First Impression Review: KBS’ Romance Town is Sweet, Charming and Just Plain Fun!

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It is very refreshing to have lighter, yet enjoyable shows like KBS’ two series Baby-Faced Beauty and now Romance Town.

Both, currently airing together on KBS World and had aired together on KBS2 in Korea, share similar cute, charming and fun qualities. But while Baby-Faced Beauty is driven by the charm and chemistry of Jung Na Ra and Daniel Choi, Romance Town enjoys having a large ensemble cast that each stands out on their own.

Romance Town of course has their romantic leads with Sung Yu Ri and Jung Gyu Woon as No Soon Geum and Kang Gun Woo who share probably one of the sweetest first meetings in Korean drama in a while.

And after five episodes, they definitely share a strong chemistry even without a substantial amount of scenes and spoken dialogue with each other. The moments they do have together are more than worth it and fulfilling.

Romance Town has a great central premise. Soon Geum, whose mother and grandmother worked as maids vowed as a child to one day have enough money so her and her family will be the ones with maids and not be maids themselves. But a chance encounter with Gun Woo and some soapy misunderstandings has Soon Geum becoming a maid in his home after he heads to the States for college.

That’s the very basic set-up, but it definitely doesn’t do the series any justice. Romance Town weaves a surprisingly intricate web of stories that utilizes every single member of the regular cast of characters, of course with Soon Geum and Gun Woo in the middle of it all.

The original working title of the series was simply Maids and it actually might be a more fitting title. At its core, the series tells a Korean drama, more romantic version of Upstairs, Downstairs; equal parts hired help and their wealthy bosses and the money that makes their world go round.

There are plenty of interesting twists so far and coupled with some hilarious humor, sweet romance and some genuine heartwarming moments, Romance Town is just good, pure fun.

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