For Your Emmy Consideration – Kaitlin Olson

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is very much an ensemble. Five hilariously talented actors with perfect chemistry, working and playing off each other for some of the biggest laughs in TV.

Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Danny De Vito are always on point and bring their twisted characters to life with ease. But this season in particular, the lone female in The Gang, Kaitlin Olson as “Sweet” Dee Reynolds, turned in some of her best work yet.

In a season that saw Dee get pregnant as well as become a substitute for her old high school drama teacher, Olson got to shine in storylines outside of The Gang as well as still have a hand in the collective hijinks of the crazy group of five.

As the only woman in the regular cast, it may seem like a daunting task for any actress to hold her own against four actors, including the Danny De Vito. But Olson has done so with increasing ease over these six seasons.

Starting with some standout episodes last season, Olson has given some hilarious performances, fearless performances that you just don’t see anywhere else on TV, especially not from the regular names in the comedy actress categories year after year.

As with the rest of the cast and the series, recognition for Kaitlin Olson is long overdue.

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