Review: GMA’s Munting Heredera Defies Expectations

Munting Heredera It’s already been a few months and I’ve been meaning to write a review of it since it premiered. But now’s as good a time as any to talk about how GMA’s Munting Heredera is good, clean fun.

Let’s get it out of the way first. The story is pretty typical of a Filipino soap; lies and secrets, some violence here and there. But somehow, the series doesn’t feel as tired as many other identical plotlines out there.

And I can point to two things about the show that might explain why.

First off, I was very excited to hear Gloria Romero would finally get to be a lead star on a primetime soap instead of just playing the feeble old Lola she’d been getting recently. And though that was somewhat the case in the first few months of the series, lately, she’d definitely become who I believe is the lead actress of Munting Heredera.

Her character, Anna Montereal is the heart of the show. The center. We can talk about the title character, that little heiress, in a little bit. But Gloria Romero and her character are what threads everyone and everything together. And that is such a welcome sight to see.

Whether it is as the typical Lola caring for her grandchildren or as the savvy businesswoman or even as merely a woman falling in love for the first time in a long time, it is just simply awesome to see Gloria Romero on screen.

And the recent addition of the equally awesome Boots Anson- Roa has made for some excellent, juicy scenes. Seeing the verbal catfightery of two screen legends, two vets has been refreshing and a helluva lot more enjoyable than similar scenes from actresses half their age. Adding Boots Anson-Roa to the cast was an excellent decision.

And the other reason? The young stars of the series. Barbara Miguel as Calilla, Kyle Danielle Ocampo as Michelle, Migs Cuadermo as Tonton and the title character herself, Mona Louise Rey as Jennifer, are absolute winners. Though they are no Xyriel Manabat, the four of them have been hilarious, heartbreaking, and inspiring all at once.

Using a Tagalog word for which I have no idea the English equivalent is, the four kids are nakaktuwa. Their inexperience and admittedly raw performances make them all the more charming to watch. Their delivery of lines, from zingers and one-liners to emotional and dramatic, add to the overall enjoyement of the series. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but really that’s in line with the rest of the series.

(ETA thanks to Ronald’s comment below🙂 Also deserving to point out, Roderick Paulate and Mona Louise Rey’s chemistry is great. A wonderful and natural father-daughter chemistry that is more than believable. You feel their connection and when the show does dip into the extreme (buried alive!), it is the moments like those between Manny and Jennifer that keep the show grounded and relatable.

Munting Heredera is a drama. A straight drama, no magic or fantasy, just a good ol’ soap opera. There are times the drama can get a bit heavy, but never do I get the feeling that the series thinks it is any more than it is. It is a good, enjoyable, roller coaster of a drama. It may not be groundbreaking, but for what it does and what it is, it does it well.

And probably one of the best parts of the writing, these characters aren’t stupid. And they aren’t worthless imps. They fight back. They get knocked down, but never out. And that goes for both the bidas and kontrabidas. You’ll usually get the dumb, kawawang “woe is me” hero or heroine, but Munting Heredera has bidas that actually figure things out and aren’t afraid to fight back. What a novel idea, right?

Despite a huge extension, the show manages to keep the story moving forward. The twists are just enough to keep the series from wasting your time. And we all know how extensions can kill shows creatively. But Munting Heredera has surprisingly handled it well. With some genuine shockers (like the early death of Katrina Halilli’s Lynette) and creative additions (Boots Anson-Roa and Robert Arevalo), there’s no doubt they’ll have enough material for the next few months. And I’ll definitely keep watching.

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  1. talaga namang maganda ang munting heredera… di tulad sa mga ibang drama series na usual na inaapi ng mga mayayaman ang mahihirap… aba’y ibahin mo ang munting heredera. halatang equal ang pagtrato ng mga mayayaman sa mahihirap. sa lahat ng mga drama series na napanood ko within the past years, ang munting heredera lang ang kakaibang drama series sa lahat

    1. oo super ganda ang munting heredera..tularan ang batang gaya nia.miss glo gumaganap na lola,sana lahat ng lola tulad nia.pampamilya talaga ang series drama n 2.ultimo mga character ng mga mabubuting kaibigan ay ipinarrmdam dto,sa totoo lng hindi kumpleto ang gabi q kapag hindi q napanood ang munting heredera…the best ang GMA s series n 2.

  2. Maniniwala ba kayo na ilang beses na kami napaiyak ng series na ito? I like every character, the bidas and the kontrabidas. Lahat magagaling. Kahit si Tonton, nakakatuwa talaga ang mga dialog nya. A complete series, lagi kaming excited maggabi para mapanood lang ito.

