For Your Emmy Consideration – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Irreverent, inappropriate, over the top; call it what you must, but in its sixth season, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia continues to be one of the most hilarious half hours on television.

While other series can slow down with age, Sunny continues to inconceivably find ways to top itself and still remain funny. The show’s biggest strength however remains its talented and criminally underappreciated cast. The chemistry in The Gang helps the series and its characters use the little things, small nuances that mine for the biggest laughs.

For both long-time fans and new discoverers, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia finds ways to laugh at everyday topics and hot button issues, but also injects every episode with history. Sunny has continually stocked a stable full of recurring characters as well as running gags they can easily pluck from for any story. They’ve created their own little mini-world in Philadelphia.

Sunny is at its funniest when the episodes focus on just The Gang, when we see them be their cleverly idiotic, but still strangely loveable selves. This is especially evident in episodes 3, 4 and 5 this season: “The Gang Buys a Boat,” “Mac’s Big Break,” and “Mac and Charlie: White Trash,” in which The Gang find themselves buying a boat, starting a podcast, and making an adventure out trying to find a way to cool off in a heat wave.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has put in six years of hilarious excellence and it is about time the Emmys recognized one of the very best comedies on television.

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