Review: Hopefully Legacy is the Grand Drama GMA Has Been Looking For

GMA’s primetime dramas are known more for being fantasy-focused as opposed to being straight, well, fantasy-less dramas. While GMA has had several non-fantasy soap operas, they haven’t had that one that people remember long after it’s aired. Maybe not since Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita or the Christmas drama Sana Ngayon Pasko, which even then, lags behind some of GMA’s more timeless series from further back in time.

In fact, GMA’s afternoon dramas have been much better in the straight drama department than the network’s primetime offereings. Last year, the network seemed to have that big family soap opera in Munting Heredera. But as often happens with oft-extended shows, it is about to end up another one of those forgettable, annoying paint-by-the-numbers violence-ridden series. (See: Mara Clara)

Now GMA has another opportunity to create that memorable grand soap opera experience with Legacy. It has all the elements of typical soap; big families, dynastic conglomerates, rich and poor, children living the opposite lives of their true birthright, and romantic, business, and familial rivalries.

But since typical Filipino soap opera is so atypical for GMA primetime, Legacy is a welcome and refreshing change. The series has already managed to set itself apart from others with great direction. It has a distinct look that was deftly introduced with the 3-episode flashback introduction set in the 1980s. The look and feel of those episodes were right on target with an 80s vibe that just worked.

That look carried over into the present day story with what has been some carefully directed scenes that add to the overall feel of the series; a sort of traditional, yet contemporary visual style.

That direction has helped offset the fairly typical start, plot-wise, of the series. The all-too-typical elites lounging by the pool to the all-too-typical less fortunate complete with abusive jerk of a father. The contrast is fascinating, however, as the most recent episodes have regularly jumped between the almost all-English dialogue amongst the wealthy and the humble Filipino dialogue of the poor. Those almost jarring cuts help emphasize the division between the two main characters played by Heart Evangelista and Lovi Poe, and their somewhat switched destinies.

And both actresses more than fit their roles; Lovi Poe as the fancy heiress and Heart Evangelista as the humble, hard-working daughter. Plus there’s also an excellent supporting cast in Alessandra de Rossi, Cherie Gil, Eddie Garcia, Liza Lorena, Jackie Lou Blanco, Mike Tan, Sid Lucero and Geoff Eigenmann.

Hopefully there’ll be less shootings and kidnappings and more good, straight, family and corporate drama. (Which funny enough, was the original expectation from Munting Heredera.) Here’s hoping Legacy can maintain its solid start.

21 thoughts on “Review: Hopefully Legacy is the Grand Drama GMA Has Been Looking For

  1. The acting of heart evangelista is superior…..needless to say, it is uplifting… the style, present situation of the rich and famous and not so famous, not so rich and the likes…work, love, partnership, family vengeance of SGC and etc are all included in legacy…the dresses, the shoes, the sweat and tears are just the thing I love to watch and waited for every 5 nights of the week. Lovi poe’s english commo is just fantastic to listen to, as well as the naive look and nothing in the head of bernadette, needs to be controlled in the office situation. It is so fake, she needs to sell some “tala soap”, in the bangkita, to make-up the loss of millions of business deals..LOL ..Iniego and diana? hoping at the end will get married so that SGC and Legacy can merge as one…Lala should zip her mouth, now that she already got what she wants….all the very best Legacy family…keep-up-the-good-work……

  2. i hope josh nd natasha end up together tho at first i thought diana should be with josh but no diana was so unfair to josh she was always getting jealous of natasha and she always fought with josh over little things.i think she should love inigo instead of fighting over josh who is confused about his feelings bt i hope it is natasha he loves.

  3. I love Inigo so much he is a good man for diana.Heart is an exellent actress i admire her,Lovi Poe is also good am looking forward to see more of her acting whereas Alessandra de rossi is a very cool actress her role in legacy is kinda hard but she nails it plus she is so looking forward to see a soap opera like legacy hope it will be soon

  4. It’s really so unfortunate for Natasha that she just happens to be adopted after all her effort at Legacy, I just hope that Josh keeps his words not to leave her side. Goodluck the to Diana and Inigo and as for Bernadette I know for sure that she is just deceiving herself because with what she is doing, she won’t go far, also with Third. Lala, Tala e weigh dye.

  5. Diana should end up with josh, they look good together. in fact I wonder what the final episode would be!.. I love the drama

  6. I luv diana n I hope she ends up with josh. inigoe? wot a bad character n for natasha , she shld take a break wit her temper. the other heiress is so cunning n I hope she lose in d end.

  7. I just hope diana and josh ends up 2gether cos they look gud 2gether. I can’t even wait to watch d last episode

  8. I really like Natasha she has done it but Diana is a perfect match for Josh you know Josh is a calm guy and I think it’s Diana who can be but again I feel for Natasha other wise Third n inigo are jerk

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