It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 7.13 – The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s Revenge

Picking up where we left off…
Dennis and Dee are alone at a table. Dee notices and calls over Ingrid Nelson aka Fatty McGoo. She proceeds to taunt her with a Fatty McGoo song, but it doesn’t really work now since she’s not fat anymore.

Dennis suggests they get revenge on the cool kids. He says he’ll “bang Tim Murphy’s black wife.” That’ll do it, Dee says and she suggests she’ll bang Tim Murphy to get back at Luciano. But he’ll never sleep with her, Dennis says.

Dee heads into the men’s room, hoping to get back with Charlie, Mac and Frank who have been hung on the stall doors. They are upset at her for being with the jerks. But she says she’s always been with them and they should work on revenge together.

Mac and Charlie say they should bring back the Freight Train. Dee doesn’t think that’s a good idea since it was a lame gang made up of Charlie, Mac, and Dooley (who’s apparently dead) who basically hung out with Psycho Pete, who was genuinely mentally unstable.

Dee slowly walks away from them. The three of them get down and go see if Psycho Pete’s nametag is on the table. Instead they see Shmitty’s nametag then see Fatty McGoo walk up. They ask her about Psycho Pete and she tells them about him chopping and eating his family to pieces.

Dee comes back to them wanting in since she can’t think of her own plan, but Charlie says she has to go through initiation first. So they give her an atomic wedgie.

Back in the gym, Dennis is working on DENNISing Tim Murphy’s black wife. She thinks he’s gay though since he’s wearing makeup and a girdle. He explains the DENNIS system and how he’d “bang the shit” out of her. She is grossed out and Dennis goes crazy making his proclamation that he is the “golden god” and he reigns supreme as he makes his exit.

Outside in the car, the atomic wedgie has thrown Dee’s back out so thank goodness Frank brought her backbrace. Now she can be the Aluminum Monster again.

“I’m feeling very very lucky to have my asshole ripped in half like tissue paper by my father and his very good friends.”

They are all feeling defeated and want to just go back to the bar when suddenly here comes Dennis, absolutely enraged and maniacal. He rips open a compartment in the trunk and takes out a bunch of strange crap like zipties, duct tape and gloves… his tools. The Gang is amazed. Dennis says it’s his fetish shit… “I like to bind, I like to be bound…”

This is perfect. Freight Train is back on now that Dennis can be the Psycho. They head back in and run into Luciano and crew in the hallway. Dennis calls Tim out, but he and Luciano say Dennis was never cool to begin with. Dennis would always just come over, say weird shit then go hank out with Ronnie the Rat and Dirtgrub by the dumpsters.

Dennis brings up how Tim slept with his prom date, but Tim says he didn’t, it was Ronnie the Rat. Dennis turns to Mac and they about go to blows, but Frank stops them with a rousing and inspiring speech.

“If life pushes you down, you gotta push back. If you’re dealt a bunch of lemons, you gotta take those lemons and stuff ’em down somebody’s throat until they see yellow. And if some punk ass kids humiliates you, you gotta do the only thing that’s left to do.”

Yeah!!! Only, Frank doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But Mac suggests they go to Plan B. Dennis doesn’t want to since it’s… “a goddamn dance routine.”

But it’s gonna rock.

They take over the gym dance floor and announce their performance. The put the boombox on the floor and suddenly, the spotlights come on and George Michael’s “Freedom! ’90” starts playing. The Gang puts on an excellently “organized choreographed danced” … or not. Turns out, their perfect dance was in their heads and instead, in the real world, they are stumbling around on the dance floor covered in sweat. Luciano invites everyone to an after party at his house… except the Gang.

They walk outside and wonder why that didn’t work. Also stumbling out of the building, the Waitress, still plastered. She says she wasn’t invited to the after party either. So to cap off the night, she’ll bang the first person that talks to her.

OMG… this is Charlie’s chance, but in to completely ruin everyting… Shmitty. He blocks Charlie then talks to the Waitress and accepts her offer for sex. They leave.

The Gang, dejected, slink back to the bar.

Episode Thoughts
So… if ever there was an episode where you wanted the Gang to actually come out on top for once, it was this one. It’s happened before and while we have fun when the Gang finds themselves in sticky situations or get their asses handed to them at the end of episodes, this two-parter, I feel, was setup for what should’ve been the Gang being triumphant.

Especially since the so-called cool kids were really unlikeable, making the Gang more rootable than usual.

The ending was a letdown. The dance was kinda cool, but it felt too short and without purpose. It was a huge downer to see the Gang just humiliate themselves like that and not in a funny way.

The episode got more disjointed as it went on and that was disappointing. Not a great way to end the season.

A detailed recap is nice and all, but you know what’s even better? Actually watching the full episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
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