Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.07 – Perfect Record… But Dirty

It’s rivalry week in Dillon. Buddy sets up camp with a group of guys that’ll guard the field from evil Panthers (like what happened last year).

Coach goes to meet an old friend for lunch. It’s Jason Street! He mentions how weird it is to see Coach in red and black. (“Don’t be a smart ass.”)

Jason shows Coach a picture of his family and his ring as well. They’ve made it official and Coach congratulates him. Even more congratulations when Jason happily tells Coach he’s been promoted to a full fledged agent. And being a big hotshot now, he’s hearing a lot of things including how a lot of colleges are interested in the services of Coach Taylor. He asks Coach if he has considered making the jump back into the college ranks, but Coach says he has no interest right now.

Pops has moved back in with Vince and his mother and he’s come bearing gifts of brand new Under Armour shoes and TMU gear. He says it’s all from a friend of TMU but Vince knows he can’t accept any of it.

In the thick of rivaly week, a website,, has popped up posting all criminal records of various Lions players. Sammy Meade and the rest of Dillon are now calling the Lions a team full of violent criminals. Coach goes over to the Panthers coach and booster hang out and asks bluntly who released those records online. Of course the Panthers deny any involvement, but Coach knows better and asks them to shut it down. (“Go after me, not the players.”)

Luke smiles at Becky at school, but Billy gives him some relationship advice. He tells Luke to ignore the girl, that way she’ll want him even more. They’ve got to earn the right to the crotch, Billy says. Luke reluctantly takes the advice.

Coach is upset when he sees the website hasn’t been taken down yet. Mrs. Coach suggests they have a morale building BBQ. That’s a great idea.
But Coach suddenly gets a call. It’s the athletic director from Shane State University in Florida. Jason had given him Coach’s number.

Coach says he’s not interested in any college assistant coaching jobs right now, but actually they’re offering him a head coaching job and Coach Eric Taylor is on the top of their list. Coach insists he’s not interested right now, but the director says he’ll be calling again.

Pops tells Vince that Alabama, Florida, and Oklahoma have been calling him even after all the stuff. They’re all coming Friday to watch the game.

Jason goes to Lions practice the next day in his Panthers jersey and Pops won’t shut up to him about Vince. Coach asks Jess if TMU has been contacting Vince, but she says nothing.

It’s the BBQ and everyone’s there. Jason and Julie catch up. Becky says hi to Luke, but he ignores her and goes to help Julie with the trash. Pops gets a call again and Coach sees. He comes to talk to Pops asking if he knows anything about why scouts have been calling Coach for tickets to Friday’s game. He reminds Pops about what they talked about down in Kingdom, but Pops says he doesn’t remember anything like that. “Nobody put you in charge. This is my son,” he says. “You can boss all these bitch ass little parents around. But that ain’t gonna fly with me. We got plans for the future. Can’t let you get in the way of that man.”

Pops walks away.

Mrs. Coach goes up to Burleson to pick up Julie’s books and work and of course has to meet TA Derek. When he realizes who she is, he asks how Julie is to which Mrs. Coach answers plainly, “She’s fine.”

He hands her the work and she leaves without a word.

Luke is very fired up before the game. He calls Becky “rally girl” and she says she’s not going to game. She starts wondering what’s going on with cute farmboy.

Everyone is ready to go. Jason is on the Panthers sideline, getting them fired up. “WE ARE THE ONLY TEAM IN DILLON!”

Game starts and Luke sidelines the Panthers All-State WR then goes after the QB. He’s got heart y’all!

Vince scores a TD then Luke scores a TD. Buddy Jr. gets in on the action with a huge hit on the Panthers return. Jason can’t believe this is happening!

Coach Crowley wants Coach to calm the guys down, but Coach ignores him. Billy says they’re just having fun but Crowley snaps back at him.

21.8 seconds left in the game, Lions are going to win it 31-7. Coach tells Vince to take a knee, but Vince looks up to his Pops and knows what to do. He goes to the huddle, gives them the play and instead of victory formation, he goes for it with a 60+ yard TD to Hastings. Coach is not happy, but Pops is though. Final score 37-7 after the completely unnecessary Carroll-Harbaugh-ish play by Vince.

“That’s not who we are Eric!” Crowley says, disappointed as the Lions start yelling at the Panthers to get off their field, Tinker the loudest.

Coach lets Vince have it in the locker room, but Vince gives it right back to him.

“Hey fours!” Luke says when he sees Becky. She goes to hug him, but he’s so cold she can’t take it anymore and asks what’s going on. He doesn’t know what to say. She’s being cute towards him, “You’re just usually friendly.” Luke gets some sort of epiphany, “You like it when I’m nice to you!?”

He apologizes and says he hates acting like this towards her.

“I really like you.”
“I really like you too.”

The kiss. Luke laughs, “It totally worked.”

Mrs. Coach comes home with the books. “You need to study.”

Dillon radio is having a field day with the game. “Coach Taylor should be ashamed of himself.”
“All those penalties, trash talking, unnecessary TD.”

Coach asks Crowley if he’s going over to Buddy’s, but he says he doesn’t feel like celebrating tonight. Heading to his car, Coach sees the Howards talking to some scout. Vince sees Coach but doesn’t care.

Episode Thoughts
It feels so weird seeing the Panthers uniforms now. And even more weird seeing Jason in one when we’ve been used to the red and black for a season and a half now.

And as much as the Panthers turned into a bunch of assholes under the McCoy era, it does suck to see Coach let the smashmouth football go on when he’s always preached discipline and smart football. And that last touchdown, did Pops and Vince think they were pulling a Pete Carroll-Jim Harbaugh kind of What’s your deal?

Actually it would’ve been hilarious to see now Head Coach Mac McGill come over and ask Coach What’s your deal?

Awesome seeing Scott Porter and Jason Street back in Dillon if only for a few fleeting moments. Awesome too how his return fits perfectly into the season 5 story arc as well.

And who was that Colonel dude with the rifle? He was hilariously random.

Another great episode. Thank you Friday Night Lights for getting better and better each week. You’re looking like your old self now.

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