noticed is how anticlimactic the finishes have been this season. Other than Jessica & John’s elimination, we haven’t had any kind of faux-suspense ending at all this season. The clever editing TAR has always had seems to have disappeared. Maybe they don’t care anymore? The editing on TAR has always been one of the best parts of the show, but this season it’s gone. Very sad.

My Subjective Team Rankings

It was a pretty good Leg for Brendon & Rachel. They were on the 2nd flight and in last for part of the Leg, but breezed through the Road Block then sped through the Detour. They were definitely lucky to have not gotten U-Turned, but even if they did, they’d still probably be safe considering how far behind the Cowboys were.

Sal of Seville was great. Poor him though having all those cuts from the Racers, but he was a very fun participant on the Race. Always smiles and he never whined about being old when they were shaving his head. Even when they popped him a few times. He was a stand-up guy, unlike other people on the Race.

It was nice to see the bulls unleash their aggression on Leo & Jamal. Try to be a camwhore, get knocked around and pushed into a wall. It was great. Sucks about Jamal’s knee, but I wonder if that will play a part in the final 2 Legs of the Race. (If they even make the Final Leg.)

Jet & Cord had a lousy Leg. Probably one of their worst performances. Flailing around and getting themselves lost. They probably would’ve gotten eliminated even without the U-Turn. But the implication of Jet’s comments about Leo & Jamal were really uncomfortable. But not surprising considering what’s been said about Jet & Cod’s possibly insulting and degrading comments in the past. Well whatever. Hopefully this is the LAST time we’ll ever see the Cowboys on TAR.

Caroline & Jen flailed about themselves this Leg. Imagine that, they have to do stuff and get to places on their own and they get lost. Hmmm…

“No parent/child team has ever won the Race… until season 24.” Oh God. I hope not. How horrible would it be for Dave & Connor to be the first parent/child team to ever win TARUS. Ugh. So insufferable.

They’re back!
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3 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race (24) All-Stars 2, Episode 10 – "My pants is falling off!"

  1. I’m really excited for Brenchel! They are so close from being the first team ever to make the final 3 twice. Jamal’s knee is not looking good maybe it will be the same scenario as Vanessa from TAR 20. I applaud the country singers for actually doing on their own thing this leg. Even if they got lost, this is still a one team race. I agree that it will be very insufferable if Dave & Connor become the first parent child team to win the American TAR. I’m not sad to see the Cowboys go. They have a very poor sportmanship saying that Dan & Jordan are cheaters even it was their own doing why they lose.

    1. I agree with everything you said! Especially about saying Dan & Jordan are cheaters. I can’t believe people keep saying that, even the show itself! So stupid.

      And if only Caroline & Jen Raced on their on the whole Race, I might actually like them. But I guess not.

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