For Your (Internationa!) Emmy Consideration – Joo Won

For some actors, the great role may come years after a debut. The role that not only challenges you the most, but one that an actor grabs and runs with. For a lucky few, that great role can come at the very beginning of a career.

And for Joo Won, it was just that.

His role as Goo Ma Joon on Baker King, Kim Tak Goo/Bread, Love and Dreams was his first, but you wouldn’t know it from his performance.

The confused, sometimes ruthless Ma Joon could’ve been a difficult role for a rookie. But Joo Won managed to capture the wide range of emotions of Ma Joon’s roller coaster ride of a character. From plotting against his archrival to wanting to get prove himself to his father and struggling with not wanting to hate his mother, Ma Joon has had a screwed up life so far.

Getting pulled one way and then the other, the frustration and pain took its toll, but through it all there was always that hope, that faint glimmer of goodness in his heart that kept Ma Joon from ultimately signing his death certificate.

Joo Won’s performance allowed the viewers to love to hate him, but also sympathize with him. From scenes that required a firm strength to others that had him exhibit an almost childlike vulnerability, Joo Won brought it all to life. Never one-dimensional, Goo Ma Joon provided an excellent showcase for a rookie actor.

And after his performance on the series, Joo Won is definitely a rookie no more.

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