Time to Get Poppin with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6.06

Dee tells Dennis and Mac how excited she is to have backstage passes to Josh Groban’s concert in the park with Artemis. The guys think she’s talking about Charles Grodin. But Dee’s feeling a little coughy so she goes home and rests up.

Charlie comes in talking to his mother on the phone. He is increasingly annoyed by her being so needy now that she’s alone in her home. Mac thinks Charlie is horrible for ignoring his mother, but Charlie doesn’t want to be expected to take care of her. Dennis says he’s looking forward to not having to take care of anyone. Frank expects Dennis or Dee to, but Dennis says Yeah right.

Charlie answers the bar phone and breaks the news to Mac that his mom burned her house down. Later, Mac brings Mrs. Mac back to their apartment. She fell asleep with a lit cigarette in her mouth but she’s fine, though now with nowhere to stay.

Dennis isn’t too happy about that and suggests a nursing home. Mac is outraged.

“A nursing home!? Do you have any idea what happens in those places dude? Why don’t I just rape her myself?”

Charlie comes in before Dennis can pursue the point and he has Mac’s dog with him, Poppins. He’s an old dog with apparently nine lives. But he’s also nasty. And his eye pops out of its socket. Mac just pops it right back in with his knuckle.

Charlie’s mom calls him again and Dennis gets the greatest idea. Why doesn’t Mrs. Mac move in with Charlie’s mom. Mrs. Mac has a place to stay and Charlie’s mom gets someone to talk to.

Meanwhile, Dee is mixing herself up a health food store shake when Frank comes in with a care package for her to feel better. She knows something is up and Frank tells her about them needing to take care of each other. He convinces her to let him be her slave, so she gets him started with her laundry.

Over at the Kellys, the two mothers and sons sit face to face at the kitchen table with Dennis as the mediator. Mrs. Kelly thinks Mrs. Mac smells. Mac defends his mother.

“I smell like shit,” Mrs. Mac admits.

Charlie suggests giving her some perfume. Dennis thinks that a great idea.

“Stop talking to me like I’m an asshole.”

Mrs. Mac then lights up a cigarette and Mrs. Kelly doesn’t like it. Dennis suggests a smokeless cigarette. She grunts with Mac translates as She’s open to it.

Dennis then says they should do a trial run tonight and see what happens. They agree. But Mrs. Kelly gets freaked out when Dennis mentions the dog Poppins.

Mrs. Kelly is terrified of animals eating her face off. Mac says they’ll take the dog home, but Dennis doesn’t want that.

Over at Dee’s, Frank is back with the finished laundry. Dee asks him to iron her white short shorts. He asks her if she still gets her period for her to be able to wear white short shorts. Gross, Dee says as Dennis arrives with Poppins.

She’s fine with it and goes into her room. Dennis asks Frank what he’s doing and then tells him to just check himself into a nursing home.

“I’m not going to put myself into one of those crypts! As soon as you drop the soap, they rape your butt! That’s what happens! Mac told me!”

Dennis supports Frank’s plan if only to ensure he won’t take care of him. He suggests Frank bring him over to his and Charlie’s apartment to make her uncomfortable and they spike her green juice with some Nyquil.

Back to the Kellys, the moms aren’t really bonding at all so Mac and Charlie try to facilitate it. They’re all hot but the ceiling fan doesn’t work. Perfect! Mrs. Mac was a former manager of Jiffy Lube and is good with her hands so she could probably fix it. But not tonight since she thrives on sunlight. She shuts down after dark.

Mac goes to find a beer bottle for his mother to spit in instead of Mrs. Kelly’s porcelain things. He and Charlie begin singing “Thank You For Being a Friend” with Charlie trying to get his mother to interact with Mrs. Mac.

At Frank and Charlie’s apartment, he and Dennis try to make Dee more sick and uncomfortable. She wakes up, or not and begins sleepwalking thinking it’s time to go see Groban. They let her walk out the door and she’s like Mr. Magoo avoiding a skateboard and a man with a ladder, but she ends up falling down the stairs.

Mac and Charlie are ready for bed on the coach and a chair and Mrs. Kelly says goodnight as she begins doing things in threes (kissing Charlie’s picture, taking steps, locking the door, turning off the lights) which stumps the boys. She says it’s so Charlie doesn’t die. She heads upstairs and wakes up Mrs. Mac with her threes. Mrs. Mac is not happy at all and chases her out of the room.

The next morning, Mac and Charlie are shocked to see the moms getting along. Mrs. Mac is smoking, but it’s okay because she’s fixing the ceiling fan and it’ll blow the smoke away. The moms also share a dislike for the new Muslim neighbors and all foreigners in general.

“They ain’t American, I don’t wanna know ’em!”
“I know! I wish they’d all go back to the desert.”

The situation seems to be going very well now and Charlie and Mac think about bringing Poppins back into the mix so they go to get him.

At the apartment, Frank and Dennis are watching over Dee, who is now tied to the sofabed. She wakes up. Frank won’t untie her until she promises to take care of him. She looks in the mirror and sees red marks all over her face. It’s the bedbugs.

She tells them to get Poppins off of her since it reeks, but Frank discovers he’s dead! He must have gotten into the juice, which gets Dee all worried about what the hell is in the green juice.

Dennis has a plan and they throw Poppins in the trash can outside when Charlie and Mac walk up to them. Frank spills the beans about Poppins, but Mac goes to the trash and finds Poppins munching on a diaper. He’s alive! It’s an immortal dog.

Poppins walks away.

Up in the apartment, Artemis calls Frank wondering if he knows where Dee is. Groban backstage is pumpin’!

“…Groban’s feeling frisky and somebody’s gotta tap that ass! Suck ya later!”

Dee goes crazy.

Episode Thoughts
After 2nd viewing of the episode, I thought the episode was just as funny as the last few weeks. I didn’t think so at first, but watching it again the simplicity and randomness of the whole thing again was hilarious gold.

It is always awesome when Sunny taps into their little world of characters and Mrs. Mac and Mrs. Kelly are even more awesome, especially when they get together.

Again, liking Frank not being a dirty old drunk anymore and Charlie being less-Charlie-like and a little more normal (by The Gang’s standards). It is very refreshing at least.

And also again, I believe It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia incorporates music into the show 5x better than Glee ever does. When Glee sings songs, they sell iTunes downloads, when The Gang sings songs, it is fun and you want to just go grab a beer with them.

Great, fun episode. And it looks like we’ve got another addition to the back pocket of Sunny characters in Poppins. Random, but hilariously fun stuff.

A detailed recap is nice and all, but you know what’s even better? Actually watching the full episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
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