It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 7.10 – How Mac Got Fat

Mac is at church confessing to Father that he’s fat and is this way because of his friends. Father doesn’t really understand what Mac wants to confess, so Mac decides to tell him the whole story.

A couple of weeks ago, Paddy’s, for some reason, became immensely popular. The place was full of people and the busiest it’s ever been. After the bar closes, they figure out how it all happened and Mac suggests they’ve “tipped.” It’s the Tipping Point. That for every business, a series of right decisions eventually leads to success, the moment of tipping.

Each of the Gang thinks it’s their right decisions have helped the tipping; Charlie taking care of a clean, spotless bar, Dee with her hilarious comedy and charm while serving drinks and Dennis’ utter perfection. Whatever it is though, Mac says they have to all continue whatever it is they’ve been doing.

Later that night, Frank bothers Charlie with an idea to shove fireworks up a lamb and blow it up. “Flashcook” a lamb? A “meatbomb?” Charlie doesn’t want to be bothered by Frank’s horrible ideas, so he goes into the crevice on the couch.

Father still doesn’t understand what Mac is trying to say so Mac continues.

Dee is more preoccupied with telling jokes that never land instead of serving the customers. Meanwhile, Charlie has no idea how to work the bar as Mac arrives having just woken up after a night of three champagne bottles under the bridge with a dog. Charlie says they need to find Dennis to work the bar instead of him so they go to the bathroom where they find Dennis hiding in a stall. He walks out to show them his blackened hair. He was going for a superhero look. The Gang now worries the success is starting to get to them.

Mac is eating some donuts in the confessional and Father says he has to put it away. Mac continues with the story.

The morning after the bathroom meeting, Frank shows up with another plan. He whacks Charlie’s thigh with a stick. Frank wants to do that to other people. Not a good plan. So, Frank shows Charlie something he worked on all night, he put two extra stop signs at an intersection so no cars can go.

Umm… Charlie says all Frank did was make the intersection safer.

Mac continues his story to Father. As he was planning his sailing trip, Dee (who is a sloth and pro-abortion) interrupts with an idea of her own. They should get themselves replacements, “total embodiments” of themselves to maintain their chemistry and avoid tipping (back?). Like avatars, Mac says. That’s a great idea. They go tell Dennis, but they find him in bed under the covers to keep them from seeing his chemical-ruined face. He just wanted to live up to their expectations of him. Their expectations of perfection. Dee and Mac are confused, so they continue with the avatar idea.

They interview a huge, muscled man for Mac’s avatar and Mac likes him a lot. Dee says the guy looks nothing like Mac and Mac has never looked like that guy. Mac realizes it’s because he needs more mass.

Back at the bar, Charlie becomes frustrated while the customers are frustrated with Charlie’s bleached cups. Dennis pops up and he suggests the two of them get high in the office.

While Dennis and Charlie are enjoying tins of paint thinner, Dee and Frank arrive to find the bar completely empty. They find Charlie dancing for Dennis in the office.

“We did tip Deandra! We might as well sin and get high!”

Frank and Dee sniff their way to highness as well.

“You got big fat titties. And I like to kill babies… unborn babies!”

Mac is only assuming this is how that whole thing went down. But he says six week later is when the Gang dropped the bomb on him.

While the Gang is debating whether or not Charlie should pump dumpster blood into Frank, Mac saunters into the bar to show them he’s finally reached 200 lbs like his avatar. They wonder why and he explains it’s for the avatar plan. The Gang clues him in that they had dropped that plan a long time ago.

They start mocking Mac and laughing at him. Mac leaves and we’re now here in the church confessional.

Father still doesn’t understanding a single thing. He doesn’t want to hear the story again so he offers to absolve Mac and smite his friends. Mac likes that.

Mac asks when God will shed all the weight off of him and Father says six weeks.

Episode Thoughts
So the big episode we learn why Mac got fat.

Kind of a let down? It wasn’t the funniest episode of Sunny ever. And it fell short of last season’s “flashback” episode in “Who Got Dee Pregnant?”

I’m not really sure what I was expecting from the episode that addresses Mac’s fatness and what it’d be about. But for the whole deal about Rob McElhenney gaining all that weight, it didn’t really make for a hilarious episode.

There were some hilarious bits though. Like the return of Dee’s inflatable man dancing. Dennis’ side-eye glare at Dee and Mac. And the continuing creation of Sunnyisms like “flashcook” and “meatbomb.” But other than that, a kind of flat episode.

Like Dee’s jokes, the episode never really landed. And that’s disappointing.

A detailed recap is nice and all, but you know what’s even better? Actually watching the full episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
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