  3. first of all, thank you for the excellent review, which i think, people behind Munting Heredera truly deserves.

    i’ve been a loyal fan of the show from the very beginning. i promise myself to religiously watch this mainly because i’m a GMA fan and also for the reason that this is Gloria Romero’s first project with GMA-7. i actually loved her in Tanging Yaman, which i believe, is Star Cinema’s finest family drama so far. kaya, i was hoping that GMA Films would tap Ms. Gloria Romero’s services to do a movie with them. but i’m just as glad that she accepted the project and in a primetime slot pa, no less!

    i’ve read in some forums that the show will not be a success because they’re using the same old plot. one of which is also similar to Anna KarenNina which was also aired on GMA some few years ago. anyway, despite of all the criticism, i still continue watching it and i never regret doing such even up to now!

    i’d say, one of the first reason why this show slowly became a success is because of Roderick Paulate’s heartfelt acting. it’s as if that the kid was actually his. then the story would shift to Camille Pratts, Katrina Halili, Leandro Baldemor and Neil Ryan Sese. all of whom, are also excellent in performing their designated roles. i guess, one of the strength also of this program is the fact that ALL of them are given the right moment to showcase their acting prowess. damn, even bit players are very good and convincing in playing their designated roles! another good thing about the show is that it’s full of good old Pinoy family values. positive traits that parents need in guiding their kids as they grow older. and yes, the kids are very good with their one liner.

    i just wish that in the coming awards season, they would include in their list of awards a recognition for Best In Acting Ensemble. i’m sure that, Munting Heredera will win it. (-^_^-)

    1. Yup, definitely a nice ensemble. I forgot to make special mention of Roderick Paulate too. I think he and Mona Louise Rey have excellent father and daughter chemistry and actually one of the best parts of the show too.

      Actually, I’ll got edit and add that above right now. =D

      1. thanks dryedmangoez!

        i’m happy enough that i am now included in your entry! i’m hoping that by the coming Yuletide Season, Munting Heredera will come up with a very heartwarming story fit for the occassion. 🙂

  4. Ang ganda ng munting heredera ang gagaling ng cast super. Sana lahat ng lola kaparis ni donya anna napakabait. Ang ganda ng story. Ayaw ko na nga mag saturday and sunday kasi hindi ko mapapanood ang munting heredera. Gusto ko monday to friday lang. More power to munting heredera. Ayaw ko pa matapos pero sure ako na napakaganda ng katapusan.

  5. Hindi kumpleto gabi without watching this show. All the cast members are amazing! Napaka natural ng acting ni Roderick at Mona. I love it whenever they interact, it’s as if they are not acting at all. Leandro Baldemor is a revelation, so is Neil Ryan Sese. I hope GMA will cast them again in their future shows.

  6. I like Munting Heredera in general. But I’m sad to say that some scenarios and characters’ reactions to some specific events are unrealistic. Just like most if not all telenovelas in local TV, they create inconsistent character profiles, unrealistic behaviors which a person wouldn’t initiate in real life. Ginagawang bobo ang mga tagasubaybay. Remember, it should not be all about how good the actors portray their characters but should also how writers create a consistent one.

    1. For a show like Munting Heredera, I can take a pass at the more over the top aspects because I personally feel like they do not see themselves as some 100% serious, “we’re above all that” series. There are some shows that feel too highly of themselves and think they are some groundbreaking, once in a lifetime gift to television when they are far from it. Munting Heredera I think knows what it is and has fun with it. It doesn’t purport to be an accurate, real-life view on Filipino life and abuse and whatnot (yeah, I’m talking about Mara Clara). It is a soap opera, a Filipino teleserye through and through and for that, it does it well. It is supposed to be over the top and crazy, but fun and watchable and enjoyable.

      On the other hand, if you want “inconsistent character profiles, unrealistic behaviors which a person wouldn’t initiate in real life,” Mara Clara is the perfect show for that. And is the complete opposite of Munting Heredera in execution and intent.

      1. I agree that Munting Heredera in particular has its “click” soap opera ingredients. I am not expecting it to be accurate or be 100% serious when I implied that it lacks realism. I just believe that building a common sense to the characters and scenarios is not an overrated and it is one of the factors for a fun, watchable and enjoyable soap. Stories can be over the top and crazy but still makes sense and not an insult to viewers’ intelligence. Though unrealistic events are acceptable to some extent (that’s why viewers apply the “suspension of belief” when watching unrealistic film such as fantasy, superheroes etc.) but still the it makes sense.

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